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Family Learning Events Evaluation

On Tuesday at Parent’s Night, our Head and Depute boys and girls will be asking you for your views on or Family Learning Events. Please take time to complete the online evaluation with them. We are always trying to gather your views to help us plan for future events. Please see below for the QR Code and Web link.

Maths Week

Today we started a full week of activities to celebrate Maths Week. Our focus for today was the days of the week and the months of the year. Our P7 volunteers  read The Hungry Caterpillar to us and we then worked around tasks set up across both P1 and P2/3.

We are ordering the days of the week. – Diana
We used the story to match the day and the food. – Xavier
We are going over our months of the year. – Ella
We are sorting our months of the year. – Aleksander
We had fun playing the month game. – Rachel
I liked the girls reading us the story. – Nicole

The Bedtime Book Buddies

Thank you very much to all the families that have joined us over the past few weeks at The Bedtime Book Buddies. We have had lots of fun hearing stories about crayons, naughty cats, creepy monsters and magical unicorns. I hope you continue to share all your favourite stories both in school and at home.

Daisy- I knew all the different coloured crayons.

Daniel and Robbie planned their outfit designs together.

We discussed the three sharing all together in our reading circle.

Mini Beast Afternoon

Mason- I made a worm.

Shonnie- I made a tiny worm.

Hannah- I like ladybugs.

Daniel is looking for a spider with his magnifying glass.

Today we continued our STEM Fortnight learning by investigating minibeasts. We discussed the importance of  minibeasts and thought about their habitats. This was very useful as we then went on a minibeast hunt. We used lots of scientific equipment, such as a magnifying glass, to search for minibeasts and we found lots hiding under the logs in the playground. We also worked at several stations drawing, researching and making minibeasts.

I found a worm. – Annie

I would like to keep this insect because it looks cute. – Alan

I am drawing a ladybird.- Ayda

We found pictures of snails. – Robert Thomas