RME – Wednesday 20th January 2021

Martin Luther King Day 2021

Who was Martin Luther King Jr ?

Why does the USA have a special holiday to remember him?

We can learn a bit more about his life by looking at these slides:

Now have a listen to and read the lyrics of this familiar song from the 80s!

(your parents and grandparents will most likely know it!!)


You may have been surprised to find out that Stevie Wonder wrote this song about Martin Luther King. He wanted there to be a holiday to remind people about this special man and his dream and by 1986 he got his wish!

Here are some activities you could try:

Activity A

Make some handprints using coloured paper or paint. Arrange them in a circle and write down/draw some of your own dreams and hopes for yourself or for the world.

Activity B

Draw a cloud shape on some paper and fill it with words or pictures of some dreams or wishes you may have for your family/community or for the world.


Activity C

Use some of the words from the poster above to help you design your own poster about Martin Luther King. Here are some examples:

If you would like to find out more about Martin Luther King and his dreams, you could carry out some research for yourself on your computer.

Here are some websites to visit:

10 facts about Martin Luther King


I hope you enjoyed learning about Martin Luther King.






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