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Activities this week

We made a variation of Pigs using paper and milk cartons.  This year it is the year of the PIG for Chinese New Year.

We have been confident individuals when carrying out our jobs within the class.  Jack was excellent at using full sentences when asking is his friends what they would like for their lunch.

Patrick came to pay us a visit at snack time, I think he could smell the toast. Anthony cleaned the table after snack, whilst Jack washed the dishes and Blake dried them.  Very effective contributors working together to tidy up after snack times.

We created our own clocks to help us understand how to tell the time, using analogue and digital formats.

The Oak boy band are still working hard and being successful leaners when learning new songs to play on the keyboard and their other chosen instruments.


Musical Talents

SQA Music group today had a busy afternoon! We had a mini talent show with two very different performances. Gemma and Oliver were confident individuals to stand up in front of their peers and perform.  We had a singing performance of ‘Never Enough’ and a dance performance to ‘Grease Lightening’. I will let you work who did which performance.

We all played instruments to be effective contributors to work as a group and produce music to the song ”Happy’.

We also explored sound through the sound beam and switches.  Jacob, Jessica and Lyle were Gemma’s backing group.  They explored and created the sound effects whilst Gemma sang her song.

Fair Fa’ Yer Honest, Sonsie Face

It was a braw day on Friday when all the boys attended our schools Burns’ Supper. All boys in the Transition class were Effective Contributors and Confident Individuals on the build up to and during the Burns’ Supper.

As you can see a lot of happy faces and full tummies. And by the end of the ceilidh the boys were all puggled and had to have a seat.


Scottish Activities in the Stars Class

As it was Robert Burn’s birthday we enjoyed a morning of Scottish activities. We dressed up in kilts and tartan sashes and enjoyed shortbread at snack time followed by Scottish country dancing. We danced to the St Bernard’s Waltz and Canadian Barn Dance before doing the Hokey Cokey in Scots. We played tattie boccia  then finished by doing ‘turns’. We did ‘Buy Me a Banana’, ‘Wee Willie Winkie, ‘My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean’, ‘Three Craws’ and ‘Coulter’s Candy’. Lunch was haggis, neeps and tatties. We all had a grand time.


Activities this Week

We have been working hard learning our Scottish dances for our Burns Supper. All boys have really enjoyed the dancing this week, everyone has been an effective contributor to make all the dances a success.

We also made the table decorations for the Burns supper, paper roses and thistles.

Jack and Blake have been learning the words and signs for the Selkirk Grace, they have been confident individuals performing in front of their class peers

The boys had fun at the sensory Burns assembly thank you Bluebells and Sungazers.

We were looking at our Rights Respecting Article 15 – I have the right to choose my friend and be included. The boys choosing their closest friend in the class.  Sean was Mr popular the majority of the boys chose him as their friend.

This is my favourite photo of the term!

Fun With Food – Enterprise Group

The boys are all doing fantastic in their Fun with Food group, everyone is a happy and willing to try the food each week even if they know it is a food they do not like.  Their confidence and curiosity has grown and I am very pleased with them all.

This lesson involved making porridge and then making chocolate porridge.  They were all confident individuals and Anthony added a bit too much when it came to the coco powder then decided to give it a taste! Which is what the session is all about building confidence to want to taste new foods and find out what it is like!

FAOL – Outdoor Learning

The Stars class made bird feeders to feed to hungry birds in our sensory garden during the cold weather. We mixed together lard and bird seed then filled yogurt pots we’d saved from snack time. The pots were tied up high around the garden for the birds to access.