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P6 Home Learning Tasks 26/6/20

Good Morning P6, well done for surviving to this, your last day of school as a Primary 6 pupil. You have worked so hard all year and even more during lockdown, you should be very proud of yourselves!

When you return you will be the the new Primary 7 class, quite a responsibility, with two new head and deputy head boys and girls. Yesterday we awarded Blayre Donnelly and Hope Robertson the school’s Don Bosco Award and maybe next year it will be you.

I have only set one task for you today, so take your time and be creative.

Create an Africa Mind Map

I would like you to spend some time looking at what you learned about Africa and create a Mind Map.

Mind maps are a really useful tool for you moving forward in your learning because they allow you to put everything you know about a topic on a single sheet of paper and decorate it to make it personal and memorable to you!

They can be simple to create but you will need to practise and will become a standard revision tool when you move to high school. Watch the video clip and look at the examples I have attached for some inspiration, I’ve included one for South Africa (above).

Then make a list of all the facts you researched and start to lay your plan out. Remember it should be colourful and easy to remember. Send me a photo if you can?

I am very proud of the way you have worked over these last few weeks, take a well earned break and be ready with your head boy and girl speeches when you come back.

Missing you all already, hugs and more hugs.

Mrs Coyle

P6 Home Learning Tasks 25/6/20

Good Morning everyone, we are almost there and I certainly have mixed feelings about it. It’s been great to have seen your resilience, learning to adapt to the change of home learning, but teaching without seeing you face to face has been very strange.

You certainly have risen to the challenges over this last week and I’m very proud of your effort. The tasks for today are as follows;

Task 1 – Health and Wellbeing – What makes you laugh?

Our Joyful June Calendar suggests that we eat something we enjoy, which seems a bit lame to me, we wouldn’t really eat something if we didn’t enjoy it. So instead I’ve jumped ahead to Saturday, which asks us to think of something which makes you laugh and how it makes you feel?
I love watching videos with people doing silly stuff, you can almost predict what will happen, but its still funny!
Can you tell me what you enjoy to make you laugh and how it feels when you have the opportunity to laugh with your friends?

Task 2 – Day 4 Sumdog Challenge Maths

You have all managed an amazing effort in this last week, today will be the final challenge with a Times Table Challenge. Hadeel has been #mathsboss again with a fantastic effort in both the grammar and maths challenges.
Results for Wednesday were;
Maths Challenge – Hadeel, Eva and Logan
Grammar Challenge – Hadeel, Clara and Logan. Points will appear with a message on your page, prizes in post.

One last big effort and when the holidays start you’ll be missing your Sumdog Challenge, wait and see!!

Task 3 – Reading – Cole’s Kingdom

Can you finish the ebook Cole’s Kingdom (we had read up to chapter 4) and reflect on Grandma’s role in Cole’s experience.
She had given Cole the “keys he needed”, so did she know what was likely to happen, had she been there herself?
Take some time to think about it, I don’t need you to write anything just make the connections between the characters.

Over the Summer break think about the Summer Reading Challenges, I will put a couple of links below, but it is super important that you keep reading. Moving in to P7 there will be a greater expectation on you to improve literacy and writing. You will most likely start the term with the dreaded cold writing! Be proactive, practise writing a story from your imagination each week. It doesn’t need to be epic, just a simple story plan, remembering all the things which make a piece of writing exceptional; use of vocabulary, correct punctuation, paragraphs, a good twist to heighten the story. Practise writing in the 3rd person, as though you are watching the character, 1st person may involve a lot of direct speech which can be tricky in a short piece. Most of all just enjoy reading a good book, it will give you lots of inspiration and remember you don’t need to re-invent the wheel.

A number of the other classes are meeting today with Google Meets, I know no-one (other than Eva) was particularly keen to meet before but if you fancy coming together today at 2, I’ll set up a link and I’ll be there, maybe  I’ll be the sad and lonely teacher by herself but I’ll be there!!

Have a good day and join the meet if you fancy a chat and a wee laugh together!

Mrs Coyle

P6 Home Learning 24/6/20

Good Morning Primary 6, we are in the last few days of term now and I’m sure you must be desperate to get finished and feel like you are moving on and up in the school. The announcement yesterday, about us all being back in class in August, was an exciting one and we will now start to prepare. I’m sure Mrs McDonald will be writing to parents once all the guidance has been explained to her.

Yesterday’s Sumdog Challenge produced some outstanding effort, the Challenge winner was Hadeel who managed 598% of her target of 75 questions! Jamie Boylan and Logan produced 140% and 137% of target, so amazing effort by all, points and prizes to everyone who joined.

Today’s tasks are as follows;

Task 1 – Grammar Challenge – Sumdog

Just login as normal and work your way through the grammar questions.

Task 2 – Health and Wellbeing – Thank a friend.

From the Joyful June Calendar, the task today is to thank a friend/family member for the joy they bring in to your life. Use the template at the top of the page as an example. If you can, take a photo or just let me know who you are sending the message to.

Task 3 – Maths Challenge – Sumdog

Day 3 of the Sumdog Challenges. Today is mixed questions from across  maths topics. Remember Sumdog points and posted prizes are at stake.

It is a strange way to be finishing the term for us as teachers without our pupils, so it must be even stranger for the pupils without your teachers. Try to keep up the effort you have managed so far, it’s only 3 more days!!

Remember you can message me and now we can Google Meet if you want a chat! I’m here to talk over any worries or questions you might have, please don’t sit at home worrying about something which a wee chat could put to bed, just message me. Have a great day!

Mrs Coyle

P6 Home Learning 23/6/20

Good morning P6, you had a busy day yesterday and what an honour it was for me to be able to read about your happy memories.  The Sumdog challenge for day 1 was an amazing competition with only 1 point between the top 3 pupils.

Eva Rose 261 points, Clara 260 points and Logan 260 points. Well done to the top three, you all got Sumdog points and prizes will be in the post. Everyone who joins will get a prize of some sort so keep up that great maths work. The Day 2 Challenge is a tables challenge.

Tasks today are;

Task 1 – Sumdog Times Table Challenge

Task 2 –  Health and Wellbeing – Create a Collage.

Today our Joyful June calendar suggests that we create a collage of our favourite things. A collage is a collection of materials / paper/ items which are gathered together to create a piece of art (i have attached a few examples for inspiration). Can you create a collage using a sheet of coloured or decorated paper and then layering pictures, jewellery, images from magazines, anything important to you in an artistic creative way. If you can, take a picture of it and explain what you have used and why?

Task 3 – STEM Challenge

The desk tidy’s were great, I loved Clara’s design with a space for everything.

Today’s challenge is to design and make a boat, from recycled materials, to float and carry some coins. I have attached an image and a video clip for some inspiration. Use any materials you can find and see if you can float it in the bath.

I will be in school again today, so if you have any questions (or any worries now that you have your letters) about next session which I haven’t answered let me know and I’ll check with Mrs McDonald. Have a great day.

Mrs Coyle

P6 Home Learning Tasks 22/6/20

Can you believe that this is the last week of school? It’s hard to believe that the school term is coming to an end, you should all be very proud of yourselves for the way you have coped with the changes in your learning and how resilient you have become. You should all have details of the current plan for after the holidays, what days you will be in school and who your teacher will be, if you have any questions please let me know.

This week should really be about finishing off what we have been learning and having some fun, so I have only three tasks;

Task 1 – Health and Wellbeing

From our Joyful June calendar we are asked to share a happy memory with someone who means a lot to you. This could be a family member, a class friend or a best friend. I have attached a postcard template as a guide. I would like you to draw an image of the memory and write what happened to make it so good. If you can, send me a picture of it or just reply to me with what the memory was about and who you are sharing it with.

Task 2 – Maths – Sumdog Daily Challenge 

This week I will set a daily challenge on sumdog (with prizes), log in and  work your way through the questions and I will post the winner when the challenge expires each night.

Task 3 – STEM Challenge

Since we have all been working at home, it is good to keep all your school work materials together so, your STEM Challenge for today is to create a desk tidy using recycled materials and anything you have at home. I have attached a few images for you as inspiration.

Have a great day working away at your tasks, message me if you need help and I look forward to seeing your pictures of your desk tidies and your happy memories.

Remember if you have any questions about next term, I’ll be in school again today, message me on  Google Classroom and I’ll ask Mrs McDonald.

Mrs Coyle

P6 Home Learning 19/6/20

Good morning P6, we have come to the end of our second last week of this term and you have worked really hard. I hope you managed to tune in to Blair Drummond Safari Park yesterday, to learn all about their lemurs? I have made up a short quiz to test you. Work hard on your tasks today and enjoy a rest over the weekend. Your tasks are posted in Google Classroom with a plan below;

Task 1. Writing – Punctuation

Choose the sentence with the correct punctuation, rewrite the 6 sentences, taking care not to make any mistakes.

Task 2. Health and Wellbeing

Choose a task from the Outdoor Art activities grid and take a photo or draw a picture of your work.

Health and Wellbeing Outdoor Art activities

Task 3 . Social studies – Africa – Lemur Quiz

Take the quiz and see how well you listened to the information from the Blair Drummond Lemur Land tour.  Record your score and add to the bottom of the task message. Enjoy!

Have a good day, message me if you need help and have a great weekend.

Mrs Coyle

P6 Home Learning Tasks 18/6/20

Good morning P6, I hope you enjoyed your lazy, relaxing day yesterday, I tried asking for a shoulder massage many times, but alas I’m still waiting!! Rotten selfish daughters, at least I had my dinner cooked for me!

Today is going to be a beautiful day, so to keep in our relaxed, chilled zone our tasks are not too challenging. Have a look at the image above and have a go at completing the drawing, it can be whatever your imagination sees.

Task 1 – Grammar

Complete the Jolly Grammar sheet for your group, both are list 30.

Jolly Grammar 3 grammar sheet 30 Homophones – there, their and they’re.

Jolly Grammar 4 grammar sheet 30 – Phrases, clauses and sentences.

Task 2 – Blair Drummond Live Stream at 12pm – Lemurs of Madagascar.

Join the live stream or watch it afterwards. Listen and take notes about the information you hear.

Once you have completed the stream, draw out an image of a Lemur and around it write out 5-6 facts you can recall from the stream. Make you image nice and colourful, (I’ve attached an outline image you could copy).

Task 3 – Health and Wellbeing – Who are You 

This is a very personal task and relates to you and your family and how you see yourselves,

You will need; paper and coloured pens or pencils

  1. Each person should draw a flag or coat of arms to represent themselves or their family. They can draw their own or use one of the templates below.

  2. Include symbols or pictures describing who they are, what’s important to them or what they enjoy. Remember to include all your family.

  3. Once finished, if you can send me a picture, I’ll put them together and you can try to guess which one belongs to whom.

Remember to just draw out an image of the flag or coat of arms, the images are there for guidance.

I’m working my way through answering your questions, especially the P1 Buddy ones. There is a lot of change still to happen before we come back in August, so a lot will seem very wooly. As soon as we know how next session will work you will know, but be reassured that everyone at St Fergus’ understands your worries and is working hard to create a safe and happy school for you all.

Remember to take some time for yourself to relax with something like Cosmic Yoga and have a fab day in the sunshine.

Mrs Coyle

P6 Home Learning Tasks 17/6/20

Good morning P6, it’s been a very frustrating one for me, my internet has been playing games with me this morning!!!

Your tasks are now posted on Google Classroom for you and are as follows;

Task 1. Health and Wellbeing – this task really sets the feeling for the day.

It is from the Joyful June Calendar and asks you to look after you! Your task is to treat yourself the way you would treat someone else, so I would like you to write me a short paragraph about your perfect day.  Your tasks reflect a perfect day so you gave an art task and a reading task to complete.  A perfect day for me  is outlined in classroom.

Task 2. Art and Design – Paint like L.S. Lowry.

Watch the video clip from the Tate Gallery and have a go. Don’t worry if you don’t have paints and a canvas, just use what you’ve got pens. pencils, paper.

Task 3. Reading – Cole’s Kingdom

Are you enjoying the book, it’s a great example of use of descriptive language and different grammatical technique?

Your task is to read the next two chapters (up to chapter 6).  At the start of chapter 5, Cole wakes from his sleep with a head full of unusual memories.

Your task is to write a short paragraph, waking up from an imaginary day or a boring lockdown day, use the same language and technique the author uses. It can be you or a character you create, your choice. (Sorry that I can’t put a link to the book here, the file is too large for the school blog, however it is in the Classroom)

Have a good day relaxing, reading and painting.  I’m not in school today so you can contact me any time.

Mrs Coyle

P6 Home Learning Tasks 16/6/20

Good morning P6, how are we all today?

I was in the school hub yesterday and it was great to meet up with the key worker children who were attending. I got to see Jamie and Lewis and hope they had some fun.

Today’s tasks are quite straightforward and shouldn’t take much time, but I would like you to let me know how you feel about fractions?

The plan is a s follows;

Task 1  – Cosmic Yoga

Task 2 – Reading – Cole’s Kingdom.

Read the first three chapters as though you are a reading detective, looking for examples of alliteration, personification (page 1) , rhyme (page 9). Look at how the author uses descriptive language to paint a picture in your mind. I don’t want you to write anything about what you have read only to complete the first box in the attached template. Take a sheet of paper and answer the questions, keep safe and we will build on this over the next few days.

Cole’s Kingdom Story Map

Task 3 – Maths  – Fractions Revisit Revise Review

Complete the page and feedback to me how you feel you have managed with the fractions, are you ready to move on to percentages and decimals?

Tasks 4 – Health and Wellbeing  – Bag of Worries.

Read through the PowerPoint about the girl and all the worries she has about school and her new teacher. Then choose a bag template or design your own and write down things that are worrying you and questions you may have. I will try to answer all the questions tomorrow.

The Carrier Bag of Concerns PowerPoint

My Bag of Concerns

Have a good day and remember if you have any questions at all just message me.

Mrs Coyle


P6 Home Learning Tasks

Good Morning and Happy Monday to you all. I hope you had a lovely weekend and had a chance to relax in the sun, yesterday afternoon. Can you believe that we only have two more weeks of home learning tasks before we break for the summer? I cannot believe that the time has passed so quickly since we stopped in March. You will start to get more information about arrangements for returning to school in August soon and remember that that you will need to think about speeches applying for Head Boy and Head Girl!

There will be another activity for the RL Olympics which I will post later. Your tasks are posted in Google Classroom and I have them listed here;

Task 1 – Think about your friends you have missed from school and take 5 min to say the school prayer, with a Hail Mary and Our Father to ask for them to be kept safe.

Task 2 – Cosmic Yoga – Join Jamie for some meditation before you get started with your tasks. Relax and think clearly to complete your tasks quickly and accurately.

Task 3 – Spelling

Your words are on Spelling City for you to practise some of the free games.

Complete the spelling worksheet for your group, then complete the extension task.

Group 1 – Jolly Grammar 4 list 30 – wordsearch task.

Jolly Grammar 4 List 30 Wordsearch .JPG

Group 2 –  Jolly Grammar 3 list 30 – word scramble task.

JG3 List 30 wordscramble homophones

Task 4 – Health and Wellbeing / Art

Look at the Outdoor Art Grid and choose a task which you have the resources to complete. Take a picture of your activity and let me know what you have made.

Health and Wellbeing Outdoor Art acrivities

Task 5 – Go Noodle

Task 6 – Maths – Multiplication of Fractions,

There is a video clip with questions and quiz, explanation sheet and worksheet, Work your way through and let me know how you get on?

I an at the school again today at the hub. Remember you can message me if you need help with anything and the message comes to my phone. Try to complete your tasks today as we plan for bringing the term to an end.

Work hard and have a good day,

Mrs Coyle