A girl was filled with joy,

put her bag on the floor,

  Put her jacket in the cupboard then she put,

Her phone on the seat and her lunch on the floor.

Hearing her best friend giggle,

The dog was having fun jumping up and down, happy to see her,

She put what she is going to do on the weekend,

Thinking of going to play in the rain or working in a vet

or going to bed she was smelling home-made soup,

Her sister and brother and mum and dad all that stuff on the table,

The table is still standing on four legs,

  Shook once,

Stands tall and she kept putting stuff on

7 thoughts on “Girl”

  1. Very nice work – Liam
    Very imaginative – Brogan
    I love the line, ‘Shook once, Stands tall’ – Mrs Grant
    I like the, ‘smelling home-made soup’ line – Ben

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