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A short week in P5, feels like it’s over before it even started…

Literacy and English

In writing this week, we have been participating in BBC Radio 2’s 500 Words competition. We were challenged to write a creative and imaginative story based on a specific object or image. In our planning we had to consider what our image symbolises, who the characters associated with this image are what their backstory might be. Following this, we also considered what the main events of our story could be, produced a detailed description of our main setting and looked at the features of ‘flash fiction’ writing in more detail. We discovered that although these stories are short, they still need to be interesting, engaging and include things such as figurative language and imagery. We’ve completed our first drafts and will be editing and improving these next week before submitting them ahead of next Thursday’s deadline!

Numeracy and Mathematics

This week we have started learning about coordinates. We began by reading coordinates which involved moving “along the corridor before going up the stairs”. We established that as we  move horizontally we are travelling along the x-axis. Then, when we move vertically, we are on the y-axis. The way to remember this is by saying “x is a cross, y to the sky”. These phrases have been helping us to work accurately and minimise errors. We found out that the grids we were using are called Cartesian grids, named after René Descartes, a French mathematician during the 17th century. We also had a go at plotting some points to create 2D shapes. Next week we will extend our learning further by creating our own grids and more complex shapes, and working across four quadrants with negative numbers.

Learning Across the Curriculum

  • PE – In futsal this week we worked on passing the ball accurately to hit targets using different surfaces of our feet.
  • PE – In volleyball with Mrs Reid we were given a basic introduction to the sport and learnt about some of the rules and principles.
  • Science – We continued working on our electrical circuit games. These have been created for P1 and involve a series of questions. If the correct answer is selected, the light shines. If the incorrect answer is selected, the buzzer sounds.
  • Technologies – We have been improving our word processing skills when preparing the final drafts of our 500 word pieces of flash fiction.


  • Harrison was surprised to open his latest Beano comic to see himself! Well done on accumulating so many copies!
  • Ava has passed her latest dancing exams with distinction and brought her medals, certificates and trophies to show us!
  • Sofia showed us the Blue Peter badge she got for music which was designed by Ed Sheeran! Excellent achievement!
  • Calan brought in his football trophies that he got whilst playing for Falkirk FC. Superb work!
  • Christopher has levelled up in his indoor climbing at Alien Rock! Fantastic news!
  • We’ve been bringing in our homework bridge designs to display in class. They are absolutely brilliant, well done to you all. Howie and Eva managed to put 12.1kg of weights on theirs without it breaking! Unbelievable!
  • Jack G was our values certificate winner for Confidence! Great job!

Have a relaxing weekend everyone.

P5 and Mr Logan

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