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Keeping Digital Safe over Christmas.

This Christmas many of our pupils will be finding new phones and tablets  in their Christmas stockings, lucky them! However as they get started viewing videos,  chatting to friends and live stream gaming, it is important for us to remember to keep them protected.

This year CEOP has created a series of videos to help parents keep their children safe. These short clips can be the starting points for chats about how we behave online outside of school.

Take a look at the Parents Activity Packs for some great ways to get started.


Awards for St Fergus’ Young Engineers of the Future.

Congratulations to St Fergus’ Primary 6 and 7 pupils who were awarded their grades in the Scottish Engineering  Leaders Awards this morning. Lockdown aside, this was a bumper year for entries with the largest number of pupils entering their designs than ever before.
Their task was to think of a problem that exists and then design a solution.
This year three pupils, Olivia, Hailie and Emma,  stood out with their entries being selected to the final stage and shortlisted for the award, an amazing achievement!
Well done to all!

Big Loose Parts Play

Big Loose Parts Play

We are also looking to collect large loose parts for outdoor play. This kind of play can be used from primary 1 to primary 7. We are hopeful that’s some parents through their line of work may be able to donate these items to our school or may have family members or friends who could do so.

We are looking for
• Tyres
• Bricks
• Pallets
• Plastic crates
• Wooden cable reels
• Larges pieces of fabric and tarpaulin
• Ropes
• Plastic pipes and guttering
• Tree stumps and logs
• Cones
• Buckets
• Wheel barrows
Any donations can be left at the school gate and Scot will bring them into the school grounds.
Thank You
Mrs Gray & Mrs Ellis

Loose Parts Play

Loose Part Play St Fergus’

We are going to be introducing loose parts play into our learning in St Fergus’. Loose parts play has been used for many years with amazing results. It is encouraged throughout the primary curriculum for indoor and outdoor learning opportunities.

It is a chance for children to

  • Play freely with friends
  • Investigate
  • Discover
  • Explore
  • Create
  • Use lots of trial and error to learn for themselves
  • Learn to make their own judgements about adventure play and recognise safe limits.

To do this we need to collect loose parts. The list of possible loose parts is endless but can include:

  • Boxes – various sizes, materials and shapes
  • Feathers
  • Shells
  • Pine Cones
  • Stones and Pebbles
  • Tubes – various sizes, materials and shapes
  • Baskets
  • Funnels
  • Sieves
  • Beads
  • Ribbons
  • Bottle Lids
  • Old Keys
  • Glass Jars
  • Corks
  • Nuts/Bolts/Washers
  • Scarves/Fabrics
  • Hoses/Pipes/Gutters
  • Pegs
  • Buttons
  • Small wheel from old toys
  • Old cars or toys that move
  • Metal baking trays or cup cake tins
  • Wooden and metal utensils
  • Pots/Pans
  • Small gardening tools
  • Watering cans

If you have any of these things at home that you would be willing to donate to the school we would love to have them. Please only donate things that you already have at home and are no longer used.

A box will be left just outside the school gate for items to be left. Scot will bring the box into school for the items to be quarantined and cleaned before use.

Thank You

Mrs Gray & Mrs Ellis

P2/3 Daily Tasks Monday 15.06.20

Good morning everyone, I hope you enjoyed your weekend and got to spend some time outside. Today we are back to work so will be starting with literacy, numeracy and then a fun science activity of your choice.

Prayers – School Prayer


Task 1

LI – We are revising the ‘zz’ digraph.

Today we have a different video, once you have watched it think of as many words as you can with the ‘zz’ sound and write them in your jotter.

Task 2 – News

Write 3 good quality sentences about your weekend, you can challenge yourself by writing more. Use your knowledge of taught sounds to help you sound out and spell words. Remember your punctuation too.




LI – We are revising place value.

Task 1 – ordering

For these numbers you will need to look at the tens value to order the numbers, then you will have to look at the units value to check if they are in the correct place.

  1. 38, 59, 24
  2. 63, 49, 60
  3. 28, 59, 83
  4. 74, 59, 53
  5. 24, 5, 2


Task 2 – smallest to largest

Order these objects from the smallest size to the largest.

  1. Grape, watermelon, apple
  2. Sock, trousers, vest
  3. Lion, elephant, bee
  4. Bus, car, aeroplane
  5. Football, bike, hula hoop



Mindfulness 10/15 mins


I have linked a website below that has lots of fantastic ideas that you could try. As they all require different things I want you to pick what experiment you can do with what you have at home. Always have an adult help you. I can’t wait to see what one you pick!

Before you start your experiment I want you to talk about what you think is going to happen, this is called a hypothesis. Once you get to the end of it I want you to talk about what did happen and if your hypothesis was right. I also want you to have a discussion about why you think it happened.



P2/3 Daily Tasks Friday 12.06.20

Well done for all of your hard work yet again! We are going to start with some Literacy, then Music, P.E. and finally our Friday challenge.

Morning Prayer

Literacy – Morning Routine

With us not being in school I am interested to find out what your new routine is for the day, I know everyone’s will be different but that’s a good thing! Do you work and then play? Or do you have a slow start to your day, play for a while and then work? Remember to include times in your routine, these don’t have to be exact. Here is what my morning looks like:

7:30 – Wake up

7:45 – have breakfast and watch the news

8:30 – upload your daily tasks

8:40 – shower and get dressed

9:00 – start school work

12:30 – lunch


Music – From Miss. P

Today we are going to start by listening to a piece of music called

In the Hall of the Mountain King by a composer called Grieg

First of all, I would

Like you to listen and watch, then clap the rhythm. Do you remember what all your rhythms are called?


Next, we are going to compose our own body beat. First, listen to Ollie, he is using 4 names. I’d like you to choose 4 names and make up your own body percussion.

Lastly, I’d like you to listen to this.

This is John, one of my friends and he has

recorded this. Do you recognise this song?

Your family will recognise it too.

Can you spot how many instruments he is playing and what they are?


GoNoodle to get you moving – pick your own today

P.E – Choice

Pick an activity from the grid.



Friday Challenge – name the animal

Pick an animal and only use words to describe it, you can’t say the name! Pick an animal and think of ways to describe it, for example if I thought of a lion I might say “big, furry, scary, massive paws, very long and large teeth, longer hair around their face that looks red.” And hopefully someone will be able to guess the animal that you are thinking of.



P2/3 Daily Tasks 11.06.20

Good morning everyone! Today, after our prayer we will start with some Literacy, then Numeracy and end our day with Art then Free Play.

Morning Prayer

Literacy – Sentences

LI – To write 4 sentences with the sound from this week. 











Mental Maths

Try to do these sums in your head and write the answers on your whiteboard.

10+5=                                0+6=

5+4=                                 20-9=

12-6=                                10-8=


LI – To revise symmetry

I would like you to draw these shapes and draw as many lines of symmetry that you can find in each shape. It might be easier to draw these shapes and cut them out so tat you can fold the paper to find the lines of symmetry.

  1. Equilateral Triangle
  2. Square
  3. Rectangle
  4. Star
  5. Hexagon

P.E. Daily workout

physical grid 1-3

Remember to upload your Olympics video before Sunday night if you want to enter!


Mindfulness 10/15 mins (colouring, cosmic yoga, reading)

Art – painting on the pavement

It’s time to go outside all you will need is water and some brushes. If you don’t have that, you can fill a bottle with water and use this to draw your picture. Think about what is outside, do you want to draw birds, flowers, insects, animals? It’s up to you!

Free Play!

No technology allowed, use your imagination to play with toys that you have.

P2/3 Daily Tasks Wednesday 10.06.20

Good morning everyone! Today we are going to start with prayers and then do some R.E. After you have a break, we will do some mental math and numeracy.  Finally after lunch, we will finish with some Handwriting, Free Play and P.E. I hope you all have a wonderful day!

School Prayer

L.I: we are learning to explore how the Holy Spirit helps us in our lives.

Think about times when it is easy to say yes, e.g. when you are offered sweets, when you are asked to a party. Think about times when it is difficult to say yes, e.g. when we have to go to bed, when you need to tidy your room. We often need to make choices and sometimes we do not know what to do and have to think about it very carefully.  The Holy Spirit can help us to make good choices every day and live like Jesus.


  • Look at the statements below and decide if it is a good choice

or  a bad choice

  • Good choices/Bad Choices Game
  1. Pick up litter.
  2. Tell someone in your family that you love them.
  3. Have a tantrum when you don’t get a new toy you want.
  4. Take a bar of chocolate that does not belong to you.
  5. Say thank you when someone gives you something.
  6. Don’t go to bed when you are asked.
  7. Play nicely with your younger brothers or sisters.
  8. Help to tidy up after your dinner.
  9. Hold a door open for someone.
  10. Shout at your brother or sister for making a mistake in a game.
  11. Watch television instead of doing your schoolwork.
  12. Hide your brother or sister’s favourite toy.


Mindfulness (10/15 mins)

Mental Maths – Write the next three numbers

20, 30, 40,

10, 20, 30,

50, 60, 70,


5, 10, 15,

20, 25, 30,

65, 70, 75,


Sumdog – 15/20 minutes

Or Topmarks Symmetry


Mindfulness (10/15 mins)

Handwriting – Xx/Yy

Ask an adult to show you how to do each letter or watch the videos if there is no one to help you. 


Free Play – No Technology Allowed