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Language Skills (Secondary)

Good morning everyone,

Below are some activity choices for this week:

Option 1 (daily activity) – Early Level

Lower and uppercase letters

Look over your alphabet list from yesterday and say each sound aloud. Practise reading and writing lowercase letters (a, b, c).

Once you are confident with this, move on to uppercase letters (A, B, C).


Option 2 (week long activity) – First Level and beyond


You are going to create your own diary. First, research some famous dairies, e.g. The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank – google an excerpt to look at the format (how it is laid out).

Now, it’s your turn!

Create your own personal diary and design the front cover which should reflect your personality.

Every day make a diary entry that explains the events and experiences of your day.

The key features of a diary are explained below:

  • describes the places where events happened
  • is written in the past tense
  • talks about the most important events
  • uses some personal pronouns: I, we, my, me
  • talks about feelings
  • uses time conjunctions (e.g. before, next, after) to show when things happened.

Try to think about your choice of words to make your writing more interesting by using adverbs and adjectives.

An adverb – a word that describes a verb (an action or doing word). E.g. I ate (verb) my breakfast slowly (adverb).

An adjective – a word that describes a noun (the name of a thing or place). E.g. I played a fun (adjective) game (noun).


Option 3 (browse the web)

Explore one or more of the following websites to find something of interest and benefit to you:















Good luck!

Laura (Language Teacher)

Tuesday Music with Connie and Gordon 12 January 2021

Welcome to Tuesday Music with Connie and Gordon!

Activities (links below)

  1. Warm up
  2. Karaoke Corner: Sing along to these favourites.
  3. Junk instruments: Make some instruments at home so you can play along with the other music.
  4. Time to move. Play the instruments along to the video or get up and dance. If you like, get a scarf to play with. This week’s classic is A Roller Skating Jam Named Saturdays by De La Soul.
  5. Time to relax. This week we are listening to an orchestral arrangement of a Bulgarian lullaby called Zaspalo e Chelebiiche (Chelebiiche is Sleepy).

Warm Up

Copy the actions to We Will Rock You to get into the mood today.


Karaoke Corner

Here is a selection of favourite karaoke songs for you to enjoy singing at home.

Remember to bring your shakers if you have them and if you would like to a make a simple, fun microphone click on here.

Enjoy the selection today!


Junk Instruments

We’re going to make some musical instruments from things that you might find around the house.

Watch this video to help you think about the different ways to make sounds from household objects:


We can also find things in our recycling that we can use to make instruments. Get help from a grown-up in case there are any sharp objects.

Now watch this video and see what you can do to make an instrument to shake or tap.

What can you find that can make a good noise? Can you make a shaker or a rain stick? Or a type of drum? Ask an adult to help you. Maybe you would like to decorate it as well.

You can then use these instruments any time and also in some of the Music activities. Have fun!


Time to move!

Dance or play along with your instruments to this hiphop classic.

Time to relax

Chill to this piano version of Imagine by John Lennon.