Proud to be me

This is a student blogging challenge meme and here is a link to the original post.

Something that makes me proud to be me is my ICT skills.

One day our teacher Miss Docherty introduced a website called Voki. Voki is a website that lets you create a mini person or animation and loads more. Then all you do is put your text into the text box or you can phone the number and get it to say whatever you want. So our teacher found out how to put a Voki on to our blog so she put a Voki on the blog and she put a post on my E-PortFoliGlow and I learned it and put instructions on the blog myself.

I have tagged the class climb high.

I hope they will take part.


5 thoughts on “Proud to be me”

  1. Hi Mr Carson
    it is true I am very proud of my Brilliant Bloggers. We would be thrilled to share in your meme.

    Miss Docherty

  2. Hi Kim
    to tag a class you visit their class blog and collect their url. You would then post this on our blog to say which classes you are tagging. You also have to leave a comment on the class you are tagging to tell them they have been tagged. If you have any trouble with it send me another message.

    Miss Docherty

  3. Wow sounds like you are very proud of your Brilliant Bloggers. Please come to share in our Meme and tell what accomplishments you are most proud of. Tag you are it!

  4. Hi Kim
    This is the post that you lost in school today. It was saved safely in our drafts. I have published it for you, all you have to do is click edit to tag the classes or student blogs that you wish to tag as part of the game.

    I think that your post is excellent. Voki is really tricky to get on to our blog and you should be so proud that you were not only able to do this, but also able to help others to do it too.

    Well done Kim you really are a Brilliant Blogger!!!

    Miss Docherty

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