What a great virtual sports week we had last week! Huge thank you to Mrs Reid for organising our daily sports challenges and gathering together all of our scores and also to our class teachers for sending out lots of fun and engaging sport-related tasks and activities for us to try.

Well done to all of our pupils, parents, carers and families who got involved, it was lovely to see photos and videos of what you’ve all been getting up to! We’ve had over 180 pupils submit scores, 1,800 daily challenges completed and travelled the equivalent of Edinburgh to Leicester in the house distance challenge! That’s a massive 391 kilometres!

I’m sure you’re all eager to hear who is this year’s winning house and the new holders of the House Cup, but there’s one more little step to take before you can find out. Click on the link below to see the results from the week, including: our winning house, the highest scoring pupil in each class, the winners of the house distance challenge and even our top 3 parents!

Springfield Virtual Sports RESULTS


Mr Logan

Virtual Sports Week

Next week will be our Virtual Sports Week!

From Monday 15th of June – Friday 19th June I would like to invite all our pupils and families to take part in our Virtual Sports Challenges.

For each challenge you complete you will score points for your school house and at the end of Virtual Sports Week we will have a winning house for 2020.

Each slide in the attached Powerpoint will explain one of our 11 challenges and give details on how to score points for your house.

Keep a note of your score for each challenge and then fill in the score form attached and send it back when all your challenges are complete! This can be done using the Forms link on the final slide.

Everyone in your family is welcome to get involved so lets get active and have lots of fun!

Click on the link to access the Powerpoint with all the information you need – Virtual Sports Week


Mrs Reid

|Primary 5/6 week ending 31.1.20

This week we began to look at the Scottish Wars of Independence, in particular what Scotland was like over 700 years ago. We researched important key figures on our Scottish history that included King Alexander III, Margaret, the maid of Norway and John Balliol. Learning about these important people has helped us set the scene for learning about what any why the Scottish Wars of Independence began. The class made good use of their internet research skills to create fact files.

During our Literacy lessons we worked in small groups to develop our skills of reading for information and using that information to create a diagram. This week each group had to read an extract which explained the Water Cycle and then created a diagram that was annotated. Each group then confidently explained their diagrams to the rest of the class.

On Tuesday, we had great fun playing with the Sphero’s. We began a Sphero challenge to code the Sphero’s into moving in different directions and changing colours. We hope to continue this next week.

The class have been developing their understanding of decimals this week and how we can write a decimal as a fraction. We enjoyed talking about mixed numbers and how these looked written in digits, words and a diagram. Next week we are going to move onto adding decimals. For maths we were drawing different angles and next week we will look at compass directions.

Primary 5 started making their spaghetti bridges. The STEM challenge involved making a bridge to carry half a bag of sugar. We have grouped the spaghetti into bundles to make it stronger. We will let you know how we get on next week assessing and testing them.



Primary 5/6 week ending


This week we have been learning to use the grid method in times tables to multiply two digit numbers by two digit numbers.  On Monday we did tessellation. After revising which 2d shapes tiled , we used a square or rectangle to then create our own patterns by cut out shapes and sticking then to the opposite side. They worked really well.

On Thursday afternoon we had a visitor called Jody who did Ninja Maths. This involved doing tricks using numbers. He was a real Magician! We hope to use some of the tricks that we were taught with people at home!


We were learning about apostrophes in contractions. We also had to correct sentences with apostrophes. Can’t = can not etc


We were learning about inferring. We looked at a Christmas story called the Mystery Present to do this.


We were learning about electricity and we were predicting whether or not ever day items were conductors. We set up an investigation to find out.


We were using oil pastels, black pencils and paper to create a seasonal calendar. They will be home soon!


For PE we continued Scottish dancing and were practising the Canadian Barn dance, the Grand Old Duke of York, the Gay Gordon and the Dashing White Sergeant.


Some of the P5’s went to the day-care centre in Linlithgow to sing to elderly folks. With Ms Bain we are continuing to learn to play the recorder.

Primary 6 visited the Scottish Parliament on Monday and got to hold artefacts and see round the building. We ad a great visit and learned a lot.

Today we got to hear the infant nativity songs and see their dances . We thought they were amazing.


Sorry we have no photos this week.


From Primary 5/6

22.11.19 Primary 5/6


For maths we were identifiying if a shape has any parallel lines or perpendicular lines.  Also properties of 2D shapes the types of angles.  As well, we also did esti-mysteries and multiplying a one digit numbers by two digit numbers.

As part of our Christmas enterprise we were measuring the sizes we need to make boxes for our decorated Christmas cakes. These will be the measurements fort our nets of cuboids. We do not think our boxes will require lids.


For literacy we were identifying if a text is a opinion or a fact.



The P6 are working on Scottish Opera and Scottish Parliament.

On Monday primary 6 are auditioning for the parts in our musical Fame. Good luck to those who are trying out for parts.

The P5 are working on climate change and global warming. We created posters about people effected by climate change. Katie is holding hers.


For pe we are doing gymnastics and fitness.

Primary 5 have one more week of rugby left.


In music we are learning the recorder we learnt a new note G


In Spanish we were practising the date. hoy es viernes, veintidos noviembre. Adios y tengo un bueno el fin de semana…goodbye and have a good weekend.

By Olivia and Maisie and Katie


week ending 15.11.19

Blog by Aimee and Rose

This week in maths, we were learning  about parallel and perpendicular lines. We were looking at lots of shapes and identifying their properties. We also looked at different triangles , isoceles, equilateral , scalene and right angled. There were lots of words to learn . Mrs Tulloch is going to make us a vocabulary help sheet just like our 3d shape sheet.

In numeracy, we were learning about number patterns and doing real life problems. We had to find the rule for the problems which was quite tricky.

In grammar, we were using speech marks and had to remember the 4 rules,  spoken words in adverted commas, new line when someone speaks, punctuation before the final commas,

Primary 6 continue to learn about the Scottish Parliament and P5 were looking more closely at global issues like global warming. We had to draw a cartoon with a global message.

In PE, we worked with a partner and were keeping fit doing different circuits.

At  music, we learned how to play A and B on the recorder. We have to remember to left hand at the top. We can now read the notes A and B on a treble clef. Primary 6 are also trying really hard to learn Scottish Opera songs and preparing for the auditions for Fame. Good luck everyone!

We had a visitor in science, Mr Kerr, Katie’s dad who spoke to us about his job in renewable enrgy. He was really impressed with our knowledge and we learned a lot about real life wind farms. We forgot to take photos , sorry.

Finally can we thank everyone for the fantastic sum of £285 we raised for Purple for Polio. You have all been very generous.


P4/5 Week commencing 10th June.

In Handwriting we were practising the diagonal join to the letter “r” and working hard on our letter formations and pencil control.

In Maths we played a game of “Noggle”. We all tried our best to make the biggest number! The highest number was 151,361. We also finished off division with remainders. In Big Maths we all had great scores.

In PE this week we played games in the wing like “Extreme Dodge Ball”. We also played a game of “Rounders” against P4. We all had great fun!

In Reading we had our second last Reading Circle. We also used the “Literacy Box”. Everyone did a great job at their roles especially the Word Wizards.

In Science we made our own food chains using pictures of animals and then we wrote them down. We also did activity sheets with animals. We did a word search for one of our activity sheets. It was good fun!

On Tuesday we went to the Book Festival to meet the author of the Museum Mystery Squad books. The name of the author was Mike Nicholson he told us about his book called “The case of the Vanishing Viking”. Some of us ordered the book which he signed for us.

In writing this week we wrote 50 word stories of our own mystery’s following the visit to the Book Festival at the Rugby Club.

In Art we designed our own book covers for our 50 word stories. The book covers were very detailed and good.

On Wednesday it was “Sports Day”. Everyone in the school took part. We went round stations like the football station. We all took part in the races at the end. We all enjoyed taking part in Sports Day!  The winning house was Champfluerie.

Mr Ritchie entered a draw for the National Museum of Scotland following our class visit. All the schools were put into a draw and our class WON! To make it fair we pulled lollypop sticks and some people got chosen. The prizes were things like, Egyptian artefacts, models, magnets, rubbers and pencils.

We are also finished our class novel “Diary of a Wimpy Kid,” we really enjoyed it.

By Mr Ritchie and all the “tiggerrific” P4/5s

P4/5 Week commencing 3rd June 2019

In Handwriting we were practising the diagonal join to the letter “y” and working hard on our letter formations and pencil control.

In Maths this week we were learning how to do division with remainders.  we are all are working very hard on division and using our knowledge of times tables to assist us.

In PE this week we played outdoor games including a game of “rounders” to improve our fitness levels. We all had great fun!

In Reading we continued with our Literacy Circles with everyone taking turns at their specified roles. We also worked on the “literacy box” which we have been using to develop our comprehension skills.

In writing we learned how to write limericks which are funny poems that have to follow a set rhyming pattern.  Our limericks were very funny and we also drew a picture to illustrate them as well.

With Mrs McAlpine on Thursday, we were talking about medicine and how it is good and bad for you.  Some of us did a little play as well to act out wat we had been learning.

In French this week we were learning how to say personal information in French. We also learned how to say where we live and our ages.

In are co-operative groups this week we used our canal boat designs to build a 3D model of our boats and presented the design to the class.  We discovered that some of the designs were not waterproof so the boats would sink!  We also carried out research on how a canal lock works and how they help the boats to move up and down the canals.

We are also nearly finished our class novel “Diary of a Wimpy Kid.”

By Mr Ritchie and all the “tiggerrific” P4/5s

P4/5 Week commencing 27th May 2019

In Maths this week we finished off the work on our bar & pie charts.  We then interpreted the data from the playground and made sets of questions to challenge each other.  In addition to this we also played a game of Noggle, the highest number generated was 12,600!

In Handwriting we practised forming our punctuation and added it into our writing this week.

In writing this week we wrote an entry in our diary about our excursion to the National Museum of Scotland.  We included lots of information about all the different artefacts and exhibits we saw.

In PE this week we played outdoor games including a game of “rounders” to improve our fitness levels.  On Thursday as the weather was not very good we played a selection of indoor activities including “corners”, “tig”, “dodge ball” and “categories”.

In Reading we continued with our Literacy Circles with everyone taking turns at their specified roles.  The Question Writers wrote very good questions to challenge their groups.

In Science this week we made electrical games to test our knowledge of electricity. It was great fun! Our models turned out brilliant and we worked well together to make them.

This week we worked in our co-operative groups and researched information about the history of the Union Canal.  We also looked at the interior design of canal boats and started to produce a design for our own model boat.

In RME we looked at Judaism with Mrs McAlpine where we learned the story about Moses and the burning bush.

In French this week we played a game of hangman using the different French greetings and feelings we had been learning and another game using body parts.

Our Language Ambassadors taught the class how to order their lunches in French.

The Maths club also had their first meeting to teach the P1-3’s maths skills.  The children really enjoyed themselves and are looking forward to coming back next week.

Mr Ritchie and the “tiggerrific” P4/5’s


P4/5 Week commencing 20th May 2019

In Maths we started to look at division, what it means and how to use the written method when solving our problems.  We played a game of “Noggle” to try and make the largest number from the set of numbers that were chosen at random. We also gathered data about the playground and have started to present this information using bar and pie charts.

In grammar this week we looked at similes and have started to use them in our writing.  In writing we wrote a diary entry about the Union Canal Boat Race.

This week we also went on a school trip to the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh.  We went to the education rooms where we took part in an Egyptian artefact handling session.  In the handling room Harrison demonstrated how to remove Mr Ritchie’s brain as part of the mummification process using the special tool! Then we went to explore the new Egyptian gallery that has newly opened.  We watched various recordings and learned a lot about the life of the Egyptians.

In PE this week we played outdoor games and a game of “rounders.” It was very competitive and we all had great fun!

In Reading we continued with our Literacy Circles and had some very good discussions about the work of the different authors.  The “Discussion Director’s” lead their groups very well and asked lots of interesting questions.  We all enjoy taking on the different roles and responsibilities involved within the circle.

We have also started to learn some Spanish.  We can now say some simple greetings and ask a person their name.  In French we have started to learn the names for different parts of our body and played a game of “snakes and ladders” to help us remember the different parts.

In Science this week we made a simple electrical switch out of a sheet of plastic, two drawing pins and a paperclip.  We also started planning the electrical games that we will be making next week.

Mr Ritchie and the “tiggerrific” P4/5’s


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