Titanic Drama!

P5/6 A   had a dramatic afternoon based around their topic theme of, ” Titanic,” they depicted a number of scenarios from the ship.

Can you guess…

Who were:

the staff?

the first class passengers

the cooks

the waiters

the engineers

the cleaners?

Who enacted…..

The impact of the Titanic hitting the iceberg

Getting into the lifeboats

Sitting down to dinner in first class

leaving Southampton???





Cardio to Music

On Wednesday morning P5, P6 and P7 children were offered the opportunity to take part in a Cardio to Music exercise class that I ran in school from 8.30 until 9.00. The feedback was very positive and I look forward to seeing how many children will join us this Wednesday. These 2 taster sessions will determine if I shall continue this style of class after the Easter Holidays. Why not try it out?

P6M Improvised Drama

We have been learning the meaning and use of improvised Drama in class. The children are put on the spot in the role of a character in a variety of different scenarios whilst the audience watch the story unfold.

This week, we used our topic, the Titanjc as our stimulus and we watched very harrowing situations as characters boarded lifeboats.


P5/6A and P6 School Trip

P5/6A and P6 had a wonderful trip this week to, “The Tall Ship, ” in Glasgow.

Firstly a huge thank you to those parents who came along to help, you were  fantastic.

We had two workshops one where we learned to be archaeologists and locate artefacts correctly, and then we guessed what some of the objects were and lastly sorted which were real, over 100 years old , and which were fakes. Can you tell from the photographs?

We then had a super workshop where we learned about, ” Morse Code,” from two retired Merchant Seamen, who were really interesting to listen to and let us try Morse Code ourselves.

I hope you enjoy our photos as much as we enjoyed our day!

P5/6A Super Lesson By Khayla

Khayla prepared a

n excellent lesson based on the Titanic. The class used biscuits and icing to recreate their own boats.

They were wonderful to make and even nicer to eat afterwards!