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Primary Pupil Council

We had our first pupil council meeting in the primary this week. We welcomed all our new members and they put on their pupil council ties.

dsc03466 dsc03468 dsc03467

They all decorated their folders and we looked at what makes a good pupil council member.

dsc03477 dsc03478 dsc03479 dsc03480


Our pupil council members have a big job list to take back to their classes – we’re already looking forward to hearing everyone’s good ideas at our next meeting.



Image result for star clipartStars of the Week Image result for star clipart

Class 1 : Everyone! dsc00100              Class 2: Jayden    dsc00109 

Class 3: Jordan              dsc00093                      Class 4: Kaitlin    dsc00110

Class 5:  Everyone! dsc00106             Class 6: Nathan    dsc00096

Class 7: Erik       dsc00094                                Class 8:  Zamir   dsc00102

Class 9: Casey   dsc00105