P6M ‘I’m Ghana Share a Book’

P6M and Miss McCabe would like to thank everyone for their generosity donating books to make our World Book Day fundraiser so successful. An immense 1437 books were donated and an even more whopping £490 was raised over the 2 day event.

This event showed the true meaning of world book day as we shared reading and books around the world, all the way over to Ghana.

A massive well done to the boys and girls in P6 for their hard work in putting the entire event together.


Back to Normal

Now we are back in school full time the children have been working hard as usual.

The class have been calculating amounts of money using coins and matching amounts of money written in a variety of ways; £1.25, one pound twenty five, 125p.

Mr Grant was in to continue our experiments on recording heart rate. Having looked at ways to eliminate error, when using the sensor, the children came up with some super ideas. The photographs show one of the ways; place your hand on a table and place a finger on top of the sensor.


P5/6 Made Carbon Dioxide

P5/6 A made carbon Dioxide today.

In groups we measured vinegar into a bottle and placed baking soda into a balloon. We then placed the balloon carefully onto the top of the bottle. When we tipped the powder into the vinegar, it fizzed rapidly, and made CO2. The balloon inflated and we measured it’s circumference.

We then filled another balloon with a similar amount of air and dropped them both from a height. Mrs Abraham helped us up one at a time in each group to test our balloons.

We found out which gas was heavier, carbon dioxide or air, what do you think?

A Catch up with P5C!

We have been working hard and doing lots of fun activities.

We enjoy reading with our P1 reading buddies.











We loved practising our Think Dance and then performing at the MacRobert.










We enjoyed buying books at the Ghana fundraising book sale.

St. Mary’s Theme Park

As part of our Disney project each animation group is going to design a theme park ride. The ride your group will design shall relate to the animation film you are currently filming e.g. Star Wars, Harry Potter etc. On a blank sheet of A4 paper, or in your homework jotter, draw a draft design of you ride. Give it a title, the age range/height it is appropriate for, how the ride works, how long it lasts and the price you will charge people. Add more information if you want as we prepare to design our own theme park. You can base your design on all the fun things you would like to do at a theme park or have experienced. Have fun!

World Book Day

Normally we celebrate World Book Day by dressing up as a character from a book and we look for photographs to be handed in that show unusual places to be ‘caught reading’.

If you are dressing up today at home, as a character from a book, take a photograph and try and find an unusual place to read your book!

I know P4/5K have Dr Seuss costumes they could wear again; have a fun day whatever you do.