Rights Respecting School Award

Level 1 Rights Respecting School Award Achieved! 

Eastwood’s Rights Respecting School team are delighted to announce that we have achieved our Level 1 Award. 

On 23rd of June, we were visited by UNICEF’s Stephen Kidd, who was delighted to give us the award in recognition of our progress in embedding children’s rights in school policy, practice and ethos. Mr Kidd spoke very highly of Eastwood’s young people, praising them on their commitment to achieving this award. He also commended them on how well they were able to articulate their understanding of children’s rights, which they had been learning about across the school. He also commended the various members of staff who have contributed to this award throughout the session. 

We have a few recommendations to action in the new session and then work starts on trying to achieved the Level 2 award. We will receive official notice of the award and a report on Mr Kidd’s findings over the summer holidays.  

Many thanks to all the pupils and staff who contributed to the assessment visit on Friday, and also the pupils and staff who have been working towards this fantastic achievement all session.

Mr Chris Morris                                                                                                       Depute Head Teacher