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Leaders Award 2020

If you were an engineer, what would you do?

Well if you are @StFergus-ps you enter the Leaders Award with your fabulous problem solving ideas.

This year 36 St Fergus’ pupils have prepared entries and are looking forward to being awarded their grading, good luck to all of you!

A special thank you goes to parent Derek McGlynn from Rolls Royce who gave up his time and planned lessons for the pupils.

Mrs Coyle

P2/3 Daily Tasks Wednesday 1/04/20

Good morning everyone! Today we are going to start with prayers and then do some R.E. After you have a break, we will do some mental math and numeracy.  Finally after lunch, we will finish with some Handwriting, Free Play and P.E. I hope you all have a wonderful day!

Prayers – School Prayer


R.E. – Last Supper

L.I: we are learning to explore Jesus Passion through the last supper.  

Watch the video clip of the Bible story of the last supper: 

Discuss the Bible story with someone in your household. These questions might help you. 

  1. Who did Jesus share the meal with?  

2.Where did it take place?   

3.What did they have to eat?   

4.What special words did Jesus say?   

5.What happened to the bread?   

6.What happened to the wine?   

7.Where have you heard the words before?   


Now draw a picture of the last supper.  

This coming Sunday is Psalm Sunday and the start of Holy week, where we think about Jesus’ death and resurrection. Try to make some time for prayer.  


Mindfulness (10/15 mins)

SEAL Mental Maths – Write the next three numbers

8, 10, 12,…

100, 98, 96,….

60, 57, 54,…

40, 44, 48,…

75, 70, 65,…

105, 110, 115,…

Multiplication and Division

I have given both multiplication and division sums today as I would like you to pick what you think you need to work on. If you feel confident with multiplication then try some more division.


6×5 =                

10 divided by 5=



20 divided by 4=


27 divided by 9=


33 divided by 10=



Mindfulness (10/15 mins)

Handwriting – Qq

Today’s letter is Qq. For this your capital letter should be like a big O touching both the top and bottom lines. It also has a line like a tail on the side. The q should be the same size as your p from last week but is facing the other direction (a backwards p) and this also has a flick on the bottom of the letter.


Free Play – No Technology Allowed


Calls from St. Fergus Staff

Hello everyone, Class Teachers, Support Staff and Mrs Rowley are continuing to make calls to families from private numbers. Please accept these as we only want our children to hear our voices, for us to hear theirs and to offer you support.

I have also been making calls to our families without with holding my work mobile phone number and all staff can pass this on to you when they are on a call.

Thank you for your continued support during these uncertain times.

Take care.

Mrs McDonald

P2/3 Daily Tasks Tuesday 31.03.20

Good morning everyone! Today we are going to start with prayers and then do some writing. After you have a break, we will do some mental math and numeracy.  Finally after lunch, we will finish with some technology and P.E. I hope you all have a wonderful day!

Prayers – School Prayer

Writing – To write a recipe.

Success Criteria

  • I can write in a recipe layout
  • I can use ordering language (first, second, finally, lastly)
  • I can take my time when writing to make sure my handwriting is my best work.

Today I want you to write a recipe that I can follow. While we’re not at school I want to use this time to improve my cooking skills. It does not have to be anything complicated or too tricky. Firstly, you must list all ingredients at the top of your page and how much I will need of each thing. Secondly you will need to write each part in steps to make sure I do everything in the correct order. Some ideas could be for a sandwich, a cake, or anything else you would like me to try and make. Below is how you could lay out your page. While you are working on this task I would like you to self-assess with your Success Criteria.

44 Perfect Cookbook Templates [+Recipe Book & Recipe Cards]


Mindfulness (10/15 mins)

SEAL Mental Maths – Write the next three numbers

8, 12, 16,…

25, 30, 35,….

100, 95, 90,…

3, 6, 9,…

1000, 900, 800,…

70, 80, 90,…


I have given 3 different types of sums and would like you to challenge yourself by picking one, two or three star questions. If you would like to have a go at all of them please do that.


6×2 =                











Mindfulness (10/15 mins)

Technology – Coding

We have started our coding journey using Course A and I would like you start from part 4 under the Sequencing heading. I would like you to pay attention to the directions of North, East, South and West (up, right, down, left). Please don’t go any further than the end of Sequencing.

If you cannot access this, I would like you to create your own coding game. This means that you have to write the number of steps and direction that you want to go in. Once you have written these codes find a partner and they should be able to follow them and get to the same place you finished. For example I may want to get over the window so I would remember where I started from by putting something to remind me, a jumper on the floor, and start from here each time. I would then count the number of steps I need to take and in what direction. For example, take 5 steps north, 4 steps west and 2 north. I would then ask a partner to follow these instructions to see if I had written them correctly.


P2/3 Daily Task Monday 30/03/20

Good morning everyone, I hope you had a lovely weekend and got some rest after your hard work last week! Here are your daily tasks for today. Let’s have a great week!


Task 1

LI – We are revising the a-e digraph.

Watch both Mr. Thorne videos and do a hunt in your house to find as many words as you can with the ‘a-e’ sound and write them in your jotter.

Task 2 – News

Write 2 good quality sentences about your weekend. Use your knowledge of taught sounds to help you sound out and spell words. Remember your punctuation too.



Task 1

LI – We are revising multiplication.

  1. 2×4=
  2. 5×3=
  3. 10×4=
  4. Give each of your 3 friends 4 sweets each. How many sweets did you give out all together?
  5. You have 5 friends and each of them want to give you 3 crisps, how many crisps will you get all together?

Task 2

Spend 15 minutes on Sumdog.


Mindfulness 10/15 mins

Health and Wellbeing – Create a Bucket list

Today our activity is going to be for you to create your own bucket list. This is so that when you can go anywhere you want again, you have ideas in a jar that you can pick from each day. It only has to be small things such as; going for a picnic, meeting up with friends, going to get an ice-cream, visiting your grandparents. These are things that we wouldn’t have thought about doing before, but now we realise that small things in life have big meaning for us. Here is an example of how yours might look. It could be kept in a jar, written on paper and folded up, whatever you choose to do I want you to have fun and be creative.

Summer “To Do” Jar | Smart Art in the City




P2/3 Daily Task 27/03/20

Happy Friday everyone! One more day of work then a few days rest, we can do this! For our tasks today we are going to start with Literacy, then Numeracy, then a Friday Challenge and finish with some Health and Wellbeing/Art.

Morning Prayer

Literacy – Sentences

LI: To create sentences from our words of the week.

Just like you do for homework, I would like you to create sentences from the words I have listed below. Try your best to include as many adjectives as possible and don’t forget your capital letters and full stops.










Mental Maths

Try to do these sums in your head and write the answers on your whiteboard.

2+6=                                  5+5=

5+4=                                  10-8=

10-3=                                 7-1=

Numeracy – Sumdog

As it’s Friday I thought we could spend some time on Sumdog. You should all have your logins as they were sent home, but if you don’t I have a copy with me and you can message me to ask. I don’t want you to spend anymore than 20 minutes on this.


P.E. Daily workout




Mindfulness 10/15 mins (colouring, cosmic yoga, reading)

Friday Challenge – Tie your shoes

For our first Friday Challenge I thought we could learn how to tie our shoes laces. If you don’t have shoes with laces, ask to shoes that do from someone in your house. Ask an adult to help you if you need to. If you already know how to tie your shoes, then find someone in your house who does and teach them.

Health and Wellbeing/  Art – Rainbow Trail

LI – To create a Rainbow and explain why you have done this.

As many of us are stuck inside, there are lots of people called ‘Key Workers’ who still have to go to work. They do this for many reasons,  some are to make sure that people who are sick are looked after and people who work in shops are helping because they have to keep selling food, making sure that we can eat. These are only a few reasons but sometimes they might feel a bit sad when they have to go to work and everyone else gets to stay home and stay safe. This is why something called a ‘Rainbow Trail’ has been created by lots of boys and girls all across the country. Once you have made your rainbow picture, you put it in the window so that all key workers can see it as they pass your house, and hopefully it will make them smile 🙂 Here is Niamh and Lewis who have already done theirs, they are showing God’s Love by caring for others, well done!



Lucky Dip, #supersentencestackers, Jane Considine’s lesson

Technical problems this morning meant that the live stream didn’t happen, so here is the recorded lesson for Lucky Dip.

Jane’s “lenses” for this lesson are checking (sound), the passive voice and using adverbs.

Have a go and don’t worry about anything other than using the FANTASTIC’s.