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JRSO Competition Results

The results are in!

Here are the winning designs from the recent JRSO competition to design a t-shirt which would be clearly seen by traffic during the day.

P1- Greg

P2 – Lauren

P3 – Jasmin

P4 – Scott

P5 – Georgia

P6 – Fiona

P7 – Kayla

The group were amazed by all of the super designs, but decided that out of all of the entries, they would award Kayla Smith in P6 as the overall winner!  Here they are with their designs.


Thank you to everyone who took part in their recent Road Safety activities!

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JRSO Activities

Next week, please look out for the final activities that have been prepared by our Junior Road Safety Officers.  The theme is being bright and visible during the daytime.   See details along with each photo below. There will be a prize for the brightest, most visible T-shirt design from each class! Entries to your class teacher by 21st June so our JRSOs can judge them before the holidays.  🚗

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JRSO Stripes for 6 Success!

Thank you to everyone who took part in the Stripes for 6 challenges. We have counted everybody who entered and there was a total of 30 students that did enter, to our knowledge. Ms Henderson is going to donate £75 to the Brake Road Safety Charity which is enough to pay for 10 nursery schools to receive Brake Charity resources. This will help teach life-saving road safety skills to children under the age of 5! Post written by Magnus,Hannah & Anders

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No Need To Speed

This week is Road Safety Week (16th-22nd). The theme this year is “No Need to Speed.”

The JRSOs have made a PowerPoint with some challenges to promote Road Safety and this has been sent to all classes to view with their teachers.  You can watch it here too and use the links listed below to complete some of the challenges.

Look out for sheets coming home later today! There will be an information sheet for parents and a challenge sheet for pupils.

Thank you, and we look forward to seeing any photos of what you have been up to.

Anders, Ava, Hannah and Magnus

Challenge 1 –

Traffic Light Biscuits.

Challenge 5 –

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Meet the new Junior Road Safety Officers!

This year’s Junior Road Safety Officers are Hannah,  Ava,  Anders and Magnus.

This year I’m hoping to be a good example for the younger ones.  Anders.

This year I am looking forward to learning more about road safety. Magnus.

I’m looking forward to communicating with you all over glow.  Hannah.

I’m looking forward to working together in a group and seeing the ideas we will come up with.  Ava

Here we are with Elaine Skinley, the Road Safety Officer.

Our team got straight to work counting out how many reflectors were needed for each Primary class.  They will be quarantined until next week before being given out.  We hope they help to keep you safe on the darker nights!

Look out for more JRSO posts in the future!







JRSO Winter Road Safety Assembly

Our Junior Road Safety Officers (JRSOs) are Hannah, Becca, Cole and Drew.  They are leaders of learning about road safety across the school.

With only a week to prepare they presented an excellent assembly on the 23rd November, in Road Safety Week.  Not only did they demonstrate excellent knowledge, they also showed impressive digital literacy and presentation skills.  Very well done to all!


This is very good advice, whether walking on riding a bicycle as it is hard for car drivers to see pedestrians or cyclists in the dark.

They have launched competitions for Nursery, P1-3 and P4-7.

Elaine Skinley also spoke about cycle safety in the assembly and information sheets will follow.  Helmet safety and cycle checks have been the focus of road safety week this year.

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Road Safety with the JRSO’s

On Outdoor Education Day, P1/2 were helped to prepare for their upcoming traffic and road safety assembly with the help of the JRSO’s (Junior Road Safety Officers).  P1/2 have been learning about how they can make themselves more easily seen by cars now that the light nights are here and have be learning about how to cross the road safely.  It was great to be able to work alongside the older pupils in the school and to get outside and practise what we’ve learned in class in a real, outdoor setting.

JRSO assembly and winter road safety

Our Junior Road Safety Officers (JRSOs) and PC Chris Hardwick led an assembly on winter road safety.  Their key messages were:

  • Wear bright clothes
  • Wear a high vis vest, reflectors or armbands
  • Use a torch to help you see where you are going and this makes it easier for cars to see you
  • Wear warm clothing
  • Walk on the right side of the road
  • If you are riding a bicycle make sure you have lights

PC Hardwick made sure that everyone had understood by asking questions.  Some lucky pupils won a torch as a prize.  Everyone got a pencil for listening so well.  We also had a visit from Abby and Isla from Specsavers who gave out some high vis vests.






It was also National Kindness Day!  Mr Peter Haviland was visiting and he gave Ms Henderson a sweet he had been given at the airport to celebrate National Kindness Day and she decided to pay this forward by giving it to the person sitting in row 7, seat 8!  

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