South Mainland Virtual Sports Day

I hope you are all getting excited about our annual sports day? Please click on the GREEN – South Mainland Virtual Sports Day. There is nothing to stop us from enjoying this annual event. We can do this. The  focus will be on FUN and involving as many of the FAMILY as possible.

All we need is:-

1 A fine day  (picked by the children)                                                                        2 An organiser (children’s responsibility);                                                          3  Equipment (children’s responsibility);                                                              4  Picnic Food (children’s responsibility)                                                                5 Music (picked and set up by the children)

The Powerpoint Presentation in GREEN above, shows your children how to host their own sports day so that you, the adults, can sit back and watch them and RELAX. After they have finished their 10 selected events, the children then prepare a PICNIC for you and them to ENJOY whilst relaxing music is playing in the back ground. It’s not finished yet, then children organise an obstacle course for anybody to join in safely. Adapt the course for different ages and abilites and strengths. Last of all, the children CREATE their own race / event and adapt it so everyone can join in, adapting it where necessary.

There will be a certificate for all who took part including family. There will be certificates for the funniest  photos, happiest group, best obstacle course, best event created and BEST PICNIC. Please send to me on

Guess who has to tidy up? Yes you are right, the children have to tidy up the equipment and the picnic. There is one last important part to be done:-

Fill in the SCORE SHEET and the REFLECTION SHEET in your child’s Class Notebook in the HWB pupil section in TEAMS.

I am looking forward to seeing and hearing all about the sports days that took place and the memories created.

Thank you for reading this, Mrs Joan Smith PE Teacher