Primary 5/6 week ending


This week we have been learning to use the grid method in times tables to multiply two digit numbers by two digit numbers.  On Monday we did tessellation. After revising which 2d shapes tiled , we used a square or rectangle to then create our own patterns by cut out shapes and sticking then to the opposite side. They worked really well.

On Thursday afternoon we had a visitor called Jody who did Ninja Maths. This involved doing tricks using numbers. He was a real Magician! We hope to use some of the tricks that we were taught with people at home!


We were learning about apostrophes in contractions. We also had to correct sentences with apostrophes. Can’t = can not etc


We were learning about inferring. We looked at a Christmas story called the Mystery Present to do this.


We were learning about electricity and we were predicting whether or not ever day items were conductors. We set up an investigation to find out.


We were using oil pastels, black pencils and paper to create a seasonal calendar. They will be home soon!


For PE we continued Scottish dancing and were practising the Canadian Barn dance, the Grand Old Duke of York, the Gay Gordon and the Dashing White Sergeant.


Some of the P5’s went to the day-care centre in Linlithgow to sing to elderly folks. With Ms Bain we are continuing to learn to play the recorder.

Primary 6 visited the Scottish Parliament on Monday and got to hold artefacts and see round the building. We ad a great visit and learned a lot.

Today we got to hear the infant nativity songs and see their dances . We thought they were amazing.


Sorry we have no photos this week.


From Primary 5/6