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Keeping Digital Safe over Christmas.

This Christmas many of our pupils will be finding new phones and tablets  in their Christmas stockings, lucky them! However as they get started viewing videos,  chatting to friends and live stream gaming, it is important for us to remember to keep them protected.

This year CEOP has created a series of videos to help parents keep their children safe. These short clips can be the starting points for chats about how we behave online outside of school.

Take a look at the Parents Activity Packs for some great ways to get started.


Awards for St Fergus’ Young Engineers of the Future.

Congratulations to St Fergus’ Primary 6 and 7 pupils who were awarded their grades in the Scottish Engineering  Leaders Awards this morning. Lockdown aside, this was a bumper year for entries with the largest number of pupils entering their designs than ever before.
Their task was to think of a problem that exists and then design a solution.
This year three pupils, Olivia, Hailie and Emma,  stood out with their entries being selected to the final stage and shortlisted for the award, an amazing achievement!
Well done to all!

P6 Home Learning Tasks

Good Morning and Happy Monday to you all. I hope you had a lovely weekend and had a chance to relax in the sun, yesterday afternoon. Can you believe that we only have two more weeks of home learning tasks before we break for the summer? I cannot believe that the time has passed so quickly since we stopped in March. You will start to get more information about arrangements for returning to school in August soon and remember that that you will need to think about speeches applying for Head Boy and Head Girl!

There will be another activity for the RL Olympics which I will post later. Your tasks are posted in Google Classroom and I have them listed here;

Task 1 – Think about your friends you have missed from school and take 5 min to say the school prayer, with a Hail Mary and Our Father to ask for them to be kept safe.

Task 2 – Cosmic Yoga – Join Jamie for some meditation before you get started with your tasks. Relax and think clearly to complete your tasks quickly and accurately.

Task 3 – Spelling

Your words are on Spelling City for you to practise some of the free games.

Complete the spelling worksheet for your group, then complete the extension task.

Group 1 – Jolly Grammar 4 list 30 – wordsearch task.

Jolly Grammar 4 List 30 Wordsearch .JPG

Group 2 –  Jolly Grammar 3 list 30 – word scramble task.

JG3 List 30 wordscramble homophones

Task 4 – Health and Wellbeing / Art

Look at the Outdoor Art Grid and choose a task which you have the resources to complete. Take a picture of your activity and let me know what you have made.

Health and Wellbeing Outdoor Art acrivities

Task 5 – Go Noodle

Task 6 – Maths – Multiplication of Fractions,

There is a video clip with questions and quiz, explanation sheet and worksheet, Work your way through and let me know how you get on?

I an at the school again today at the hub. Remember you can message me if you need help with anything and the message comes to my phone. Try to complete your tasks today as we plan for bringing the term to an end.

Work hard and have a good day,

Mrs Coyle

P6 Home Learning Tasks 12/6/20

Good morning P6, I hope you had some fun yesterday with your Health and Wellbeing task? My daughters couldn’t understand why I was being so nice to them and every time I said something nice they started laughing.

The Emperor Tamarins were a bit of a disappointment, I don’t think they liked the rain and went hiding!

Your task today are all focused on Africa, there are no formal literacy or maths tasks but you will need to listen and be creative.

Task 1 – Lets Explore Nigeria – a short video clip with some questions to answer.

Task 2 – Virtual Safari at Longleat Safari Park.  – Follow the safari around the park, take notes and create a safari board game.

Task 3 – Ndebele Art – Look at the images in the PowerPoint and design your own pattern on the worksheet.

Only three tasks but they will take a bit of time. Be as fun as you can with the game and play it with your family.

Have a great weekend, I am in St Fergus’ today and again at the start of next week, if you need help just send me a message.

Mrs Coyle

P6 Home Learning Tasks 11/6/20

Good morning P6, I hope we have a better day weather wise than yesterday, it was awful! Today we have the live stream from Blair Drummond Safari Park as one of the tasks, it should be fun. Remember to keep active joining in with the exercise and Go Noodle and you will feel  better, it’s amazing what those endorphins do for our brains! I have posted your work in Google Classroom and have  a framework of tasks for you to follow with some mischievous fun.

Task 1 – Exercise with Joe Wicks.

Task 2 – Jolly Grammar 

Complete Jolly Grammar 3 grammar sheet 29 or Jolly Grammar 4 grammar sheet 29.

Task 3 – Health and Wellbeing 

Cheeky fun challenge to drop nice comments in to your conversations today.

Task 4 – Go Noodle

Task 5 – 12.00 Live stream from Blair Drummond Safari Park  – Emperor Tamarins

Watch the live stream, take notes and create a colourful poster full of facts.

Task 6 – Maths – Adding fractions with different denominators.

Task 7 – Guitar practise.

Take 30 min and practise the three chords.

Have a great day, I hope you have a lot of fun with your comments to your family. See if they realise what you are up to?

Mrs Coyle

P6 Home Learning 10/6/20

Good morning P6, its is a much colder and wet day than we have become used to, hopefully it will dry up for the afternoon and you can get outside for a while. Your tasks for today re posted in Google Classroom and I have made a plan to follow below;

Task 1 – School Prayer – take some time to think of your friends and family and just as we would do in school, say your St Fergus’ Prayer to ask for their protection through this strange time.

Task 2 – Exercise – any exercise you want to do for 30 min, it will get your brain and body working for the day. Below is the link to Joe Wicks.

Task 3 – Writing – Using Fronted Adverbials – instructions are in Classroom. Replicate yesterday’s task but this time use fronted adverbials to make your sentences more engaging for your reader. Watch the video clip for some examples.

Task 4 – Health and Wellbeing – Joy – Take a photo of a person, a place or an item which brings you joy! If you can, upload it with an explanation of what it is and why.

This is mine.

Task 5 – Go Noodle –  Join in with the stretching and release any tension you have in your body.

Task 6 – Maths – Adding and subtracting fractions – Revision of previous work, watch the video clip and complete the worksheets.

Task 7 – STEM activity – Does the design of football boots improve their performance? Watch the video clip and then create your own design.

I’m not in school today so message me at any time, I’ll be looking over previous work so you’ll hear from me throughout the day. Have a good day.

Mrs Coyle



P6 Home Learning 9/6/20

Good morning P6, it looks like another lovely day. Well done for all the work you completed yesterday. Remember if you can’t get some of the tasks done, don’t worry, just complete what you can manage and the cooking and art tasks can be done anytime, you may not have the ingredients!

As usual your tasks will be posted at 9am for you on Google Classroom, here is a schedule to follow;

Task 1Exercise with Joe Wicks

Task 2Setting the scene for a story. Create a character in your head (I chose a Princess having just watched Maleficent on TV). Use the higher level vocabulary sheets to help create a setting, feelings and a character. One line for each section would be enough, I’ve included my model in the task on classroom.

Task 3 – Health and Wellbeing – Our Joyful June calendar suggests we find the joy in listening to music and find our favourite pieces.

Task 4 – Go Noodle

Task 5 – Maths – Ordering Fractions. Watch the video and complete the worksheets.

Task 6 – African Animal Mastermind. Click on the link, read the information and create 10 questions.

Have a great day, work hard and thank you again for all of yesterdays work. I am back in school today and will get a chance to correct and feedback tomorrow.

Sending you all a big hug, Mrs Coyle.