Well, hello there from P7B!

Where to start with everything that has been going on in P7B over the last two weeks…

After showcasing their outstanding musical theatre talents in the FAME! performances, P7B have been settling back into their classroom routines (while also showing Miss Kennedy the Springfield ropes!) and showcasing a whole range of other talents.

Mysteries have been the name of the game in our Maths learning.  In Number Talks,  using clues to estimate, justify, challenge and defend answers have been key to solving the ‘Esti-Mysteries’.  Meanwhile, multi-step word problems have caused a Maths Curse, with everything in our day becoming a potential Maths problem.  Fear not though, P7B know exactly what strategies to use to approach these problems now, not only solving them but demonstrating their understanding by writing their own.   They are well on their way to breaking the Maths Curse!

In Literacy, we have been investigating the structure, features and literary devices used to write theatre reviews.

Our week started with a very competitive ‘Blankety Blank’ Short Read.  Our ‘Blankety Blank’ champions from this week even earned a Classroom Economy bonus for their efforts (more of that later).  We have started to look at the Reading skills needed for a Long Read activity, with a focus on the Read and Understand and Explore Some More skills sections of the Comprehension Compass.  In preparation for writing our own theatre critic reviews, we also started to experiment with ‘SPAGHETTI Sweeps’  to analyse texts, looking for features and literary devices to include in our own.

To test our understanding of persuasive literary devices (A.F.O.R.E.S.T), we watched this….

How many persuasive literary devices did you notice?

Our class novel ‘Shadow Jumper’ by J.M. Forster has been inspiration for other areas of our learning  too.  In Art, we discussed the element of form and used this to create models of the main character, Jack.  Our poetry from last week, using the literary device of personification, was also inspired by the main character’s love of ‘shadow jumping’.  We also spent some time researching and understanding (and experimenting with) the sport of Parkour. 

In Science, we are preparing to submit our entries for the ‘If You Were An Engineer What Would You Do?’ competition. After identifying a problem that we thought could be or needed to be fixed, we explained our ideas using annotated diagrams.

In our Learning Through Play, we had a chance to test our logic, team work and perseverance skills!

And finally, a couple of new additions to P7B, the introduction of ‘First Chapter Friday’ to share and discuss new books that will be added to our class library. And, the first pay day from the Springfield Savers Bank as part of our Classroom Economy.  Full employment, saving and spending starts next week!

Phew…..it’s a lot! Now time to relax and enjoy the weekend.
P7B and Miss Kennedy




P6 & P7 School Camp 2019

Dear Parents/Carers

Thanks to those of you who attended our School Camp Information Evenings last night. For those of you who couldn’t make it along, here are the presentations for P6 Dalguise and P7 Ford Castle:

P6 Dalguise https://glowscotland-my.sharepoint.com/:p:/g/personal/wlewan_logan_glow_sch_uk/EcLjOFz6HyBHp0Jo-E2AtVcBvUyx8T6uOEmF5ockQIBE1A?e=ushZUd

P7 Ford Castle – https://glowscotland-my.sharepoint.com/:p:/g/personal/wlewan_logan_glow_sch_uk/EbTMoOYvrXRMqYnxIsjpRSEBA_90ST3AB01TdzUEeWvIcQ?e=1UMSah

Kind regards

Mr. Logan

A Mountain to Climb

RG in P7 recently climbed a small hill in South Ayrshire called Knockdolian. He had challenged himself to climb the equivalent height of Mount Everest over the past 12 months and has finally surpassed the 29,029 feet mark! R has scaled a variety of mountains across Scotland from the Isle of Skye to the Cairngorms in the process. We think this is a superb achievement and would like to congratulate R for his efforts! What an accomplishment! Have a look at his picture below upon completing his challenge…

Developing the Young Workforce – Skills for Learning, Life and Work Programme 2019

Developing the Young Workforce (DYW) is a seven-year programme (2014-2021) that aims to better prepare children and young people aged 3–18 for the world of work. This year, we will once again be running a Skills for Learning, Life and Work programme for our P7 pupils which will culminate in a Careers Fayre in May. We aim to help our children develop and acquire skills across all areas of the curriculum that are transferable to a workplace whilst broadening their knowledge of different jobs, careers and opportunities for further academic study.
Over the last two years we have welcomed in a number of our parents and carers as well as representatives from local businesses, organisations, colleges and universities to deliver a short presentation on their career, line of work or establishment to our P7 classes. This could be anything from 15-30 minutes in length with the opportunity for the children to ask some questions at the end. The programme of visits will run between Monday 11th February and Thursday 4th April.
If this is something you would be interested in helping us with, please contact Mr. Logan via email (ewan.logan@westlothian.org.uk) to arrange a suitable date and time to come in.
Mr. Logan

Football News

It was a successful weekend for SF and P7b and NP in P7a, as they both competed in the local derby match between a Linlithgow schools select and Bo’ness schools select. Linlithgow came out victorious and you can see the boys pictured below with the trophy. SF and NP are just two of our talented footballers we have at Springfield Primary School, who’ll also be representing us in the George Allan tournament this Sunday 20th May at Prestonfield. Kick off is at 9.00am if any of our pupils, parents, carers and families would like to come along and cheer the boys and girls on!

Well done you two! A great achievement and one you should both be extremely proud of!

#competeandperform #celebratingsport #pathways

Football Team News

Our Primary 6 and 7 school footballers are continuing to train hard ahead of their upcoming league meetings and cluster tournaments. We are currently still training indoors on Mondays from 3.15-4.15pm but will be returning outside on Monday 5th March, at which point both P6 and P7 will train together again. Any P6 and P7 boys and girls are more than welcome to attend, just let Mr. Logan know if you would like to join.

Here are some important dates for the footballing family calendars:

  • Monday 12th February – HOLIDAY
  • Monday 19th February – Football league meeting (2), letters to follow
  • Monday 26th February – P6 training (indoors)
  • Monday 5th March – P6 and P7 training (outdoors)
  • Monday 12th March – Football league meeting (3), letters to follow
  • Monday 19th March – P6 and P7 training (outdoors)
  • Monday 26th March – HOLIDAY
  • Monday 2nd April – HOLIDAY
  • Monday 9th April – Football league meeting (4), letters to follow
  • Monday 16th April – NO TRAINING
  • Monday 23rd April – P6 and P7 training (outdoors)
  • Monday 30th April –  P6 and P7 training (outdoors)
  • Monday 7th May – HOLIDAY
  • Monday 14th May –  P6 and P7 training (outdoors)
  • Monday 21st May –  P6 and P7 training (outdoors)
  • Monday 28th May –  P6 and P7 training (outdoors)
  • Monday 4th June – NO TRAINING (P7 Camp)
  • Monday 11th June –  P6 and P7 training (outdoors)
  • Monday 18th June –  P6 and P7 training (outdoors)
  • Monday 25th June – End of year awards ceremony in P7b’s classroom

Mr. Logan 

After School Football

Quick reminder that tomorrow’s football training session will be for P7 only with next week’s session for P6. See below for upcoming sessions and league meeting dates:

  • Monday 22nd January – P7
  • Monday 29th January – P6
  • Monday 5th February – P7
  • Monday 19th February – League meeting 2 @ Xcite (P7)
  • Monday 26th February – P6
  • Monday 5th March – P6 and P7
  • Monday 12th March – League meeting 3 @ Xcite (P7)
  • Monday 19th March – P6 and P7

    Kind regards

    Mr. Logan

P7 Skiing (week 1)

Today P7 enjoyed their first of four sessions of skiing at Midlothian Snowsports Centre. Once we arrived, we were kitted up and out onto the slopes in our groups. These depended on whether we had skied lots before, a little bit or never at all.

Group 1 were on the nursery slope today getting used to the putting on and taking off of skis, beginning to balance on both one and two skis and moving down a slight decline before stopping. Groups 2 and 3 moved slightly further up the main slope to the blue line and were attempting to gain some speed before coming to a stop. Group 4 were on the main slope and developing their ability to use snow plough turns whilst group 5 made their way to the very top where they focused on their pole planting and parallel turns.

Already after one week we are seeing huge progress with each child and look forward to seeing them further develop their skills and confidence in skiing over the next three sessions. The instructors were incredibly complimentary of the behaviour and positive attitude demonstrated by all of the children. Well done P7, we’re so proud of you all! Have a look at this week’s pictures below…

P7, Mr Logan and Mrs Gordon

P7b Achievements

I am delighted to share two P7b sporting achievements today. Firstly, Danielle recently competed in an ice skating competition at Murrayfield Ice Rink and managed to come in 3rd place winning bronze. Well done Danielle, what a fantastic achievement. Keep practising and I’m sure there will be some silvers and golds on the way!

Danielle with her bronze trophy

Secondly, a huge well done to Sam who last night was selected to be ball boy at Andy Murray’s Live Event at the SSE Hydro in Glasgow. Sam was positioned at the net during Murray’s match versus Roger Federer and was lucky enough to get both of their autographs at the end. You’ll also see from the picture below that Sam is wearing Federer’s headband that he wore for the match. If you want to watch the highlights from this and see him in action, you can find them here:


Sam with his signed tennis ball and headband worn by Roger Federer

Mr. Logan

P7b Blog

Numeracy and Mathematics

This week we completed our work on Information Handling. The children have been creating 3D pie charts and interpreting data from a variety of sources, explaining and describing this in great detail and promoting some high quality discussion. Alongside this, we have been refreshing our memories of how to find the range, mode, median and mean when presented with a list of numbers. Our rhyme to the tune of ‘Row Your Boat’ has been helpful in reminding us the definition of each of these terms.

“Mode, mode, mode is the most, average is the mean. Median, median, median, median the number in between.”

Literacy and English

Our focus in writing this term is creative texts. This week we were given the theme of ‘World War II’ and prepared imaginative pieces of writing based on our IDL learning theme. Within our writing, we focused on proofreading and up-levelling to ensure that our work makes sense and interests the reader. We also attempted to use a range of ambitious VCOP, incorporated detail through our use of description and explanation and used ICT to word process our stories. Mr. Logan and the other staff in the upper school have compiled a list of new novels to purchase and we look forward to getting our hands on these texts in Guided Reading before the end of term. Next week we have our class talks where we will present a summary of our personal projects to the rest of the class. Mr. Logan is looking forward to seeing our presentations, they’re going to be excellent.

Health and Wellbeing

In P.E we have been further developing our skills in athletics and improving our fitness levels. At the beginning of the week we participated in 200m running, using the stopwatches to time our peers and accurately recording our results. On Thursday we upped our distance and paced ourselves appropriately when completing the 800m event. We surprised ourselves with our ability to beat our personal best times and were given some time for Outdoor Play as a reward for our efforts. Our golf and rugby sessions continued with our specialist coaches and we look forward to next week’s sessions. Maybe P7b will be lucky enough to meet professional golfer Stephen Gallacher this time…


Finally, we celebrated further STEM engineering success this week as every pupil in P7b received a pass, merit or distinction grade for their inventions. Ross Findlater was shortlisted for a trophy at his year group and we will cross our fingers in the hope that he is successful.

Next week:

  • Monday – Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Workshop
  • Monday – After school football 3.30 – 4.30pm
  • Tuesday – Golf 2-3pm, rugby taster session 2.30 – 3.15pm
  • Thursday – P7 Booster Groups
  • Friday – Mrs. Malcolm’s last day at Springfield P.S
  • EE2 forms for Time Capsule, Code of Conduct for school camp and First Aid agreements to be returned
  • George Allan football letters to be returned

Have a great weekend and thanks for your continued support of all things P7b.

P7b & Mr. Logan

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