Toy Story Characters, Forces and Benchball (P2B)

We have had a busy two weeks in P2B!

Last week we created our own characters for Toy Story 5! We watched a clip of Toy Story 4 and looked at the character ‘Forky’. Using adjectives, we labelled a picture of Forky. Afterwards, we worked with our learning partners to share our ideas for a new toy for the film. We drew and labelled pictures of our new character. On Wednesday last week we used our labelled pictures to write a detailed character description. We used adjectives to describe our characters and we used joining words to link our ideas.

During our IDL focus last week we learned how toys were made in the past. We explored different materials used to make toys and then how toys in the past were made and how they moved. We also compared how toys were made in the past compared to how toys are made in the present. Afterwards we drew pictures of toys which are made of wood, plastic and metal under the correct materials heading.

This week we investigated forces on toys. We watched a video about push and pull forces and discussed how we can make toys change their speed and direction. Afterwards, Miss Harrison put us into groups and we went around the classroom exploring how to make different toys move and work. Using a sheet on our clipboards, we recorded whether the toy worked by a pull force, a push force or both.

In Numeracy and Mathematics we have been concluding our work on subtraction. We have been solving different subtraction facts to 20 and we have been using subtraction vocabulary such as ‘minus’, ‘less than’ and ‘find the difference’. This week we have also been learning to link our addition and subtraction facts. For example, if we know that 9+2=11 then we can use this addition fact to solve 11-2. In Number Talks last week we looked at using ten frames.  We worked out how many dots we could see and explained how we could see them. We used strategies such as ‘doubles’, ‘near doubles’, ‘counting all’ and ‘counting on’. This week we explored dot images. Again, using our Number Talks strategies, we discussed how we saw the dots.

Last week we revised finding half past times on digital clocks. We played a game where we had to match the times to the digital clocks and then we created our own digital clocks showing the correct times. This week we were learning to write o’clock and half past times on an analogue clock. We had to use a ruler to draw on the hour and minute hands. Next week we are going to be using these times and finding one hour after.

Our new sound last week was ‘i-e’. We made ‘i-e’ words on our magnetic boards and we drew and labelled ‘i-e’ pictures.  This week we wrote ‘i-e’ words on our whiteboards and we wrote sentences containing ‘i-e’ words. Some of us were also revising all of our consonant blends.

In PE we have been developing our movement and co-ordination skills. Over the last two weeks, we have been playing different games to help us to keep an eye on an object. We enjoyed playing Dodgeball and Treasure Chest. Both weeks we have also played some team games of Benchball to develop our throwing and catching skills.

Thank you for reading our blog post.

We hope that you have a lovely weekend.

P2B and Miss Harrison xxx