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Awards for St Fergus’ Young Engineers of the Future.

Congratulations to St Fergus’ Primary 6 and 7 pupils who were awarded their grades in the Scottish Engineering  Leaders Awards this morning. Lockdown aside, this was a bumper year for entries with the largest number of pupils entering their designs than ever before.
Their task was to think of a problem that exists and then design a solution.
This year three pupils, Olivia, Hailie and Emma,  stood out with their entries being selected to the final stage and shortlisted for the award, an amazing achievement!
Well done to all!

Big Loose Parts Play

Big Loose Parts Play

We are also looking to collect large loose parts for outdoor play. This kind of play can be used from primary 1 to primary 7. We are hopeful that’s some parents through their line of work may be able to donate these items to our school or may have family members or friends who could do so.

We are looking for
• Tyres
• Bricks
• Pallets
• Plastic crates
• Wooden cable reels
• Larges pieces of fabric and tarpaulin
• Ropes
• Plastic pipes and guttering
• Tree stumps and logs
• Cones
• Buckets
• Wheel barrows
Any donations can be left at the school gate and Scot will bring them into the school grounds.
Thank You
Mrs Gray & Mrs Ellis

Loose Parts Play

Loose Part Play St Fergus’

We are going to be introducing loose parts play into our learning in St Fergus’. Loose parts play has been used for many years with amazing results. It is encouraged throughout the primary curriculum for indoor and outdoor learning opportunities.

It is a chance for children to

  • Play freely with friends
  • Investigate
  • Discover
  • Explore
  • Create
  • Use lots of trial and error to learn for themselves
  • Learn to make their own judgements about adventure play and recognise safe limits.

To do this we need to collect loose parts. The list of possible loose parts is endless but can include:

  • Boxes – various sizes, materials and shapes
  • Feathers
  • Shells
  • Pine Cones
  • Stones and Pebbles
  • Tubes – various sizes, materials and shapes
  • Baskets
  • Funnels
  • Sieves
  • Beads
  • Ribbons
  • Bottle Lids
  • Old Keys
  • Glass Jars
  • Corks
  • Nuts/Bolts/Washers
  • Scarves/Fabrics
  • Hoses/Pipes/Gutters
  • Pegs
  • Buttons
  • Small wheel from old toys
  • Old cars or toys that move
  • Metal baking trays or cup cake tins
  • Wooden and metal utensils
  • Pots/Pans
  • Small gardening tools
  • Watering cans

If you have any of these things at home that you would be willing to donate to the school we would love to have them. Please only donate things that you already have at home and are no longer used.

A box will be left just outside the school gate for items to be left. Scot will bring the box into school for the items to be quarantined and cleaned before use.

Thank You

Mrs Gray & Mrs Ellis

Farewell P7- the class of 2020!!!

Good morning P7 and welcome to your last day in St. Fergus’!!!!


Not our usual last day celebrations and guard of honour etc but I hope you’ve enjoyed the nice things organised for you over the past few days, and that you’re also looking forward to high school and feeling calmer now you’ve had the chance to visit!

A few wee activities that we would have done in class, that you might like to do this morning to mark your last day!

  • A-Z of my year- can you think of an event/topic/situation for each letter of the alphabet

  • Impromptu speeches- would anyone like to make a speech to the class? Record and upload this for us to listen to! You all went very quiet yesterday on the Google Meet- now is your time to say your goodbyes

  • Letters to staff members- maybe you want to say thanks to Margaret for your lunches and the special efforts she goes to, to Scott for his playground help or the extra things he does, or maybe Mrs Rennie for all her help and support this year. Write letters/notes to ANY members of staff you feel you would really like to thank and I will make sure I pass them on.

Have a good LAST day P7- the lovely class of 2020!!!

Take care and KEEP IN TOUCH!!!!!

Lots of love Mrs McDoo 🙂

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P7 home learning arrangements for today 25/06/2020

Morning everyone!

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Looking forward to seeing you all at 1230 for our Don Bosco Award Virtual Ceremony! We will announce our Don Bosco winners and have a small final celebration for you all.
Remember parents are welcome to this so ask your mum or dad to sit beside you and enjoy the ceremony.
I messaged your parents last night and hopefully most of you have now downloaded the Google Meet app. You use your GLOW username to sign into this so mines would be
Make sure you change the last part to then put your normal password in that you use for GLOW.

We will do a practise meet this morning about 1015 just to see if it works so if you’re free try and see if it works!

Straight after the ceremony we have our leavers mass being streamed live from St. Mirin’s Cathedral from Bishop John. This is for you and all the other children leaving P7 to attend St. Andrew’s. It is so important that you watch and take part in this children, if you’re able to make sure you leave a comment underneath and say who you are and what school you are from. It would be so lovely to show lots of representation from our school community. The link for the mass is
It has been posted on facebook too.

Please make an effort today to attend these two things, people have went out their way to organise lovely things for you, let’s show our appreciation!
Mrs McDougall x

P7 Home learning tasks for Wed 24/06/20

Good morning children!

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I hope you had a lovely time in school over the past few days and that you are happy with your keepsakes. It was so lovely to see all of you and your happy faces, and you def seem a lot calmer and more excited about high school now which I’m so pleased about! Mrs McDonald has made a lovely video of your visit to school the other day which I will post on this today.

I thought it would be nice today (and good fun) to do a bit of reminiscing about your time in St. Fergus’ so you have two tasks to complete below…

  1. A wee diary entry about your visit to the school this week. Talk about what you did, how you felt and most importantly how you felt afterwards. I’m still so sad I didn’t get to see you all in person so I’d like to know more about what you got up to (as I have serious FOMO!!!)

  2. A challenge- could you make a rap/song/poem or something similar up about your 7 years in St. Fergus?! I’m thinking back to how well we all did making the Christmas song… could we recreate this for a trip down St. Fergus’ memory lane? It would be lovely to share this with parents/staff on our Facebook/Twitter!! Feel free to record/video yourself and send it on to me!

I’m going to try and set up a GOOGLE meet today to see if we can use this for the Don Bosco award giving tomorrow, I might call on some of you to help me see if this works, so let me know if you’re free 🙂

Have a good day children, I’m sitting looking out the window and the sun is definitely trying to shine!!

Mrs McDougall 🙂

P7 Home learning 22.06.20/23.06.20

Good morning children, I hope you’re well and that you had a nice weekend. Hopefully you did something nice for dads and other important men in your lives yesterday and the rain didn’t ruin plans!

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Today and tomorrow you have your visit to St. Fergus’ for a final lesson and then a leaving gift from all the staff. I hope you have a lovely time and I can’t wait to see you on the web cam receiving your yearbooks- I’m so excited for you to see them! I haven’t given you set tasks for today and tomorrow because of your visit and I’m aware that St. Benedict’s pupils also have their high school visit tomorrow (good luck girls- let me know how you get on :))

I’d like you to find some time today and tomorrow to read the next 5 chapters of Holes using either the YouTube copy by Mrs Shoemaker or the PDF version on this.

I’d also like you (if you haven’t already) to send me your letter for your Spanish penpal.

Finally, use the free time to complete (or as close to complete as possible) you individual research projects and send me these when you can please. I can mark these and give you some feedback. Look forward to seeing you all today or tomorrow on the webcam!

Mrs McDougall

St Andrew’s Homelink answers the most asked questions from Primary 7 children and their parents

The team hope that the answers below  will provide some reassurance to the children and parents.

Thanks to all of you who posted questions on the Home Link Transition booklet.  As you know things are going to be a bit different in schools when you join St Andrew’s in August so we may not have full answers to all of your questions right now.

Please be reassured that the staff in St Andrew’s will take very good care of you in August and they will explain everything to you in detail during your first week.

Children’s Questions

How busy will the school be?

There will only be half of the pupils in at a time so approximately 700 pupils. This will make the school much quieter than usual.  Classes will be smaller than usual – approximately 15 in each.

What if the work is too hard?

Because everyone will be returning to school after a long period of closure teachers will begin by revising and helping you to remember things you learned in primary school.

If you are finding something difficult you should speak to your class teacher or your guidance teacher.

I am worried about meeting new people

Try to remember that everybody will be in the same position.  Within a few weeks you will know everyone in your class. First year is a good time to make new friends. You will be in class with some pupils from your primary school and some from other primary schools. Young people are usually keen to get to know people in their class.

What clubs are there to join in S1?

There are lots of clubs in St Andrew’s. Some run at lunchtime and some after school. You will find information in the school handbook.  Details will be available during the first few weeks of term.  Due to the social distancing and hygiene guidelines clubs may not start until later this year.

What subjects do we study in S1?

You will find this information in the school hand book and on the Transition Zone on St Andrew’s school website

When will I get my timetable?

Timetables will be issued on your first day.

When will I find out who is in my class?

The class lists will be sent out to your primary school and they will be able to tell you before end of term.

When will I find out what teachers I have?

Your teacher for each subject will be named on your timetable which you will be given on your first day.

Will there be extra support for the new S1 as they missed their transition period?

St Andrew’s staff are very aware that you have not been in school since the end of March and haven’t had your two day visit to St Andrew so they have created a Transition Zone on the St Andrew’s website with lots of information for you. In August the staff will take time to explain everything to you in detail and make sure that you have all the information you need. You will have lots of opportunities to ask questions when you start S1.

There is also a very useful St Andrew’s Academy app which you can download to a phone or tablet.

Will I get to meet or speak to anyone before starting?

If your class has already had a visit to St Andrew’s Academy you will not have another. The primary schools who have not had a visit will be offered the chance to have a tour of the school.

What will the uniform be for starting this year?

Pupils are expected to be in St Andrew’s school uniform when they start S1 in August. Your parents will receive a letter with details of the school uniform. You can also find information about the uniform in the school handbook. The basics are black trousers or skirt, white shirt and school tie, black jumper or cardigan, black jacket and black shoes.

Is there a homework club?

Some subjects offer homework clubs. This may not be in place this year due to the Covid-19 safety guidelines.

Are you allowed your mobile phone?

Yes however you must keep it switched off and in your bag during classes.

Do you need a pass for the bus?

If you think you may be eligible for a place on a school bus you must apply online through the Renfrewshire Council website – search for school transport.  You will then be sent a letter detailing where you get on the bus and when your pass will be issued.

Can you play football at break?

Yes in some parts of the school campus

In chemistry do we get to blow things up in the name of science?

Certainly not! You will have the opportunity to participate in some very interesting experiments as long as you follow all the very important health and safety guidelines

Parents Questions

 Will my child be in class with some of his friends?

Yes, you will be informed of your child’s S1 class by their primary school before end of term.

Can my child go outside the school grounds at lunch time?

S1 are not allowed to leave the school campus unless they are close enough to go home for lunch and have permission to do this

How is the school going to manage social distancing?

In August the children will have blended learning which means they will spend some time in school and some time working at home.  This is to allow smaller class sizes and a reduced number of pupils in the school each day.  Hygiene stations will be available throughout the school and special attention will be paid to thorough cleaning of all areas.  There will be staggered lunch times and class changeover times to reduce the numbers in public areas at any one time. There will also be a one way system in place to reduce congestion in corridors.

When will the kids get the chance to visit before S1?

Your child will be offered a date to visit if their class has not already had a visit to St Andrew’s.

Can my child go home for lunch?

Yes if you live close enough to the school to go home and back in the time available and you have permission to do this.

Is there a PE kit or can sports clothes be worn?

There is a basic PE kit of black shorts and white t shirt – details in school handbook. However plain  t-shirt , shorts/leggings/joggers acceptable.

The members of the Home Link team in St Andrew’s Academy are Elaine Irvine, William Crockett and Trudy Rossi.

You will find them in the support corridor, next door to the Guidance base.

They are looking forward to meeting you in August!

Relax and enjoy the summer holidays and then you can look forward to moving on to St Andrew’s in August!


P7 home learning tasks for Friday 19th June

Good morning P7


Today is a day off timetable to focus on yourself. I have given a list of nice calm and relaxing tasks that you can do, especially after a busy week and more to come next week.

Choose some tasks from the PDF or if you can think of other things you would like to do to relax, choose some of these. Remember to keep me in the know with pics or updates on our classroom.

Have a good Friday!

Friday 19th June 2020

P7 Home learning tasks for 18/6/20

Good morning P7.

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Hope all you St. Andrew’s folk are excited about your visit and the chance to see your school. Remember there are two different time slots in order to encourage smaller groups and social distancing, this is still very important so make sure you continue to follow these guidelines! I hope you all had a nice time at the bingo last night…did any of you win?

After your visit this morning the only task I’m going to set you is that you write me a wee diary entry about your visit- what you saw, how you felt, what surprised you/didn’t surprise you, and how you’re feeling now about August? Email me this or upload to GOOGLE class. (For children who are not attending St. Andrew’s- i think you will already have visited Castlehead/St Benedict’s by now so you can complete this task too).

At 2pm we will have our TEAM MEET. Obviously Prom would have been tonight so I just thought it would be a wee bit of fun to have a catch up and we can play some music in the background. Could always try a bit of virtual karaoke if anyone is up for it! Feel free to sit at your phone/laptop with some party snacks.

Speak to you at 2. Mrs McDougall x