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Active Schools Social Media Information

We are encouraging all St. Fergus’ families to follow Renfrewshire Leisure Sports Services social media platforms. Together we aim to support all of our young people and families to remain active during this challenging time. Sport Services will be posting resources, local campaigns, virtual sport/physical activity sessions and lots more on our social media channels below. Please like/follow the platforms to help us get Renfrewshire families, more active, more often.


Twitter: @RLSportServices


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Primary 1/2 Tuesday Tasks.

Good morning Primary 1/2, today is Tuesday and as usual it’s Mrs Coyle covering the class. I hope you all had a good day yesterday, the first day of a new week can be a challenge for us all! Lets start this morning with St Fergus’ School Prayer;

Today we have the usual four tasks; maths, grammar, health and wellbeing and technology, however I’ve  changed how I want you to approach tasks today, watch my video on seesaw to understand what to choose.

Click on the link below to see whats organised for today and hopefully I will get to see as many of your happy faces as can manage to join our Google meet today at 2pm.

Home Learning Plan3

Have a fantastic day today and if you get stuck, don’t sit saying, “I don’t know what to do!”, message me or send an email, thats why I’m here!!

Mrs Coyle

Home Learning Tasks Primary 1/2

Good Morning Primary 1/2, your home learning tasks for today are linked below. You have been working really hard over the past few weeks and Mrs McDonald is very proud of you all.

Remember you can contact me any time throughout the day, just send me a message on Seesaw or an email through your glow,

If you are able to join a Google meet today at 2pm it would be great to see you all to talk through any problems you have had with tasks.

This morning I would like you to start the morning with St Fergus’ school prayer.

Home Learning Plan P1 26.1.21

Have a great day and I’ll see you later at 2pm.

Mrs Coyle

Primary 1/2 Home Learning – Wednesday 13th January.

Good morning everyone, here are your tasks. Today we will have Literacy, Numeracy, Music and
Health & Wellbeing.
Music and Health & Wellbeing are whole class lessons where you all do the same activities. Your
main tasks for Literacy and Numeracy are guided by your groups so please check which activity your
group should complete.
Remember to take regular breaks in between your tasks where you can play for a little while, have a
snack, spend time outside or help around the house.
If you have any questions about the tasks then please send me a message on Seesaw or an email to
I will be in the school hub today but will check in on Seesaw throughout the day to look at your
work. Your home learning packs can be collected from school for anyone who hasn’t did this yet.

Morning Prayer
Let’s begin our day with St Fergus’ Prayer.



Remember to have a break in between your tasks

Task 1 – Everybody
Spend around 15 mins practicing your counting using the videos below. They are familiar to
you as we use them in class.
Counting by 2’s
Counting by 5’s
Counting by 10’s

Counting to 30
Counting to 100

Task 2 – Look for your group to see which task you should complete.

Stars & Squares
Can you remember the days of the week song? Have a listen and join in.

Today we are going to be learning about the months of the year. Click the link below to find our

Try ordering the months of the year. Click on the link to play an online game or you could make your
own months of the year flashcards and try putting them into the correct order on your own.

Pentagons, Rectangles, Circles, Triangles
Time – o’clock and half past
Today we will be revising o’clock and looking at half past the hour. Watch the video and then
complete the questions on the worksheet. 2 – Look for your group to see which task you should complete.

Stars & Squares
Can you remember the days of the week song? Have a listen and join in.

Today we are going to be learning about the months of the year. Click the link below to find our

Try ordering the months of the year. Click on the link to play an online game or you could make your
own months of the year flashcards and try putting them into the correct order on your own.

Pentagons, Rectangles, Circles, Triangles
Time – o’clock and half past
Today we will be revising o’clock and looking at half past the hour. Watch the video and then
complete the questions on the worksheet.

This is also a game if you feel you need more practice.

Task 3 – Everybody
Log in to sumdog and spend 15 mins working through your questions. We will be using sumdog lots
over the next few weeks and when you return to school. If you have any problems logging in, then
let me know.

Literacy –

Remember to have a break in between your tasks
Task 1 – Look for your group to see which videos you should watch

Apples & Bananas
Spend around 15 mins practising your phonics and tricky words.
Phonics song
Tricky word songs

Grapes, Strawberries, Oranges, Kiwis
Phonics song
Tricky word songs

Task 2 – Everybody
Today I will be reading you a story and finding out your thoughts on the story, however before we
start, I would like you to look at this picture. This is the book I will be reading which is called A
Monster Surprise. Could you predict what you think this story is going to be about using the front
cover and the name of the book. Take a little video of what you think and put it onto Seesaw for me.

Now you have made your predictions I would like you to go onto Seesaw to access the video of me
reading the story. Once you have listened, I would like you to use the 3 sharings and tell me;
something you liked or disliked about the story, something that puzzled you about it and something
that made a connection perhaps of something you have seen or read elsewhere. Take a little video
and put it onto Seesaw.

Task 3 – Everybody
I would like you to log into reading eggs and spend 15 mins working through your lessons on there.

This month we will be focusing on Scotland, its history, people, artists and music. Today we will be
looking at a Scottish song. Click on the link below and listen to the song once, then play it again and
try to join in. You may already know this song but if you don’t please do not worry, I am sure you
will learn the first two verses very quickly.

Some of the words in the song might sound funny to you.
In what language is the lady singing the song?
What do you think the song is about?
You can write down some of the words and what you think they mean, or you can take a little video
telling me your thoughts and upload it to Seesaw. I would also love to see any videos of you singing

Health & Wellbeing
Wednesday is our PE day so today you can join in with Joe Wicks. Use the link below to find
Wednesday’s workout. Remember to drink lots of water whilst you are exercising

Good Morning and Happy New Year to P1/2.

Good morning boys and girls, I hope you all had a lovely break and hopefully this lockdown won’t go on for too long.

We have a busy day ahead with a numeracy, literacy, health and wellbeing  and a technology task, which should get you all online with glow.

It looks like a lot of work, but don’t worry, you don’t have to complete it all! Try to complete the main activity but the other activities are there to ensure you have a variety of things to do, try it all or just what you can manage.

Follow the information below and remember that I am only just a message away and will be posting short clips throughout the day and at 2pm we may even have the opportunity to all meet together. I was with P6 yesterday and they loved their meeting so much, they plan to meet every day!

Online Learning Plan – Primary 1/2 – Tuesday 12th January 2021

Morning Prayer

Can we start the morning with our prayer to St Fergus?


Our first task this morning is Numeracy

Today we have four activities for our numeracy lesson. Only the main task is compulsory, the other tasks simply take the form of a class lesson and are to ensure enough variety for pupils.

Activity 1 – Warm-up

With all Numeracy tasks we should warm up our brains with an active task;

Stars and Squares

Pentagons, Rectangles, Circles and Triangles


Activity 2 – Mental warm-up

Stars and Squares

Pentagons, Rectangles, Circles and Triangles.

This activity should be verbal with a parent / carer calling out the questions and the pupils offering the answer.

Zeta Maths Mental maths activity – use exercise 1 as a practice, then exercise 2 as a task.


Activity 3 – Main Task

Addition to 10 / 20 using a number line.

L.I. – We are learning to add numbers to make 10 / 20.

We are learning to problem solve by finding the missing number.


S.C. – I can place a number on a number line.

I can “jump” several spaces on a number line.

I can find a missing number in a number sentence.


Start the activity by drawing out a number line to 10 / 20; starting at 0, finishing with 10 / 20 and filling in the missing numbers. The number line strategy is to choose the largest number, position it on the line then jump on the second number to find the answer.

The Challenge Questions are testing your problem-solving skills by finding the missing number.

So in a number sentence like; 15 + ? = 20, the 15 is positioned on the number line and then you jump on to 20, counting the number of jumps and that number is the answer.

Using your number line find the answer to the following questions; there is no need to write the whole number sentence, just the answers.

Stars and Squares

Pentagons (Challenge Questions), Rectangles, Circles and Triangles

  1. 5 + 4 = 2. 11 + 6 = 3. 9 + 7 =                4. 8 + 3 =
  2. 15 + 4 = 6. 9 + 9 = 7. 8 + 7 =                8. 13 + 6 =
  3. 18 + 1 = 10. 17 + 3 =

Challenge Questions

  1. 12 + ? = 20      2. 18 + ? = 20       3. 13 + ? = 20           4. 15 + ? = 20
  2. ? + 10 = 20     6. ? + 15 = 20

Activity 4 – Robot Addition

To finish off numeracy, a quick 5 min game of robot addition, setting the target at which ever level they choose.

After all that maths, a snack and a song (if you can bear it!) will have them ready for the next task;

Task 2 is Literacy

Activity 1 – the Alphabet Song – All groups.

Can the pupils recall the vowel sounds?

The Long and Short vowel song.

Revision of phonic sounds.

Activity 2 –

Apples and Bananas – Main Task – Capital Letters.

Capital letters are always used to start sentences, can you rewrite the following sentences using a capital letter?

  1. I. – We are learning to use capital letters at the start of a sentence.


S.C. – I can copy a sentence with a capital letter at the start.

I can rewrite a sentence, correcting the capital letter.

Copy the following sentences;

I have a black cat.

My name is James.

I like to play with my best friend at school.


Rewrite the following sentences with a capital letter;

i have a brown dog.

my name is Margaret.

i like to swim in the sea on holiday.


Grapes, Strawberries, Oranges and Kiwis – Main Task – Initial Blends.

When pupils are learning to read and spell they will learn combinations of vowel and consonant letters which although 2 letters, only make 1 sound, these are known as diagraphs. At the start of a word, they are “initial blends” and are made of 2 consonants together. Learning and using these blends help children to hear the sounds in words and spell accurately. These initial blends are;

cl-, bl-, fl-, gl-, sl-, br-, cr-, dr-, fr-, gr-, pr-, tr-, sc-, sm-, sn-, sw-, tw-, sk-, sp-, st-.

Look at the pictures in the worksheet, can you write the words for each picture and choose an initial blend from the list.

L.I. – We are learning to use initial letter blends to spell accurately.

S.C. – I can say and identify initial blends.

I can choose the correct initial blend to spell a word.

I can listen to the sounds in words and write the initial blend.


Activity 3 – Nessy

The link to Nessy will not work without passwords, so to avoid that cut and paste the link below into a web search and it should take you into the first page, lesson 1.

Initial blends is lesson 8, to get there click on the up arrow, beside the gold trophy at the bottom left side of the page. You will see a selection of activity tiles rise up and above them you will see “Letter Sounds” in white type, click the arrow to the right and scroll through until you see Initial Consonants. Start with the strategy tile and work through the stages.


Task 3 – Health and Wellbeing – Whole class.

The Happier January Calendar suggests that we think of someone to share a smile and a chat with, today think of a class friend who you miss and complete the “Smile it Forward” task attached below. Remember to think of what it is you enjoy about your friend, what makes them special! Make a copy of the page and share it please?


Task 4 – Technology – Whole class – you will need your glow login and password

This afternoon I would like to have everyone have a go at logging in to GLOW using their login and password.

Before Christmas and lockdown, I had set up a Google Classroom to focus on technology tasks and enable all pupils to access the new Chromebooks, I understand that all pupils have had their details sent home to them. It would also enable the class to meet and to engage in live learning.

I will be available all day to answer questions and will send instructions in the afternoon to help with getting everyone online around 2pm.

A load of information but message at any time for help.

Mrs Coyle


Keeping Digital Safe over Christmas.

This Christmas many of our pupils will be finding new phones and tablets  in their Christmas stockings, lucky them! However as they get started viewing videos,  chatting to friends and live stream gaming, it is important for us to remember to keep them protected.

This year CEOP has created a series of videos to help parents keep their children safe. These short clips can be the starting points for chats about how we behave online outside of school.

Take a look at the Parents Activity Packs for some great ways to get started.



Scottish government have confirmed that children in primary and secondary school who receive a free school meal on the basis of low income are eligible for an additional £100 winter hardship payment. We encourage parents whose child is eligible for a free school meal to apply this week so they can receive this payment –

Anyone who has previously applied for a free school meal for this school year (2020-21) will receive the payment directly into their bank account before Christmas. Anyone who applies between Monday 30 November and Friday 18 December will receive this payment by mid-January at the latest.

P1-P3 pupils are not automatically eligible for this payment as every child receives a free school meal regardless of their family’s circumstances. We would urge all families on low incomes with a P1-P3 child to apply for free school meals by Friday 18 December.

Nursery children of low-income parents aren’t entitled to the winter hardship payment, but are entitled to the £27 free school meal payment to cover the festive break. If you are eligible, please apply at

Further information on the COVID winter hardship payment (£100 per child) can be found on Scottish Government’s website.