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Keeping Digital Safe over Christmas.

This Christmas many of our pupils will be finding new phones and tablets  in their Christmas stockings, lucky them! However as they get started viewing videos,  chatting to friends and live stream gaming, it is important for us to remember to keep them protected.

This year CEOP has created a series of videos to help parents keep their children safe. These short clips can be the starting points for chats about how we behave online outside of school.

Take a look at the Parents Activity Packs for some great ways to get started.


Awards for St Fergus’ Young Engineers of the Future.

Congratulations to St Fergus’ Primary 6 and 7 pupils who were awarded their grades in the Scottish Engineering  Leaders Awards this morning. Lockdown aside, this was a bumper year for entries with the largest number of pupils entering their designs than ever before.
Their task was to think of a problem that exists and then design a solution.
This year three pupils, Olivia, Hailie and Emma,  stood out with their entries being selected to the final stage and shortlisted for the award, an amazing achievement!
Well done to all!

Big Loose Parts Play

Big Loose Parts Play

We are also looking to collect large loose parts for outdoor play. This kind of play can be used from primary 1 to primary 7. We are hopeful that’s some parents through their line of work may be able to donate these items to our school or may have family members or friends who could do so.

We are looking for
• Tyres
• Bricks
• Pallets
• Plastic crates
• Wooden cable reels
• Larges pieces of fabric and tarpaulin
• Ropes
• Plastic pipes and guttering
• Tree stumps and logs
• Cones
• Buckets
• Wheel barrows
Any donations can be left at the school gate and Scot will bring them into the school grounds.
Thank You
Mrs Gray & Mrs Ellis

Loose Parts Play

Loose Part Play St Fergus’

We are going to be introducing loose parts play into our learning in St Fergus’. Loose parts play has been used for many years with amazing results. It is encouraged throughout the primary curriculum for indoor and outdoor learning opportunities.

It is a chance for children to

  • Play freely with friends
  • Investigate
  • Discover
  • Explore
  • Create
  • Use lots of trial and error to learn for themselves
  • Learn to make their own judgements about adventure play and recognise safe limits.

To do this we need to collect loose parts. The list of possible loose parts is endless but can include:

  • Boxes – various sizes, materials and shapes
  • Feathers
  • Shells
  • Pine Cones
  • Stones and Pebbles
  • Tubes – various sizes, materials and shapes
  • Baskets
  • Funnels
  • Sieves
  • Beads
  • Ribbons
  • Bottle Lids
  • Old Keys
  • Glass Jars
  • Corks
  • Nuts/Bolts/Washers
  • Scarves/Fabrics
  • Hoses/Pipes/Gutters
  • Pegs
  • Buttons
  • Small wheel from old toys
  • Old cars or toys that move
  • Metal baking trays or cup cake tins
  • Wooden and metal utensils
  • Pots/Pans
  • Small gardening tools
  • Watering cans

If you have any of these things at home that you would be willing to donate to the school we would love to have them. Please only donate things that you already have at home and are no longer used.

A box will be left just outside the school gate for items to be left. Scot will bring the box into school for the items to be quarantined and cleaned before use.

Thank You

Mrs Gray & Mrs Ellis

P7 Home learning tasks for 15.06.20

Good morning P7 and Happy Monday. I can’t believe we only have 2 more weeks to go!see you in class

You have a busy fortnight ahead although sadly not as busy as we would have originally wanted.

On Thursday you will be visiting St. Andrew’s (and other children have or will also be visiting Castlehead and St. Benedict’s). Thursday would also have been our Prom. I thought it would be nice to have a TEAM MEET on Thursday to have a mini party. Come along with juice and snacks, and if you wanted to (just for fun) wear something fancy!! I have invited Mrs McDonald and Mrs Rowley along to our meeting too so that they can join the party!

Here are your tasks for today. Keep uploading!

Mon 15th JUNE

P7 home learning tasks 12.06.20

Good morning everyone and Happy Friday!

Bitmoji Image

Well done for all your hard work and commitment this week. You have remained so focused and continued the hard work in very difficult circumstances and should be so proud of yourselves. Many of you are more than ready for high school and have proven this with your hard working attitude and resilience.

Some nice, light hearted, tasks for today (minus the spelling test sorry!) to help you relax and take a trip down memory lane. Many of you will have high school visits next week and then some time in school the following week so it’s important to relax before things start to  busy up slightly!

Have a good day and keep in touch.

Friday 12th June

P7 home learning tasks for 11th June 2020

Good morning everyone,


I hope you had a nice cosy day indoors yesterday! The weather was awful, I was outside for all of 2 minutes to take the bins in and that was enough for me! It’s to be brighter today- make the most of it by getting out for some exercise and fresh air. Cameron and I are going to go and visit my mum later on after school and sit in her garden for a wee social distanced picnic.

Your tasks for today are below. I’ve attached a powerpoint to the GOOGLE classroom that I would like you to work your way through for your reading task- it’s related to the current anti racism protests going on around the world. If you can’t access the version on the classroom please email me and I will email you a copy of the powerpoint, it’s too large to upload to this blog.

Have a good day and keep in touch as always 🙂

Mrs McDougall

Thurs 11th June


P7 Home learning tasks for Monday 8th June 2020

Good morning p7 and welcome back. Hope you had a nice weekend in the sunshine and got out and about!

Bitmoji Image

Thank you to all of you for submitting your yearbook info and pics, and I’m loving seeing your selfies which have been getting taken. You really all have grown up and got taller since I last saw you!

Your tasks for today include some preparation time for high school, take your time to complete these tasks as you will find them helpful.

Have a good Monday x

Monday 8th June