The boys table

The Boy knackered from his treck.

put his boots in the garage,

put his jacket in the cupboard,

The sound of arguing,

the sound of his alarm,

The sound of the bright white sheep,

the bouncing of his feet.

The warm white dog fur he put there,

on the table the boy put down emotions,

The sound of a gulp of water he put there,

His grandads last words he put there,

his uncles last high five he put there.

The table was gaining muscle as fast as Eddie hall.


4 thoughts on “The boys table”

  1. Nice work Jonah – Dougal
    I like the way you choose a trek – Annie
    I like the way you described everything especially the white sheep – Ben
    I enjoyed how you started with the concrete stuff and ended with the abstract stuff – Corrie
    I enjoyed the emotion – Laurie

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