A Competitive Competition

A couple of weeks ago the whole class did a competition to design the plot (garden) in Banton owned by the school.
I realy wanted to win so I tried my hardest. I was given a sheet of paper to draw my design on. I drew a picture of little flowers round the out side and two big bunches of yellow flowers 🌺 further up. It had two little pieces of wood up the middle in between there was chips of bark.
About a week later I found out that I had won with Fergie’s colours I was delighted. That day Alexander, Zara, Fergie, Ellie and I went down with Mrs Cheape to the plot (garden) to use my design for it. We used the flowers that the school had got for us. Once we had finished laying it out we it looked great.
Im am very happy and proud of myself and I enjoyed designing the garden it was fun.img_0395fullsizerender