World Book Day 2021

Lots of learning and fun took place as we celebrated World Book Day in lots of different ways.

Primary 1 and 2 made their own ‘tattie characters’,  these were inspired by characters from our favourite books. This supported us in talking about different aspects of characterisation.






G1-2 and P1 and 2 had fun completing the World Book Day scavenger hunts, this was a great chance for us to explore a wide range of books and talk about books that are familiar to us.








Primary 3, and 4 used the AR MAKR app to make a story map for World Book Day! They had great fun exploring the app for the first time and loved getting outdoors too!








Share a Story

Our home learners in P5,6 and 7 engaged in World Book Day by reading a story to the P1/2 class using Google Meet, this was a great way to say hello and to enjoy some of our favourite stories!











Maths Inside Competition

Congratulations to Lola Mackenzie who was awarded the first level prize for the oot an’ aboot category in the Inside Competition. When out on a bear hunt, Lola noted that the grass was so tall, it was taller than her!

We investigated maths in the world around us as we took part in the Maths Inside Competition. We spotted lots of examples of maths in the world around us and we photographed and talked about these examples. Bowmore Primary was commended for it’s high level of participation in the competition.


Eco School Award

In March 2020, just at the start of the first Lockdown, we received the fantastic news that we had retained our Green Flag status! Our chosen topics, identified after our Environmental Review, were Litter, School Grounds and Global Citizenship. Our Eco Change Maker group were the drivers behind our Eco journey but it was our whole school approach that was highlighted as being extremely impressive. Eco-Schools Scotland said that it had been a real pleasure to go through our application and to learn about all the fantastic work that had been taking place during the past years in Bowmore Primary School. It was said that we were a very active and involved school which showed a great example of what being an Eco-School really means.

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Outdoor Resources

We want to thank the parent council for all of our new outdoor learning resources. The parent council have supported the provision of outdoor learning by purchasing a range of outdoor learning equipment, these have included loose parts, a new water station for ELC, new waterproofs for the upper school, den building equipment and many open ended resources. We look forward to having fun in the outdoors.








STEM Nation Award

We are extremely proud to announce that we have been award the full STEM Nation Award from Education Scotland. After submitting a detailed portfolio and taking part in interviews, we were awarded all five categories:

We were recognised for ‘the inspiring breadth and depth of learning covering all aspects of STEM’ , this helps to create ‘rich, engaging and varied experiences of STEM for learners.’ The school has developed ‘strong and diverse partnerships on the island and beyond, to support STEM activities and learning.’ 


We are passionate about STEM in Bowmore Primary School, we are very proud to have achieved this award and we look forward to continuing out STEM journey.


Primary 3 and 4 Code Outdside

Primary 3,4 and 5 worked took the spheros outside and coded them to play tag, bowling and to follow obstacle courses. The children had to ensure that their algorithms were precise and this involved some trial and error and some good team work.








Primary 6 and 7  Game Design

Primary 6/7 worked hard to code their own games using Kodu, they applied their tinkering skills when working out how to create different levels within a game and how to code different aspects of their games.






Primary 1 and 2 Digital Leaders 

Primary 1 and 2 support the boys and girls in nursery to use some new apps on the ipad. Once a week, P1 and 2 visited the ELC and showed their buddies how to use various apps, they introduced fun apps such as Picollage, Duck Duck Moose Maths and Chatterpix.  This was a great way for the boys and girls to develop their digital literacy skills in addition to supporting the transition from ELC to P1 and 2.