Skills and Knowledge

The class began practising  skills they will require for Sports Day. Balancing a tennis ball on the racket and throwing and catching a rugby ball. While throwing and catching the rugby ball we shouted out the answers to multiplication problems, from a variety of tables, next time we shall practise division.

Showing the answers to our division problems using fans.

We were learning about Scottish and Aztec culture and society this week. It was great to hear what they associated with being Scottish and we compared our hierarchy with that of the Aztecs.

P7 Girls Win Young Engineer Competition

Four P7 pupils entered the local heat of the Young Engineers Competition.  Over a few months under the careful guidance of Mrs Calway a group of pupils built an electric car from wood, cardboard, batteries and wire. They then designed a theme for decorating their car and wrote a detailed report on their planning and design.

Lewis, Lucas,  Samantha and Emily went to St Modan’s to test their car against five other teams from neighbouring schools. The cars were tested to see if they could run in a straight line and get up various gradients on a ramp. They were also questioned in depth about their designs.

Samantha and Emily won best design and best car overall! Congratulations on a well deserved win girls and to the boys who also made us proud.


The pupils in P7 studied the work of Graffiti artist Banksy. They learned  that Banksy uses his work to send out powerful messages which convey his views on important issues.

After learning about Banksy and looking at his work to identify the messages he was trying to convey, the pupils then took part in a debate about whether Banksy’s work is art or vandalism.  They used their talking and listening skills and used evidence to justify their opinions. The outcome was that most of the class believed Banksy’s work to be art.

The class then used their art skills to create their own work in the style of Banksy. Take a look below and tell us what you think.