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Lucky Dip, #supersentencestackers, Jane Considine’s lesson

Technical problems this morning meant that the live stream didn’t happen, so here is the recorded lesson for Lucky Dip.

Jane’s “lenses” for this lesson are checking (sound), the passive voice and using adverbs.

Have a go and don’t worry about anything other than using the FANTASTIC’s.

Primary 3 Daily Tasks 26/03/20

Good Morning Primary 3!

How are we all today? I hope we are continuing to smile and have fun at home. Here are your tasks for today. Try to work through them as best as you can and I look forwards to seeing all the great work you are doing.

Thursday 26th

Task 1 – Mental maths (20-30mins)

Complete the 10 mental maths questions attached

Task 2 – division

Then complete the maths division sheet attached, complete this in your jotter. Check out our Google Classroom for a video that will help explain some of the strategies you can use to solve a division sum.


After break

Task 3 – Mindfulness 10 mins

For mindfulness play with something like playdo, lego or something you find relaxing.

Task 4 – Grammar (20 – 30mins)

Complete the grammar sheet attached below. It is the worksheet in your pack which is on the back of the spelling sheet you did earlier in the week. The sheet focusses on adjectives. Remember that an adjective is a describing word. Imagine that you are describing an alien. Think of an adjective to describe its head, body and feet and then draw a picture. You can use more than one adjective if you want.

Task 5 – Comprehension (40 mins)

Read chapter 12 of George’s Marvellous Medicine. The chapter is called Marvellous Medicine number 2. Check out our Google Classroom for a  video of me reading the chapter if you would prefer. Complete the comprehension sheet attached (remember it is double sided). This also focusses on adjectives. Remember an adjective is a describing word and a noun is a naming word. Complete the table separating the words into nouns and adjectives, then fill in the missing words in the story. You can complete it on the sheet or in your jotter


After lunch

Task 6 – Spelling Activities (40 mins)

Suggested spelling activities:

Baseball spelling (using a whiteboard) – 4 bases and take turns asking each other to spell a word

Hangman (using a whiteboard)

Lego or playdo spelling (you can use both if you have both) – Spell out your words

Jumbled up words – mix up your spelling words for a partner to figure out what the word is.

Play one or more of the spelling games with someone at home.

Task 7 – Topic (40 mins)

Continue with your poster on The Romans. Remember to include everything you know about The Romans. If you are using google to search for information remember to use swiggle as your search engine.

Keep up the hard work Primary 3! I am proud of all that you have managed to do.

Mr Reid


Primary 3 Daily tasks 25/03/20

Good Morning,

Here are your tasks for today. Remember to let me know how you are getting on with them.

Task 1 – Well being Wednesday (20 mins)

As your starter today, have a drink and a biscuit with someone in the house. Like we do every Wednesday, talk to them about how you are feeling today and why and then ask them to do the same. Take the time to talk to one another. Once you have shared your emotions just have a chat about whatever you like. Maybe give each other a compliment or something you want to achieve today.

Task 2 – Writing (1hour)

Recently we have been doing a lot of writing about the Blue Umbrella. Now it is time for some independent writing. I have attached a picture of a writing card and on it, it gives a topic I would like you to write about today. I want you to write a story about being lost. Use your imagination, where could you be lost? A forest, in a park, in a house or in a school, or can you think of another place you could be lost? What happens at the start of your story? Remeber to set the scene, where are you? Who are the characters in your story? Remember to use the Fantastics, i’ll attach these to remind you. Then what happens in the middle of your story? Remember this is where the main event takes place. Then think about what happens at the end of your story.

Break Time

After break

Task 3 – Mindfulness (20 mins)

Tke time to do some mindfulness colouring. Take time on you own, focusiing on slow breathing and drawing whatever you want. Then discuss what you have drawn with someone at home.

Task 4 – RE

Sunday was the 4th Sunday of Lent and the Gospel reading was John 9:1-41. Watch the Bible story: Jesus heals the Blind man:

Think about this Bible story.
How do you think the blind man felt when he was healed?
How do you think he feels towards Jesus?
What does this tell us about Jesus?
You can discuss these questions with someone if you wish.

I then want you to complete the RE worksheet attached about the ‘Our Father.’ You need to fill in the missing words of the prayer and then take the time to pray the ‘Our Father’ either on your own or with people at home.

Finally, i want you to complete the sheet ‘Sharing God’s Love.’ Think about the different ways that we can share God’s love and show God’s love.


After lunch

Task 5 – Mindfulness (15 mins)

I have attached a link to a yoga video which you can do at home.

Task 6 – Science

I have attached 2 worksheets, one you have done but I want you do as revsion and the other is a true or false game. For the first sheet look at where the arrows are pointing and read the explanaition and then pick the organ you think it is. For the second sheet, read each of the statements and select whether the sentence is true or false.
Then if you can I want you to use the merge cube in your packs (you may need to cut this out and make it into a cube), the download the Mr Body app for merge cube and learn more about the human body. You can then see what other apps you can get fo rmerge cube.
I have attached a picture of a merge cube so that you know what it looks like in you packs

Task 7 & 8

This is slightly different, I want you to spend some family time. This could be playing a game with someone at home, helping doing some work around the house, helping with some cooking or baking or spend the time reading together. Basically I just want you to spend some time having fun with your family.

I hope you all have a great day today

Mr Reid

Primary 3 Daily Task 24/03/20

Good Morning Primary 3,

Hope you all had a good day yesterday and are ready to continue your learning journey today. Here are your tasks for today:

timetable tuesday

Task 1 – ERIC time (20-30mins)

Spend 20 – 30 minutes reading a book of your choice. It can be any book that interests you and try to spend the time quietly reading or if you would prefer you could read your story to someone at home.

Task 2 – P.E.

I have attached a could of links of workouts you could be doing at home for P.E. feel free to do these or ones of your own and try to spend some time outside if you can.

Take a break

After break

Mindfulness (10 mins) – Close your eyes and focus on your breathing

Task 3 – Mental maths (20 – 40 mins)

Spend 5 minutes counting with someone at home. Try counting in 2’s, 3’s, 5’s and any other number you want to try. Then try to complete the worksheet called crack the code attached

Task 4 – Maths

Once you have done your mental maths, I have attached a shape revision sheet. Please read the question and answer them the best you can.


After lunch

Mindfulness (10 MIns) – Try doing some movement, finish the yoga video from yesterday

Task 5 – Health and wellbeing (40 mins)

Attached is a picture I would like you to complete. Have a discussion with someone at home about you see and what you could draw. Could it represent something? Do you see different things?

Task 6 – Topic (40 mins)

Create a poster about what you have learned about The Romans. Try to include everything we have learned about it, you could this through pictures or writing. It does not need to be completed today as I am giving you 2 weeks to complete this. Try to create a big colourful poster and then upload it when it is finished. REMEMBER IT DOES NOT NEED TO BE FINISHED TODAY

I hope you manage to complete the tasks, if you have any questions please let me know

Keep smiling and having fun

Mr Reid

Daily Tasks Primary 3 23.03.20

Good Morning Primary 3,

I hope you all had a great weekend and you are looking forward to starting your learning journey at home. Remember I will be putting up daily tasks on the blog and on our Google Classroom. You can upload any work on our class drive so I can see what you have been doing. You can also contact me through Google Classroom or by emailing me. Below are the tasks for today:

morning monday 23rd

Task 1 –

In your jotter complete your news writing. Remember you can write what you have done over the weekend or simply spend the time to write a story. (20 – 30 mins)

Task 2 –

Today I would like you spend time on (the link is attached). Finish course b including the challenge tasks and then start course c (1hour)

After break:

after break monday 23rd

Task 3 – Mindfulness

After you have a break, have some mindfulness time. I suggest you spend 10 minutes drawing whatever is in your head. Close your eyes, use any colour of pencil and just draw. Remember to always focus on slow breathing.

Task 4 – Reading

I would like you to do the comprehension sheets from chapter 10 ‘A crane for grandma’ and for chapter 11 ‘Mr Kranky’s great idea’ sheets are in your pack that I gave out. I have also attached pictures. Use the book to help you with the answers, we read both chapters last week

Remember to upload any of your work on either the class drive or on seesaw so that i can see all the hard work you are doing

After lunch:

afternoon monday 23rd

Mindfulness – Yoga

Task 1 – Spelling (30 – 40 mins)

Your spelling words for this week are:

Your sound is wa but sounds like wo

complete you spelling sheet (in your pack) I have also attached a picture

Task 2 – Mental Maths (30 – 40 mins)

I have attached a table of mild, hot and spicy maths challenges. Select the one you want to do, work out the answer and show your working

Remember to upload any work you complete either on our class drive or on seesaw

I hope you all have a great day today, remember to keep smiling

Mr Reid

Home learning information for Primary 3.

Hello Everyone,

Today we begin a new way of learning as we take the first steps on our home learning journey.  The children have worked hard to make sure they are ready to access everything that they need to learn from home. If you need a little reminder the link below will provide you with all of the information your child will need to access their daily tasks and to contact their teacher.

Homepack guidance Mr Reid