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Hazards in the Home


This week, we have looked closely at dangers and hazards within a home. We looked at animations of dangers within the kitchen and then played an online game where we had to explore different rooms in a house and find all the hazards.

We loved doing this and have been pointing out hazards like plug sockets and fire warning signs within our classroom and school environment.

Stick Numbers


The Moonbeams class enjoyed exploring the outdoors for a range of materials from our sensory garden. We gathered sticks, leaves, twigs, stones and pine cones. We were given the challenge of working together to form the numbers 0-10. We managed to complete this by working effectively in pairs and as a team.

National Maths Week

* Successful Learners, Effective Contributors *

The Moonbeams Class have been very busy this week with our numeracy activities. We enjoyed exploring numbers, shape and colours during Technology time using the mobile magic carpet.

We sorted a range of 2D shapes using both the Promethean board and cut and stick worksheets.

Finally, we estimated and measured how long our arm was going to be, how wide the table was and how tall we were using interlocking pegs.

First Week Back

The Moonbeams have had a great first week back. We have all been working very hard and have enjoyed making new friends in our new class. We discussed our class rules and made a life size school boy to label with our rules. We were confident individuals when we made pizzas during cookery. We all were excellent at showing off our chopping skills. We enjoyed making monster canvases using straws to blow the paint. We even gave them exciting names.