Making toothpaste

Today we tried making our own toothpaste as part of our teeth topic. We used glycerine (to bind it together), bicarbonate of soda (fights off bacteria), salt (acts as an abrasive) and peppermint food colouring.

Mrs Stewart made a little tester but it was too salty. We reduced the amount of salt we used when we made our own and added more peppermint. We then tested it with our new toothbrushes. However, we all agreed it was MINGING (we have been talking about Scottish words this week!). We will be sticking to our usual toothpaste in future!

We don't think we'll be using this at bedtime!

2 thoughts on “Making toothpaste”

  1. hi all superstars, I can clearly see by your picture that the toothpaste was MINGING..Ariana said she was going to be sick because of the taste….Thank goodness for colgate…

  2. I think we all agreed on this one – you could always watch our video and try it out for yourself at home Mrs Dickson!

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