week ending 15.11.19

Blog by Aimee and Rose

This week in maths, we were learning  about parallel and perpendicular lines. We were looking at lots of shapes and identifying their properties. We also looked at different triangles , isoceles, equilateral , scalene and right angled. There were lots of words to learn . Mrs Tulloch is going to make us a vocabulary help sheet just like our 3d shape sheet.

In numeracy, we were learning about number patterns and doing real life problems. We had to find the rule for the problems which was quite tricky.

In grammar, we were using speech marks and had to remember the 4 rules,  spoken words in adverted commas, new line when someone speaks, punctuation before the final commas,

Primary 6 continue to learn about the Scottish Parliament and P5 were looking more closely at global issues like global warming. We had to draw a cartoon with a global message.

In PE, we worked with a partner and were keeping fit doing different circuits.

At  music, we learned how to play A and B on the recorder. We have to remember to left hand at the top. We can now read the notes A and B on a treble clef. Primary 6 are also trying really hard to learn Scottish Opera songs and preparing for the auditions for Fame. Good luck everyone!

We had a visitor in science, Mr Kerr, Katie’s dad who spoke to us about his job in renewable enrgy. He was really impressed with our knowledge and we learned a lot about real life wind farms. We forgot to take photos , sorry.

Finally can we thank everyone for the fantastic sum of £285 we raised for Purple for Polio. You have all been very generous.