P1B – Week ending 14th June

In Literacy this week we have been working on rhyme.  We read the Julia Donaldson story, Room on the Broom, and had fun filling in missing rhyming words in the story.  We worked together to find matching pairs of rhyming words and choose some of these pairs to write some super sentences.

We were very lucky to have a visit from the author Alan Windrum who came in to share two of his story books with us  – One Button Benny and A Puppy’s Tale.   We had great fun joining in with the story and also sang some songs accompanied by Alan too.

In Numeracy we have been learning how to write numbers up to 20 in words.  We have also continued to practise counting up and down in 2s.  We found some of the number words a bit tricky to read at first but we are beginning to recognise some of these and know that with practise we will get to know all of them.

In PE we had our final Gymnastics lesson with Mrs Harris.  We had to chance to practise all of the techniques we have learned over the past few weeks and had the opportunity to climb the wall bars and also showed our upper body strength as we climbed between the bars.

As part of our Community focus we learned about the environmental artist Andy Goldsworthy.  Inspired by his work, we went outside to find natural resources and, in small groups, we made some super pictures with the things we had found.

We were very lucky that the weather was just about kind enough for us to have Sports Day on Wednesday and Mrs Reid was very impressed with the resilience shown by everyone as, despite the wet and cold, everyone tried their very best to complete the potted sports stations and then run in the class races.  Mrs Reid was ‘delighted’ to get the chance to show the children that it’s the ‘taking part that counts’ when she entered the teachers race!

We enjoyed our second session with our specialist from the National Youth Choir of Scotland.  We successfully kept the beat to a variety of different types of music and used our listening skills to identify where sounds were coming from.  We came up with ‘loud’ and ‘quiet’ actions and had great fun using the actions within songs.

We have been busy making something special for Father’s Day too.  The children were excited to tell Mrs Reid the reasons they loved their daddies.  We hope you like our work!

Have a lovely weekend.  We can’t believe there are only 2 weeks of Primary 1 left!

Mrs Reid and Primary 1B

P1B – Week ending 7th June

What an exciting week!  Our first class assembly!

We have worked very hard over the past few weeks preparing for our assembly.  Not only have we been learning our lines but we have also been practising the musical accompaniment, painting artwork, making butterfly wands and designing butterflies to decorate the walls.  We have had great fun and have learned lots about the butterfly lifecycle.  We hope you enjoyed watching the assembly as much as we enjoyed performing it!

We have had a very musical week as along with our assembly preparation, we also began a block of lessons with a specialist from the National Youth Choir of Scotland.  We were very good at keeping the beat and had great fun singing rhyming songs.  Our favourite part of the lesson was definitely the singing games with the parachute!

We continued our learning in Literacy this week, revising a selection of digraphs and tricky words and have been practising making up sentences using our digraph words.  We have also started working on our diary writing skills.

In Numeracy we have been practising counting up and down in 2s.  We looked at the pattern counting in 2s makes when we ‘painted’ our numbers on a hundred square and noticed that we ended up with painted columns of numbers.  We were also learning about odd and even numbers, linking this to our counting and did really well playing the ‘coconut’ game.


In Maths we continued to learn about data handling and managed to use the skills we have learned to interpret a variety of pictograms.

In PE we continued our Gymnastics block with Mrs Harris.  We had to use our listening skills to know which position we needed to get into and had to co-ordinate our bodies to make tunnels or obstacles in the ‘road’.  We worked together in teams and had great fun taking turns to tunnel under a whole team!

As part of our Community focus, we were very lucky to have a special visitor in class, A’s dad, Dr Walker!  He came in to talk to us about his job as an Emergency Doctor and taught us how to call for help in an emergency.  We worked in pairs, taking turns to pretend to call 999 for help.  We also talked about the importance of only calling this number if you have a genuine emergency!

Have a lovely weekend!

Mrs Reid and Primary 1B

Primary 1B – w/e 17th May 2019

We have had another very busy week in P1b!

In Literacy, we have been learning two new digraphs, ‘ow’ as in cow and ‘ou’ as in loud.  We learned that there is unfortunately no pattern to follow to work out which ow/ou to use when we are spelling using this digraph but we know that with lots of practise we will get to know which one to use.  Our new tricky words were ‘here’ and ‘into’.

In Numeracy we were learning about one and two more or less than within 20 and how to order a selection of numbers within 20, both forwards and backwards.  We created number lines in pairs and challenged each other to work out one or two more than or one or two less than.   Once we had shown that we could order numbers from 1 to 20, we challenged ourselves by selecting a few cards at random and put these in order from smallest to largest and vice versa.  Mrs Reid was very impressed with our ordering skills. 

In Maths we were learning about Data Handling.  We learned that data is information and that ‘handling’ means how to present the information to make it easier to understand.  We did a class survey of favourite fruit.  We learned how to collect data using tally marks and how to put this information into a pictogram.  We did very well answering questions about the data, using the pictogram to help us.

In PE, we continued our Gymnastics block with Mrs Harris.  We were learning about balancing and jumping this week.   We worked hard to listen to instructions and did our best to balance on the floor and on sloping benches.

We had some very special P1 visitors this week – a policeman, firefighter, nurse, midwife and community youth worker!  Not only were these great community jobs for us to learn about as part of our Community focus but these people were special because they are mums and dads of some the P1a and P1b children!  We joined up with P1a for the event and had great fun learning about the different jobs.  We got to spend time with each of the visitors and got to pretend we were doing their jobs!  Mrs Reid and Mrs Gordon were delighted to hear both classes asking great questions and sharing their learning with each other.

We have continued to learn about the butterfly life cycle and have been watching our caterpillars very closely over the past couple of weeks.  We have been amazed at how quickly they have grown, becoming very fat and hairy!  When we arrived on Wednesday we found they had transformed into their cocoons.

Have a lovely weekend!

Mrs Reid and Primary 1B

Primary 1B – w/e 26th April 2019

It was lovely to see everyone back after the Easter holidays.

This week we revised all of the sounds, digraphs and tricky words which we have learned so far in P1.  Mrs Reid was very impressed with how much everyone could remember!

In Numeracy we continued to learn about numbers to 20.  We have been identifying larger/smaller and largest/smallest numbers within a given selection of numbers.  We have also been practising writing our numbers to 20.

In PE, we started a term long block of Gymnastics lessons with Mrs Harris who is an external Gymnastics specialist.  We were learning three different positions – straight, tuck and star.  We had to listen carefully to hear which position we needed to make to move around the hall.  Everyone tried very hard to follow Mrs Harris’ instructions.

We were very lucky to have Mrs Laing visit us this week to do an Art lesson, teaching us how to work with clay.  Everyone will have the chance to build a clay sandcastle.  Some children completed their sandcastles this week and the others will have a chance to do this next week.  It was tricky (and very messy!) working with the clay and we found we needed to have strong hands to mould the clay into shape.

We also had four very special visitors to the class this week – Mr & Mrs McAulay, Tilly and Lottie!  It was wonderful to see them all.  We were very quiet as Tilly and Lottie were asleep!

We finished the week with a lovely paired reading session with our P7 buddies.


Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Reid and Primary 1B

Primary 1B – w/e 8th March 2019

In Literacy we were excited to be learning our first trigraph ‘igh’ and the grapheme ‘y’ (as in cry).  We discovered that the ‘igh’ trigraph is mainly found in the middle of words and the ‘y’ grapheme is mainly found at the end.  We agreed that our language can sometimes be a bit tricky to know which word has which sound!  We have also been practising our new tricky words – come and said.

In Numeracy we have been learning about fact families and how addition and subtraction are linked.  We learned that there are three numbers in each fact family and saw how these numbers are related to one another.  We managed to work together to write the four number sentences – two addition and two subtraction – for each family.

We continued our work on Money too, working out change due and figuring out which coins would give the correct amount.  It was interesting to hear many of the children say that they had never seen change being given and weren’t sure what ‘change’ was.  We came to the conclusion that this was because shopping is often paid by Bank Card.

Within our History of Transport learning this week we looked at different modes of transport from the past and compared them to their present day equivalent.  We had an interesting discussion about the differences that we noticed between them.

Our class train is almost finished!  We had fun painting and colouring wheels and painted the final carriage.  Whilst we were painting we discovered that if we mix different colours together we can make a new colour! The favourite combinations were red and yellow, making orange and blue and yellow, making green.  We have decided that we still need a funnel and a fire (made of coloured paper, of course!) for the engine as we have decided our train is a steam train.

J brought in a real piece of railway to show the class.  It was very, very heavy!  J also brought in train magnets for everyone.  We would like to thank J’s dad for these!

To celebrate World Book Day we enjoyed some paired reading time with P3A and had fun sharing stories with one another.

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Reid and Primary 1B

Primary 1B – w/e 1st March 2019

We have had a busy week in Primary 1b.

As part of our transport focus, we have begun to construct our class train station.  We came up with lots of ideas for signs which we would need in the station.  We decided we would like to build a train for the station and have had great fun painting our train engine and carriages.  We can’t wait to see what it looks like when it’s finished!  Construction pictures will follow next week!

In Literacy we have been practising our new tricky words – all and some – and have learned 2 new digraphs – ee and ea.  We have been working hard blending words together using our magnetic letters and have successfully been matching pictures and words.

In Numeracy we have been continuing our work on Subtraction.  We made a human number line in the playground and enjoyed working out who would be the answer to the subtraction questions we came up with.  We also had fun working in pairs, writing our calculations in chalk on the playground.

Our first session of block play with P3 went very well.  As you can see the construction was impressive!

As part of Fairtrade Fortnight, the class had a visit from the Linlithgow Fairtrade group on Wednesday and learned about different types of Fairtrade products.  They had the chance to taste a little piece of Fairtrade chocolate too which they enjoyed!

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Reid and Primary 1B





Primary 6B – 2nd Feb 2018

As a new month starts, our learning continues.

This week we have consolidated our learning around negative numbers and the children have completed a pre-topic assessment for money and finance, which we will begin to explore next week.

In literacy, the children have used Scot’s language to rewrite either part of the script from The Lion King or a scene from The Broons. They had great fun using Scot’s Dictionaries to discover some new words. Ask them which new words they have discovered!!

We have also written an imaginative story, with our main focus being the way sentences are started. We have learned that sometimes we need to restructure the sentence in order to open it with an interesting word. Ask your child which sentence openers they used this week!!

We have continued our preparations for The Lion King show, rehearsing and singing.

Have a lovely weekend

Primary 6B and Mrs Kerr

P7b Blog

Numeracy and Mathematics

How much does a polar bear weigh? Enough to break the ice. Hello and welcome to this week’s P7b Blog. As you may have guessed, our focus this week has been weight. We have been using different scales to measure various objects and successfully converted between grams and kilograms, applying our previous knowledge that there are 1000g for every 1kg. Alongside this, we have been tackling weight word problems where we have to unpick exactly what each question is asking us to do. We also discussed the difference between imperial and metric systems of measure, and real-life examples of these being used. Following on from our focus on weight we have started our work on volume and capacity. We are now able to convert between litres, centilitres and millilitres, and use a formula (v = l x b x h) to find the volume of different containers and 3D shapes.

Literacy and English

All week we have been presenting our class talks to our peers. We have delivered a summarised version of our personal projects which focused on a specific aspect of World War II. Mr. Logan has been blown away by the standard of presentations and the hard work which has gone into the preparation and delivery of them. We have demonstrated that we are confident individuals who can present with the appropriate use of voice, tone, clarity and pace. Each and every class talk was detailed and interesting, with ICT used to support our work and audience interaction throughout. We understand that delivering presentations is an important skill for learning, life and work and we will be given a number of opportunities to do so after making our transition to Linlithgow Academy.

Health and Wellbeing

This week we had a workshop on Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking. It was delivered by Lyndsay from the Just Enough charity. The children learnt a great deal about both issues and were shocked by some of the statistics that were shared. They can now more confidently identify the signs that somebody may be being trafficked or held as a slave. Thank you to Lyndsay and the Just Enough team for this excellent learning opportunity.

Our football teams had their final training session on Monday ahead of the annual George Allan football tournament at Linlithgow Rose F.C’s ground this weekend. We looked specifically at our shape, set-plays and both attacking and defending in 1v1 and 2v1 situations. The boys and girls are very excited ahead of this Sunday and would appreciate any support from parents, carers, friends and family members on the day. The first group matches kick-off at 9am and will run until approximately 12 noon. Please get along and cheer us on. Go Springfield!

Next week:

  • Sunday – George Allan football tournament  – 8.30am @ Linlithgow Rose F.C
  • Monday – No after school football this week, resumes Monday 5th June
  • Monday – Drug Education workshop @ 9-11am
  • Tuesday – Final Kingsfield golf session @ 1-2pm
  • Thursday – PTA Disco @ 7.30 – 9pm, tickets available in school
  • Thursday – Deadline for any medication for school camp
  • Friday – Camp dormitory and activity groups to be shared
  • Friday – All book festival EE2 forms to be returned
  • Monday 29th May – Friday 2nd June: Dukeshouse Wood all week

Enjoy your weekend, 6 weeks to go!

P7b & Mr. Logan

P7b Blog

Numeracy and Mathematics

This week we completed our work on Information Handling. The children have been creating 3D pie charts and interpreting data from a variety of sources, explaining and describing this in great detail and promoting some high quality discussion. Alongside this, we have been refreshing our memories of how to find the range, mode, median and mean when presented with a list of numbers. Our rhyme to the tune of ‘Row Your Boat’ has been helpful in reminding us the definition of each of these terms.

“Mode, mode, mode is the most, average is the mean. Median, median, median, median the number in between.”

Literacy and English

Our focus in writing this term is creative texts. This week we were given the theme of ‘World War II’ and prepared imaginative pieces of writing based on our IDL learning theme. Within our writing, we focused on proofreading and up-levelling to ensure that our work makes sense and interests the reader. We also attempted to use a range of ambitious VCOP, incorporated detail through our use of description and explanation and used ICT to word process our stories. Mr. Logan and the other staff in the upper school have compiled a list of new novels to purchase and we look forward to getting our hands on these texts in Guided Reading before the end of term. Next week we have our class talks where we will present a summary of our personal projects to the rest of the class. Mr. Logan is looking forward to seeing our presentations, they’re going to be excellent.

Health and Wellbeing

In P.E we have been further developing our skills in athletics and improving our fitness levels. At the beginning of the week we participated in 200m running, using the stopwatches to time our peers and accurately recording our results. On Thursday we upped our distance and paced ourselves appropriately when completing the 800m event. We surprised ourselves with our ability to beat our personal best times and were given some time for Outdoor Play as a reward for our efforts. Our golf and rugby sessions continued with our specialist coaches and we look forward to next week’s sessions. Maybe P7b will be lucky enough to meet professional golfer Stephen Gallacher this time…


Finally, we celebrated further STEM engineering success this week as every pupil in P7b received a pass, merit or distinction grade for their inventions. Ross Findlater was shortlisted for a trophy at his year group and we will cross our fingers in the hope that he is successful.

Next week:

  • Monday – Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Workshop
  • Monday – After school football 3.30 – 4.30pm
  • Tuesday – Golf 2-3pm, rugby taster session 2.30 – 3.15pm
  • Thursday – P7 Booster Groups
  • Friday – Mrs. Malcolm’s last day at Springfield P.S
  • EE2 forms for Time Capsule, Code of Conduct for school camp and First Aid agreements to be returned
  • George Allan football letters to be returned

Have a great weekend and thanks for your continued support of all things P7b.

P7b & Mr. Logan

P7b Blog

Numeracy and Mathematics

Although it’s been a short week, we have continued our work on Information Handling by looking at straight line graphs. We began by plotting data based on the average temperatures and rainfall in our area into Microsoft Excel before applying our ICT skills to create straight line charts using Microsoft Word. On Friday, we analysed and interpreted information from comparative line graphs where more than one set of data is being compared.

Literacy and English

No reading homework this week with it being a short one, much to the delight of the children. We will continue with our group novels next week. This week our focus in literacy was proofreading and up-levelling, two very important skills required for writing and creating texts. We were given a passage that required spelling and grammatical errors to be corrected before up-levelling the same passage to make it more interesting and exciting for the reader through the use of ambitious VCOP. Mr. Logan is continuing to look through our personal projects and feedback will be given on these next week.

Health and Wellbeing

Athletics is our new focus for P.E, with the overall aim being to improve our levels of fitness over the next 8 weeks. As a baseline assessment of our fitness levels, we took part in the Cooper Test (12 minute run) and measured the distance we were able to cover over the allotted time. At the end of this term, we will redo this test with the hope being that our overall distance increases. There was no golf this week, however, we continued with our rugby taster sessions and enjoyed getting out in the sunshine to further develop our ball handling and passing skills.

Next week:

  • Monday – EE2 forms for Time Capsule trip, George Allan football letters to be returned
  • Monday – After school football from 3.30 – 4.30pm
  • Tuesday – Golf sessions at Kingsfield from 1.00 – 2.00pm
  • Tuesday – Rugby taster session from 2.30 – 3.15pm
  • Wednesday – Some pupils visiting Linlithgow Academy at 11.30am

Enjoy the sunshine!

P7b & Mr. Logan

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