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A short week in P5, feels like it’s over before it even started…

Literacy and English

In writing this week, we have been participating in BBC Radio 2’s 500 Words competition. We were challenged to write a creative and imaginative story based on a specific object or image. In our planning we had to consider what our image symbolises, who the characters associated with this image are what their backstory might be. Following this, we also considered what the main events of our story could be, produced a detailed description of our main setting and looked at the features of ‘flash fiction’ writing in more detail. We discovered that although these stories are short, they still need to be interesting, engaging and include things such as figurative language and imagery. We’ve completed our first drafts and will be editing and improving these next week before submitting them ahead of next Thursday’s deadline!

Numeracy and Mathematics

This week we have started learning about coordinates. We began by reading coordinates which involved moving “along the corridor before going up the stairs”. We established that as we  move horizontally we are travelling along the x-axis. Then, when we move vertically, we are on the y-axis. The way to remember this is by saying “x is a cross, y to the sky”. These phrases have been helping us to work accurately and minimise errors. We found out that the grids we were using are called Cartesian grids, named after René Descartes, a French mathematician during the 17th century. We also had a go at plotting some points to create 2D shapes. Next week we will extend our learning further by creating our own grids and more complex shapes, and working across four quadrants with negative numbers.

Learning Across the Curriculum

  • PE – In futsal this week we worked on passing the ball accurately to hit targets using different surfaces of our feet.
  • PE – In volleyball with Mrs Reid we were given a basic introduction to the sport and learnt about some of the rules and principles.
  • Science – We continued working on our electrical circuit games. These have been created for P1 and involve a series of questions. If the correct answer is selected, the light shines. If the incorrect answer is selected, the buzzer sounds.
  • Technologies – We have been improving our word processing skills when preparing the final drafts of our 500 word pieces of flash fiction.


  • Harrison was surprised to open his latest Beano comic to see himself! Well done on accumulating so many copies!
  • Ava has passed her latest dancing exams with distinction and brought her medals, certificates and trophies to show us!
  • Sofia showed us the Blue Peter badge she got for music which was designed by Ed Sheeran! Excellent achievement!
  • Calan brought in his football trophies that he got whilst playing for Falkirk FC. Superb work!
  • Christopher has levelled up in his indoor climbing at Alien Rock! Fantastic news!
  • We’ve been bringing in our homework bridge designs to display in class. They are absolutely brilliant, well done to you all. Howie and Eva managed to put 12.1kg of weights on theirs without it breaking! Unbelievable!
  • Jack G was our values certificate winner for Confidence! Great job!

Have a relaxing weekend everyone.

P5 and Mr Logan

Primary 1B – w/e 26th April 2019

It was lovely to see everyone back after the Easter holidays.

This week we revised all of the sounds, digraphs and tricky words which we have learned so far in P1.  Mrs Reid was very impressed with how much everyone could remember!

In Numeracy we continued to learn about numbers to 20.  We have been identifying larger/smaller and largest/smallest numbers within a given selection of numbers.  We have also been practising writing our numbers to 20.

In PE, we started a term long block of Gymnastics lessons with Mrs Harris who is an external Gymnastics specialist.  We were learning three different positions – straight, tuck and star.  We had to listen carefully to hear which position we needed to make to move around the hall.  Everyone tried very hard to follow Mrs Harris’ instructions.

We were very lucky to have Mrs Laing visit us this week to do an Art lesson, teaching us how to work with clay.  Everyone will have the chance to build a clay sandcastle.  Some children completed their sandcastles this week and the others will have a chance to do this next week.  It was tricky (and very messy!) working with the clay and we found we needed to have strong hands to mould the clay into shape.

We also had four very special visitors to the class this week – Mr & Mrs McAulay, Tilly and Lottie!  It was wonderful to see them all.  We were very quiet as Tilly and Lottie were asleep!

We finished the week with a lovely paired reading session with our P7 buddies.


Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Reid and Primary 1B

4.5.18 Primary 5A

This week in P5A, we have started our literacy circle activities. We were well prepared and able to take on the different roles. The directors made very good teachers, leading the groups. To help with our reading and research we focused on identifying the main idea.  At writing, having looked at different samples of text we were able to workout where the new paragraphs come. This will help when writing stories.

In number we have continued  to find fractions of amounts and use real life examples. This makes much more sense to us now.  We have been finding perimeters of shapes with Mrs Gordon and doing more number talks. She loves our strategies.

As part of our expressive arts and IDL we are comparing a classical artist, Edwin Landseer’s ” The Monarch of the Glen”  (1851), with modern Scottish artist, Scott Naismith’s different beach scenes.

We painted our own version of Scottish mountains from photographs and then positioned a stag in the foreground. Next week we will use pastels to create beach scenes.


At science we discussed light and shadows and whether materials were translucent, opaque or transparent. We took part in different activities which involved making shadows smaller, larger and from different angles. We revisited how a solar eclipse occurs from our Space topic in term 1.

For IDL we studied the different landscapes in Scotland and also studied map symbols. We looked at the  universal colour code and then designed our own ordnance  survey symbols.

What great matches we had at basketball this week. The passing was super and there was great dribbling and shooting. Mr Logan said the class worked really well during his football lesson.

27.4.18 5A Blog

We started our literacy circle this week and everybody was very pleased with their choice of book. There was lots of discussion about the cover, illustrations and our initial feelings about the story line and characters. Mrs Tulloch had a job trying to get us to stop talking. Everyone has a role for next week and we look forward to listening to how everyone in the group manages their literacy circle task.

We were using dictionaries to help when up leveling our writing. For comprehension, we focused on reading for information and this should help us prepare for our class talks.

In maths, we focused on equivalent fractions and simplifying fractions. This was quite tricky and  we need to practise the method we have been using in class. Next week we will be finding fractions of an amount.  Mrs Gordon was pleased with our work on area and we will continue with perimeter.

We started our new IDL geography trail about Scotland and used a map to show: what we know, what we would like to find out and how we are going to do it.

At PE, we practiced our drills at basketball and had some very fast games. Lots of double dribbles though!

Mrs Bain gave us instruments and we were practicing keeping different rhythms.

Mr Logan continued with our internet safety and we completed our posters.

We continued with Scratch and have been showing our work, cartoon and movies to  rest of the class. They are fab.

Week ending 13.4.18 5A

Hello and welcome back to everyone after our Easter holidays.

This week,  in number  we have started division sums by 1 digit. It has been quite challenging but with practice we are making good progress.

During our reading,  we talked about  literacy circle and chose from a wide  selection of novels.  We should be ready to start this in 2 weeks.

We copied our Babbington Plots onto aged paper ( which smelt of coffee). We wrote thank you letters to Mr Woodhouse, Elaine at the Queensferry Crossing and the Linlithgow Primary Palace guides.

In science we have started our new topic of light and had great fun investigating light sources and reflectors under cover. We took photos but all you can see is us under the sheets!


At last we got into the PE hall and were able to shoot at basketball – Harlem Globe Trotters look out.

We had music with Mrs Bain this week twice and really enjoyed the different activities.

Primary 5A 23.2.18

This week in Primary 5 we have been researching the people who were part of Mary Queen of Scot’s life. We were highlighting the key facts and will produce a fact file for our timeline.

In maths we are continuing to reinforce our  multiplication tables and  are getting quicker when we play Buzz.  We are able to do chimney sums with decomposition and then used this method to help solve everyday problems. Next week we will focus on multiplication and division sums. We also have the RBS coming in to Primary 5  to support us in  a “planning a party” workshop . This will help to reinforce the work we did on money.

In literacy we looked at the different skills we need to use  to help us understand a passage. Sequencing and finding the main idea were the main points we looked at.

In science we continued to look at mixtures and how to separate them. This week it was sieving. We didn’t realise how many different uses they had. Our task involved separating 5 different substances by making our own sieves from card. We were very successful and the classroom carpet wasn’t too badly covered in rice and lentils.

After the staff course on “better thinkers, better movers” we have now started a block on basketball. It really got us thinking and concentrating. Next week we will be adding also throwing and catching a tennis ball while we are dribbling and passing!

Mrs Tulloch enjoyed watching our canon routines we put together with Mrs Reid at PE. Unfortunately the video clip is too large for the blog. Sorry.


We have started a new class novel ” Kid Normal ” by Greg James and Chris Smith. It has got off to  good start.

Letters have been sent home about our Palace visit on 5th March.


P2/3’s activities.

Fantastic P.E. lesson outside. The children are using a variety of PE skills and had opportunities to invent their own games.

The children designed their own Easter Egg then worked in pairs. Each pairing had to remember their partner’s design, then, taking it in turns, they went off and hid it along with a surprise.

Some people made it really tricky!

Look at the wonderful Easter Bonnets!



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