|Primary 5/6 week ending 31.1.20

This week we began to look at the Scottish Wars of Independence, in particular what Scotland was like over 700 years ago. We researched important key figures on our Scottish history that included King Alexander III, Margaret, the maid of Norway and John Balliol. Learning about these important people has helped us set the scene for learning about what any why the Scottish Wars of Independence began. The class made good use of their internet research skills to create fact files.

During our Literacy lessons we worked in small groups to develop our skills of reading for information and using that information to create a diagram. This week each group had to read an extract which explained the Water Cycle and then created a diagram that was annotated. Each group then confidently explained their diagrams to the rest of the class.

On Tuesday, we had great fun playing with the Sphero’s. We began a Sphero challenge to code the Sphero’s into moving in different directions and changing colours. We hope to continue this next week.

The class have been developing their understanding of decimals this week and how we can write a decimal as a fraction. We enjoyed talking about mixed numbers and how these looked written in digits, words and a diagram. Next week we are going to move onto adding decimals. For maths we were drawing different angles and next week we will look at compass directions.

Primary 5 started making their spaghetti bridges. The STEM challenge involved making a bridge to carry half a bag of sugar. We have grouped the spaghetti into bundles to make it stronger. We will let you know how we get on next week assessing and testing them.