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We need your help!

We are currently updating our Curriculum Rationale and really need your input!

What is a Curriculum Rationale?

When a school has a rationale for its curriculum, it means taht everyone involved in the school can answer the questions ‘What is it we want for these children?’ and ‘What are we going to do to achieve it?’

(Education Scotland)

We will post a question a day for the next few days and we would really appreciate you taking the time to add your views and ideas.

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Sports Day

Thank you Mrs J Smith for another fantastic Sports Day!  Mrs Smith puts in a huge amount of work to ensure a very smoothly run day!

It was great to see the bairns enjoy a day at the pitch, cheering and encouraging each other.  So many happy, smiling faces – it was great to see!  Even the odd spot of rain and the slightly breezy conditions didn’t dampen their enthusiasm.

Every year I am so impressed by the bairns – they all try their best and for some of them I know it is not easy!  Still, they give things a go and everyone supports them.  This is seen most in the Round the Pitch race where everyone finishes – a special well done to Ms Scanlan!

Thanks to Ruth and Michelle for being star parent helpers today – we missed you Charlotte!  Thanks to all the spectators, the staff and most importantly the bairns for exceeding expectations once again!

One pupil did say that the best bit was the lunch in the hall – really good food and you got loads!  Thanks to our canteen ladies!

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