It’s February and Endeavour has come. This year as always, P5’s will be doing a Mini Endeavour Project and P6/7 will be doing a FULL Endeavour Project. For Endeavour our school  uses a strategy within our Endeavour called ‘Plan, Do, Review’. Every week during Endeavour we Plan what we need to achieve, then we do it […]

World Book Day

Bowmore Primary for 2019 are celebrating for World Book Day. They have lots of fun and exiting ideas such as a booky breakfast, dressing up as your favourite character from your favourite book, book swap, the pupils reading to the nursery , Book bug, and World Book Day quiz. This was organized by all the […]

P6/7 American monument and Tuscania trip!

A few weeks ago P6/7 went to the American Monument to carry on their learning about WW1. We looked down where the Tuscania sunk and most of the locals helped rescue most of the survivors. The Tuscania had 2’235 people on board but only 267 went missing. The next couple of days was a horrific […]

P6/7 Museum Trip

On Tuesday  27th and Wednesday the 28th of February the P6/7 and G5/7 went to the Islay museum and found out a lot for our WW1 topic. We found out that in world war one there was two ships crashed of the coast of Islay. One was The Tuscania and The Otranto. Emily told us”Looking […]

Miss Campbellā€™s Leaving Assembly

Miss Campbell has left the school after ten and a half years of working in Bowmore Primary school with all the children  over the years and all of us all sad to see her leave the school.  She is now moving on to a new job and we all wish her good luck for all […]

The Art Visit

On Monday 5th March a professional artist named Elaine came over to our school to teach us art. We did art on a canvas and we used acrylic paints.  we all made different paintings based on ww1. Everyone’s paintings were good. Here are some thoughts on how it went: Megan said ”it was really cool, […]

Sorry the Summer fair is over

Today at 3.30pm to 5pm the summer fayer is on so if you want to come come. Here is a picture of us setting up. there are hot dogs, burgers a bounce castle, cake stales a photo frame stall, a photo stall, and lots more so if you want something come and get it. By […]

Endevour Projects!

Bowmore Primary School are working really hard on there endevour projects which is in a couple of weeks. All students are workning hard and achieving good stuff for the future. Every thursday afternoon the school splits up and does there own projects. Our p7’s are bringing there projects to the high school for there showcasing. […]

Enterprise club

The PTA thought of a brilliant idea to start an enterprise club to help raise money for the school. Mrs Morris runs the enterprise club. We called our group Bowmores Excellent Enterprise’s  (aka the bees).  We have been making photo frames. if you have any spare time to come to  the summer fair witch is […]