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Primary Engineer Programme – If you were an engineer, what would you do? award grading success.

This year St Fergus’ have embraced the Primary Engineer Programme for the first time and are delighted to have achieved so much with our wonderful pupils!

Not only did the Primary 2 teams of Robbie and Daniel alongside Chanel and Caoimhe take away the top prize at the Renfrewshire Primary Engineer Celebration Event, but a group of students who took on an engineering challenge to design and create a solution to their problem have had their designs graded at the top level.

Students; Olivia Farbis, Corey Cochrane, Toni Lee Russell, Zara Kennedy, Blayre Donnelly, Parker McLeay and Courtney Wallace all had their designs shortlisted for the top prize and were awarded with a grading of Distinction – Shortlisted.

Logan McLeod, Clarabnelah Wood, Courtney McGregor, Oskar Walenciak and Oliwia Jankowska all achieved a grade of Distinction.

Hailie Watson, Victoria Burns, Kacper Michalak, Neve Rodger, Isla Brown, Hope Robertson, Sean Dock and Maks Klimaszewski achieved a grading of Merit.

Well done to all the students who took part in our first effort, their success paves the way for continued future success which will be rolled out to a larger group of students next session.

VIP Visit to St Fergus’ Primary

St Fergus’ Primary school pupils were proud to host a visit from Dr Susan Scurlock M.B.E., founder and CEO of the Primary Engineer Programmes, an organisation which seeks to link engineers with engineering projects in schools.

Pupils from Primary’s 2 and 7 had recently presented their work at a Celebration Event which had them demonstrating their engineering and problem solving skills, working at Apprentice Level building a shoebox vehicle and Engineer level to build a motorised car.

The projects were aimed to challenge pupils to design and create a vehicle to meet a series of direction and ramp challenges and inspire them to become the young engineers of the future.

While all the pupils who attended were rewarded with a certificate for their hard work, the Primary 2 pupils won the overall Apprentice Level prize producing vehicles which went above and beyond the criteria set for them.

Dr Scurlock, accompanied by Fraser from Primary Engineers and Derek  McGlynn  from Rolls-Royce, were delighted to meet them and pass on their congratulations, on hearing about the skills they had used and how they had problem solved their way to winning.

Head Boy, Parker McLeay and Depute Head Girl, Neve Rogers used the opportunity to interview Dr Scurlock on her background and what had inspired her to set up the programmes. They were delighted when she presented them with a box of materials to continue the development of their engineering challenges and encouraged them to further develop their skills and ensure that all the children of St Fergus’ Primary benefit from their experience of the Young Engineer Programme.


STEM Fortnight

St Fergus’ pupils are gearing up for an exciting fortnight of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), take a look at our plan and take note of the events for parents. We look forward to seeing everyone.