P4/5 Week commencing 20th May 2019

In Maths we started to look at division, what it means and how to use the written method when solving our problems.  We played a game of “Noggle” to try and make the largest number from the set of numbers that were chosen at random. We also gathered data about the playground and have started to present this information using bar and pie charts.

In grammar this week we looked at similes and have started to use them in our writing.  In writing we wrote a diary entry about the Union Canal Boat Race.

This week we also went on a school trip to the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh.  We went to the education rooms where we took part in an Egyptian artefact handling session.  In the handling room Harrison demonstrated how to remove Mr Ritchie’s brain as part of the mummification process using the special tool! Then we went to explore the new Egyptian gallery that has newly opened.  We watched various recordings and learned a lot about the life of the Egyptians.

In PE this week we played outdoor games and a game of “rounders.” It was very competitive and we all had great fun!

In Reading we continued with our Literacy Circles and had some very good discussions about the work of the different authors.  The “Discussion Director’s” lead their groups very well and asked lots of interesting questions.  We all enjoy taking on the different roles and responsibilities involved within the circle.

We have also started to learn some Spanish.  We can now say some simple greetings and ask a person their name.  In French we have started to learn the names for different parts of our body and played a game of “snakes and ladders” to help us remember the different parts.

In Science this week we made a simple electrical switch out of a sheet of plastic, two drawing pins and a paperclip.  We also started planning the electrical games that we will be making next week.

Mr Ritchie and the “tiggerrific” P4/5’s