28th February p5/6


We have been busy this week in literacy, planning our comic strips. We have chosen our favourite infant  books to summarise and read to primary 1.  As next Thursday is World Book day, we have written invitations to invite Primary 1 up to our classroom , which we are going to transform into a cozy reading area.


We are helping to develop play in our school grounds and are training up to help teachers in infants lead mental health and yoga  activities outside. We are evaluating the activities with Mrs Tulloch and will be adapting them to suit our grounds and pupils.

Thursday was 80’s day!  Our costumes were brilliant. We all looked amazing and really got into the groove with a dancing parade round the gym hall. There were quite a few enthusiastic teachers.  In class we danced the “macareena”.

We played 80’s games in the playground helped by Primary 7 and did a ” Jane Fonda ” type work out in the hall led by the sport’s captains.

We played 80’s music while we worked. For maths, we played musical chairs before then tackling a  chair problem for rabbit and hedgehog. We also did problem solving on Tuesday, ” Pooch Police”,  where we had to recognise and explain patterns and relationships. Here is the extension challenge for anyone who would like to try it. Using the the numbers 1,3, and 5 make three digit numbers to make 999 . We will put the solution at the end of the blog.

Primary 6 continue to work hard on Fame. The dress rehearsal went well at the Academy and now we have a better idea about the spacing, layout, exits etc.  Photographs are being taken on Monday and then we will have a full dress reheasal at the Academy on Tuesday. I know we are all looking forward to the show next week and look forward to showing you our efforts.

We continued making our Sphero assault courses. We are hoping to programme them next week to complete the courses. We will need to reassess some of the moves as there are tight corners and some uneven surfaces to travel across.

Solution 153 +315=999       and   351+135=999


Have a good weekend.

From Mrs McVay , Mrs Tulloch and P5/6


Primary 5/6 week ending 7th February

Our confidence and understanding of decimals is growing each day! This week we have focussed on using our mental arithmetic strategies to add and subtract decimals with one decimal place. We have answered questions, created questions for each other and played loop card games to help consolidate our understanding.

When we were doing our written mental maths we were able to make connections with fractions and decimals on a number line.

In maths, we  played Connect 4 with angels. We were able to estimate within 10 degrees of acute, obtuse, straight line and reflex andgles.

This term, as part of our Number Talks, we are focussing on a different strategy each week. This week we looked at making ten within a calculation.

In our Literacy lessons this week we explored note taking and how we can gather information in different ways and from different sources. In pairs, we researched the Battle of the Stirling Bridge in preparation for writing a Newspaper article about the battle next week.

Battle of Stirling Bridge

In grammar we have been looking at connectives and we are going to try to incorporate them into our writing

This week we celebrated ‘Scotland Loves Languages’ by playing lots of games to help with our French.  Our language ambassadors helped teach games to primary 4. In the playground we played ” Quelle heure est-il Monsieur Loup?” Monsieur Loup ate a lot of children !

The P5’s in our class did a great job helping the upper school with the show on Wednesday. We used their art skills to help us make props. They even got a sneaky peek of some of the dancing and singing!

Well done to those in Primary 5 that braved the weather conditions and walked to the Leisure Centre for their swimming trial.

Great engineering skills were developed making  spaghetti bridges. One group’s bridge managed to hold 2.8kg. They originally estimated that it would hold 250g. There was a lot of team work and cooperation need for this activity. And it was fun!


|Primary 5/6 week ending 31.1.20

This week we began to look at the Scottish Wars of Independence, in particular what Scotland was like over 700 years ago. We researched important key figures on our Scottish history that included King Alexander III, Margaret, the maid of Norway and John Balliol. Learning about these important people has helped us set the scene for learning about what any why the Scottish Wars of Independence began. The class made good use of their internet research skills to create fact files.

During our Literacy lessons we worked in small groups to develop our skills of reading for information and using that information to create a diagram. This week each group had to read an extract which explained the Water Cycle and then created a diagram that was annotated. Each group then confidently explained their diagrams to the rest of the class.

On Tuesday, we had great fun playing with the Sphero’s. We began a Sphero challenge to code the Sphero’s into moving in different directions and changing colours. We hope to continue this next week.

The class have been developing their understanding of decimals this week and how we can write a decimal as a fraction. We enjoyed talking about mixed numbers and how these looked written in digits, words and a diagram. Next week we are going to move onto adding decimals. For maths we were drawing different angles and next week we will look at compass directions.

Primary 5 started making their spaghetti bridges. The STEM challenge involved making a bridge to carry half a bag of sugar. We have grouped the spaghetti into bundles to make it stronger. We will let you know how we get on next week assessing and testing them.



Primary 5/6 week ending 24th January

We have had a really busy week in Primary 5/6. The Primary 5’s had a great time taking part in the Handball festival at Linlithgow Academy on Tuesday where they were competed against other local schools.

On Wednesday the Primary 5’s listened to a very interesting presentation by Mr Woodhouse about the Forth Bridges. It provided us with lots of information to help us on our trip to the Bridges on Thursday with Mr. Logan and the rest of Primary 5.

In science we planned our spaghetti bridge challenge and next week will be building them.

The Primary 6’s have missed their classmates this week however they have also been very busy with Fame! As the week progressed we had Mrs Bell helping us with some of our songs, Mrs Gordon was teaching us some new dances and we are beginning to look at what is happening on the stage throughout each scene.

We are continuing to look at Decimals and in particular ordering decimals with one and two decimal places. We found this tricky at first but with more practise and exploring different games we are beginning to feel more confident.

In maths we were exploring types of angles and using a protractor to draw angles. We will be reinforcing this next week.

In music we are continuing to learn to play the recorder. We are doing playing and reading from the stave, the notes G,B A  high C. We are then using these playing skills to improvise 4 ”beat fills “ in a simple jazz piece.

Learning through play in the upper school    


Have a good weekend from Primary 5/6, Mrs McVay and Mrs Tulloch

Welcome to Primary 5 week ending 17.1.20

We have had a very busy week in Primary 5/6! We are continuing to explore Scots language and created our own Scots poems about an animal of our choice. We spent time exploring a wide range of vocabulary and using this to create our poems. Mrs McVay hopes that some of us will have the confidence to recite our poems to the rest of the school next week during assembly.

We were introduced to a new maths topic this week and that was decimals. During our lessons we began to look at the place value of decimals up to 3 decimal places. To develop our understanding further we then created diagrams (that looked like chocolate bars) to understand the concepts of tenths and hundredths. Next week the class will focus on ordering and sequencing decimals up to 2 decimal places.

Mrs Tulloch and Mrs Doyle showed us how to measure angles using a protractor. We made a protractor for the classroom door and now we can measure going in and out of class.

As part of our Art lesson this week, we learned about the famous Scottish artist Samuel Peploe. We looked at some of his paintings and discussed how they make us feel and how he used light and dark colours to create still life and landscapes. Using water colours and oil pastels we drew our own representation of one of his paintings called, Rocks. Our pictures have turned out very well!

P6 continue to learn their songs for the school show this week and will hopefully have the words home by the end of the week for them to memorise. P5 have been using this time to learn more about Rabbie Burns and this week created a fantastic collage of his very famous portrait.

As you walk by our classroom window have a look at our new year resolutions for in the school playground. They are there to remind us the importance of playing kindly, showing respect and being inclusive to ensure that everyone has fun during playtime and lunchtime.

In science Primary 5 have been learning about bridges and mad paper bridges. Daniel and Leith’s bridge carried 180g.

Have a lovely weekend,

Primary 5/6

Primary 5/6 week ending


This week we have been learning to use the grid method in times tables to multiply two digit numbers by two digit numbers.  On Monday we did tessellation. After revising which 2d shapes tiled , we used a square or rectangle to then create our own patterns by cut out shapes and sticking then to the opposite side. They worked really well.

On Thursday afternoon we had a visitor called Jody who did Ninja Maths. This involved doing tricks using numbers. He was a real Magician! We hope to use some of the tricks that we were taught with people at home!


We were learning about apostrophes in contractions. We also had to correct sentences with apostrophes. Can’t = can not etc


We were learning about inferring. We looked at a Christmas story called the Mystery Present to do this.


We were learning about electricity and we were predicting whether or not ever day items were conductors. We set up an investigation to find out.


We were using oil pastels, black pencils and paper to create a seasonal calendar. They will be home soon!


For PE we continued Scottish dancing and were practising the Canadian Barn dance, the Grand Old Duke of York, the Gay Gordon and the Dashing White Sergeant.


Some of the P5’s went to the day-care centre in Linlithgow to sing to elderly folks. With Ms Bain we are continuing to learn to play the recorder.

Primary 6 visited the Scottish Parliament on Monday and got to hold artefacts and see round the building. We ad a great visit and learned a lot.

Today we got to hear the infant nativity songs and see their dances . We thought they were amazing.


Sorry we have no photos this week.


From Primary 5/6

Week ending 29th November


For maths we did real life maths where made nets of cuboids. We are making gift boxes for cakes for the Christmas fair. We had to do a lot of measuring to come up with the  best size. we decided not to make lids as we want people to see the cakes. We  did doubling and halfing in numeracy.


We made baubles that had famous landmarks in France. These are going to be hung on the Christmas tree in St Michael’s Church.


We had a debate on climate change and made posters. Primary6 continued to find out about the Scoittish Parliament. Mr Corr is coming to talk to us on Monday about his work there.


We did  Scottish dancing and we played games on Thursday and Wednesday. The P5 had their last session of golf and rugby.

Primary 6 had their Rotakids meeting where Dr Mackenzie told us how well we did with our assembly on Purple for Polio. He would like us to deliver it at a Rotary meeting.

At music we continued with learning how to play the recorder.

In science , we were report writng our investigation into what happens when you add bulbs to a series circuit. We are always very good with the practical activities but the writing is a bit harder……the bulbs get dimmer!

However we are going to try it with parallel circuits in a couple of weeks. Find out how we are going to make electricity from fruit!

by Callum and Rose



22.11.19 Primary 5/6


For maths we were identifiying if a shape has any parallel lines or perpendicular lines.  Also properties of 2D shapes the types of angles.  As well, we also did esti-mysteries and multiplying a one digit numbers by two digit numbers.

As part of our Christmas enterprise we were measuring the sizes we need to make boxes for our decorated Christmas cakes. These will be the measurements fort our nets of cuboids. We do not think our boxes will require lids.


For literacy we were identifying if a text is a opinion or a fact.



The P6 are working on Scottish Opera and Scottish Parliament.

On Monday primary 6 are auditioning for the parts in our musical Fame. Good luck to those who are trying out for parts.

The P5 are working on climate change and global warming. We created posters about people effected by climate change. Katie is holding hers.


For pe we are doing gymnastics and fitness.

Primary 5 have one more week of rugby left.


In music we are learning the recorder we learnt a new note G


In Spanish we were practising the date. hoy es viernes, veintidos noviembre. Adios y tengo un bueno el fin de semana…goodbye and have a good weekend.

By Olivia and Maisie and Katie


week ending 15.11.19

Blog by Aimee and Rose

This week in maths, we were learning  about parallel and perpendicular lines. We were looking at lots of shapes and identifying their properties. We also looked at different triangles , isoceles, equilateral , scalene and right angled. There were lots of words to learn . Mrs Tulloch is going to make us a vocabulary help sheet just like our 3d shape sheet.

In numeracy, we were learning about number patterns and doing real life problems. We had to find the rule for the problems which was quite tricky.

In grammar, we were using speech marks and had to remember the 4 rules,  spoken words in adverted commas, new line when someone speaks, punctuation before the final commas,

Primary 6 continue to learn about the Scottish Parliament and P5 were looking more closely at global issues like global warming. We had to draw a cartoon with a global message.

In PE, we worked with a partner and were keeping fit doing different circuits.

At  music, we learned how to play A and B on the recorder. We have to remember to left hand at the top. We can now read the notes A and B on a treble clef. Primary 6 are also trying really hard to learn Scottish Opera songs and preparing for the auditions for Fame. Good luck everyone!

We had a visitor in science, Mr Kerr, Katie’s dad who spoke to us about his job in renewable enrgy. He was really impressed with our knowledge and we learned a lot about real life wind farms. We forgot to take photos , sorry.

Finally can we thank everyone for the fantastic sum of £285 we raised for Purple for Polio. You have all been very generous.


Week ending 25.10.19 Primary 5/6


For art, we made a tree and coloured it in autumn colours. We drew a tree outline with branches in black pen and then used oil pastel in warm autumn colours. They  are beautiful.



For maths this week we did multipcation in word problems and also for mental maths. We practiced are 3,4,6,7,8 and 9 times table. We have been playing multiplication wars to help with our recall.



For spanish we watched High Five Spanish and practiced conversation.


Our asswmbly is going to be on Purple for Polio, through our Rotakids committee. Dont want to give too much away.

We wrote our scripts and we got in groups and made our slides. Also, we made  posters for the classes and to advertise that we are going to  dress in  purple and bring in £1 for polio eradication.

We worked really hard in music and Ms Bain loved our tunes we wrote.

Primary 5 are working in groups for their social enterprise and have some fabulous ideas. More to follow.

 By Rose and Maisie