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Parent Information – Emotion Works

Helping your child cope with their emotions at home

At St. Fergus’ Primary, we adopt a whole school approach to emotions awareness and regulation called Emotion Works. Your child/children have had lots of input on this and should be aware of each cog and what it means.

Emotion Works helps your child to understand why they feel particular emotions and be able to relate these emotions to a trigger (cause) and find a way to calm down and self-regulate. Expectedly, with the current ongoing situation, everyone will be feeling a range of emotions on a daily basis. We hope this flier will be useful to you in helping to keep your child/children calm in what is an uncertain and strange time for us all. It will also promote positive continuity and a recognisable vocabulary since this is what we promote in St. Fergus’.

Please click on the link below for further information.

Parent Information Leaflet- Emotion Works


Family Learning Events Evaluation

On Tuesday at Parent’s Night, our Head and Depute boys and girls will be asking you for your views on or Family Learning Events. Please take time to complete the online evaluation with them. We are always trying to gather your views to help us plan for future events. Please see below for the QR Code and Web link.

World Book Day!

We have had a very busy World Book Day. This morning we went to see the library monitors who let us pick from a choice of 3 books and…. we get to keep them! After break, we joined up with Primary 2 and we got to listen to either Never Tickle a Tiger or The Dinosaur that Pooped the Princess. We then completed lots of fun tasks about these books. This afternoon, we visited Primary 7 and they read us The Hungry Caterpillar. We then worked together on a range of stations that they had created, such as colouring, a quiz and fruit tasting. We have had a wonderful day.

I liked guessing the fruit with P7. -Rachel

I thought the dinosaur story was so funny. -Arturo

I want to read my book.- Ula


Happy Pancake Day!

Today we celebrated Pancake Day. We watched a video all about how to make a pancake and we were able to list the ingredients. We worked together as a class to come up with the first two steps in the recipe and then finished the task independently. Just before home time, we joined together with Primary 2 and we even got to eat a pancake.

Rachel- This is yummy.

Chanel- I love jam.

Arturo- I’d love to flip a pancake.

Olivia- It’s like in Miss P’s song.


This morning  we had a very special visitor in primary 2. Jack taught us some Judo 🥋. He also taught us to say some words in Japanese as Judo comes from Japan  🇯🇵 .


Shae – I was excited to help Jack with some Judo moves.

Shae – It felt like I was doing a cartwheel.


Jackson – Judo is super fun.

Scottish Open Morning

Today we had our Scottish Open Morning and it was a huge success. We invited out families into our classroom and it was a fantastic turn out. We visited a range of Scottish themed work stations such as tartan making and Scottish food tasting. We then moved into the hall and performed our Scottish dance and songs. The feedback was excellent.

We are making the Scottish flag. -Lilymay

I can hear bagpipes. -Robbie

I tried Scottish food. -Ella

I didn’t like salmon. – Caiden

I did a jigsaw. -Ula

I’m making tartan. -Aleksander

We are proud of Scotland!

On Tuesday the 29th of January at 9:15 am, Primary 1 and Primary 2 will be hosting an open morning for parents. Our focus will be on Scotland. We have been learning about Scotland and what makes Scotland special and unique. We have learned Scottish songs and dances which we will be showcasing. We hope to see you there but here is a sneak peek.