Welcome Back

Welcome to Term 2!

It is lovely to see the bairns and staff back in school after what I hope has been a relaxing break for everyone.

We are still following the covid-19 procedures and protocols shared with you last term. The letter can be found here .  If there are any changes or relaxation of restrictions we will inform you as soon as possible.

Please be vigilant about symptoms of covid-19. If your child or any family member displays symptoms you must isolate and book a test.

I am really proud of how well the bairns and staff have adapted to these changes to keep everyone as safe as we can. We really couldn’t ask for more!

Meet the new Junior Road Safety Officers!

This year’s Junior Road Safety Officers are Hannah,  Ava,  Anders and Magnus.

This year I’m hoping to be a good example for the younger ones.  Anders.

This year I am looking forward to learning more about road safety. Magnus.

I’m looking forward to communicating with you all over glow.  Hannah.

I’m looking forward to working together in a group and seeing the ideas we will come up with.  Ava

Here we are with Elaine Skinley, the Road Safety Officer.

Our team got straight to work counting out how many reflectors were needed for each Primary class.  They will be quarantined until next week before being given out.  We hope they help to keep you safe on the darker nights!

Look out for more JRSO posts in the future!







Early Help team

Covid-19 has had a huge impact on children and families across the world.

The Early Help Team in Shetland are offering support to families in a variety of ways.

Please read the information and get in touch with us at school or the Early Help Team in the information provided.

We are keen to do all we can to support our families at this challenging time.