22.11.19 Primary 5/6


For maths we were identifiying if a shape has any parallel lines or perpendicular lines.  Also properties of 2D shapes the types of angles.  As well, we also did esti-mysteries and multiplying a one digit numbers by two digit numbers.

As part of our Christmas enterprise we were measuring the sizes we need to make boxes for our decorated Christmas cakes. These will be the measurements fort our nets of cuboids. We do not think our boxes will require lids.


For literacy we were identifying if a text is a opinion or a fact.



The P6 are working on Scottish Opera and Scottish Parliament.

On Monday primary 6 are auditioning for the parts in our musical Fame. Good luck to those who are trying out for parts.

The P5 are working on climate change and global warming. We created posters about people effected by climate change. Katie is holding hers.


For pe we are doing gymnastics and fitness.

Primary 5 have one more week of rugby left.


In music we are learning the recorder we learnt a new note G


In Spanish we were practising the date. hoy es viernes, veintidos noviembre. Adios y tengo un bueno el fin de semana…goodbye and have a good weekend.

By Olivia and Maisie and Katie