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Falcon Day Centre – Sports Day

The children in P3/4 had a wonderful afternoon at the Falcon Day Centre. We player with children from the nursery and spoke to some of the ladies from the centre. We had great fun using the parachute, playing table tennis, giant connect 4 and bowling. Thank you for inviting us along!

Rosary for Peace

Maisy Milk from Aid to the Church in Need (ACN) has asked the boys and girls to pray the Rosary for Peace. Each day we have prayed 1 decade of the rosary. So by Friday the class will have said 115 decades all together.

We did some mental maths to work out the total number of prayers.

Peyton: “I will pray 5 Our Fathers.”

Alan: “I will pray 50 Hail Marys.”

Julia: “I will pray 5 Glory Bes.”

Our thoughts on praying the Rosary ….

Emily: “I like praying for all the children.”

Kian: “Praying all the children is very important.”

Dominik: “I think every country needs to have peace.”

Mia: “We heard about a place where lots of the dads had died and all the mums had to look after the children by themselves. We prayed that God would help them handle it.”

Sara: “We prayed the Rosary so that God would help the children who had no parents left.”

We learned that…

Alex: “When you make the Sign of the Cross that means you are talking to God.

Szymon: “We learned about the Hail Mary.”

Leon: “We learned that we can pray at the Altar.”

This charity sent us 100 set of Rosary beads to help us praying. Thank you so much! We have really enjoyed praying with them!

Louise: “I made a Maisy Milk because I wanted to add it to our Altar.”

Breakfast Club

The children have been having lots of fun at breakfast club playing games together and using our new board games.

If you are interested, breakfast club starts at 8:10 am and final entry at 8:45 am. Come and join us breakfast and games!