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Saint Fergus’Friendship Group

Good morning girls Mrs.Murray and Miss Fulton are missing our little meetings we thought it might be nice to keep in touch . We thought each week  it might be nice to do a little activity so this week we thought we could all make a rainbow using any materials you may have, of course Mrs Murray and I will do one to . We also thought when we get back to school we could all make a scrapbook  and put all our things in feel free to do anything for your book. Hope you are all well and stay safe.

Primary 6 Home Learning Tasks for Thursday 26th March<p><a href=””>via GIPHY</a></p>

Good Morning P 6

Today will be a bit of a change for us, it has proved to be tricky and confusing trying to access Classroom and Teams, so today all your tasks will be posted here and you can feedback to me via email or on the school Facebook and twitter pages.


We have a busy day ahead, so please try to attempt as many tasks as possible. I know that Mrs MacDonald has spoken to many of your parents and they are going to be looking out for your work being posted.

Mrs MacDonald spoke to you all about having a routine in place and what better way to start the day than with a bit of P.E.

Task 1      Joe Wicks Morning PE class at 9 am

 Task 2    We didn’t get a chance to see Jane Considine  visit the school on our last day, however she has been facilitating writing every morning. At 9.45 am she will introduce a video and a “chunk” for you to write about, look for her on twitter under #supersentencestacker,  see the link below.

The video for today is here;

Watch the video and choose your “chunk” to write about.


Follow her live lesson on YouTube supersentencestackers. Jane will model how she creates her sentences and you have a go after. I’m excited to see what you are able to create, remember it is just one chunk of the video.

Task 3    5 a day in Spanish

Get your hips and legs moving again learning some Spanish vocabulary.

Task 4   Maths starter

A two stage starter for you, yellow is simple, challenge yourself with the blue.

Next complete Information handling, exercise 2 questions 1-4. These questions move on from the data in displayed in tables to display in a bar chart.

Task 5, use the link below to the “hour of code” and create your own dance party.

Remember if you have any questions message me on my email and don’t forget to post or message your work.

Have a great day and keep safe,

Mrs Coyle

Coronavirus Information from Renfrewshire Council

You may be aware of ongoing media coverage of the impacts of the Coronavirus or COVID-19.

The school and Council are continuing to monitor the situation and keep up to date with the latest guidance published by NHS Scotland and the Scottish Government to ensure we are fully prepared.

Where do I find the latest information?

For the latest information and up-to-date guidance, please visit

This page provides information on the countries noted as ‘risk areas’, what to do if you’ve recently travelled there, or if you’ve been in contact with someone who has.

Information is also available at

I think this applies to me.

If you believe you or your child may be affected, please stay at home and phone NHS24 on 111 or your local GP – you should call rather than visit your GP in the first instance.

Once you’ve received medical advice and if it requires your child to remain off school, please call the school to advise.