The Class Hampers are all filling up very nicely. Donations are still welcome until the 4th December.

The order form will be emailed out today. It is £1 per entry. You can enter as many times as you want for each hamper, we will add your entries to a random generator to select the winner.

Nursery’s Christmas Hamper has lovely festive treats inside.

P1/2’s Food Hamper is looking good!

Lots of fun things to do in the P2/3 Activities Hamper.

The Sweet Treats Hamper has lots on offer.

All set for a Cosy Night in if you win this hamper from P5/6

Some good ideas for Stress Relief from P7.

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No Need To Speed

This week is Road Safety Week (16th-22nd). The theme this year is “No Need to Speed.”

The JRSOs have made a PowerPoint with some challenges to promote Road Safety and this has been sent to all classes to view with their teachers.  You can watch it here too and use the links listed below to complete some of the challenges.

Look out for sheets coming home later today! There will be an information sheet for parents and a challenge sheet for pupils.

Thank you, and we look forward to seeing any photos of what you have been up to.

Anders, Ava, Hannah and Magnus

Challenge 1 –

Traffic Light Biscuits.

Challenge 5 –

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South Mainland Learning and Wellbeing Partnership – Survey

The South Mainland Learning and Wellbeing Partnership is a group of different services within the Shetland Islands Council, NHS and third sector organisations, who come together to gather information, identify current key issues, share this information with relevant partners and develop some learning opportunities.   We would really appreciate it if you could take a few minutes to complete the survey below – the information you supply will help us to get a better picture of what families need/want both looking ahead and at this time. The information received will be collated and the results shared with partnership members.

The closing date for the survey is Friday 20th November.


Dunrossness School area



Paper copies are also available, if required.


Your support is much appreciated.


Thank you


Denise Nicolson

Face coverings update

Please see the latest guidance on the use of face coverings in school.

 Complying with physical distancing advice continues to be very important and requires regular reinforcement.

 At Levels 0-2 face coverings should be worn by adults where they cannot keep two metres from other adults and / or children and young people across primary and secondary (but with ELC models permitted for early stage, P1-2, as before).

The “sustained period” 15-minute caveat no longer applies.

 At Levels 3-4 face coverings should also be worn by adults and young people in classrooms in senior phase.

 At all Levels face coverings should be used by adults when not working directly with children, for example when moving around settings or when in staff rooms, administrative areas or canteens across all school settings.

 Face coverings should be worn by parents and other visitors to the school site (whether entering the building or otherwise), including parents at drop-off and pick-up.

 Classroom assistants and those supporting children with Additional Support Needs who routinely have to work within two metres of children and young people should wear face coverings as a general rule. However, the use of opaque face coverings should be balanced with the wellbeing and needs of the young person –
appropriate use of transparent face coverings may help in these circumstances.