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Skittles Science 🌈


Room 6 have had an interesting week filled with lots of opportunity for active and experimental learning. We particularly enjoyed our lessons in Health and Wellbeing/PE, Numeracy and Science over the past week.

In Health and Wellbeing/PE we have been learning about the importance of staying fit and active and ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Across the last 6 weeks, our focus has been on fitness during our Thursday PE lessons. We have been completing a fitness routine throughout this time to see if we have improved our skills and confidence. On Thursday, we finished our fitness plan and to complete our topic, we filled out a self-reflection and evaluation on how we felt about our learning. We had 6 comments that we had to evaluate through traffic lighting and we are pleased that most of us feel very positive about the fitness block.

In Numeracy, we are all very excited to move on to multiplication. We have been asking to learn this for a while now and can’t wait to start practising out times tables. So far, we have had a look at sets/groups and how these can be organised to help us calculate larger numbers more easily. We discussed how all groups must be equal when completing multiplication and also that multiplying numbers can be shown in different ways. Both today and yesterday we practised organising groups and were interested to see that multiplication sums can be switched to give the same answers, just like addition and subtraction sums. We worked in pairs to calculate the total cubes while also laying out sets of a certain number of groups. We are looking forward to learning about the ‘x’ symbol next.

As we have been reading ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ as our book for pleasure recently alongside our Chocolate topic, we had a great afternoon on Thursday completing an experiment using skittles. We loved getting our scientist caps on and making predictions about what might happen in the experiment. In small groups, we laid skittles around the edge of a paper plate before adding slightly warm water. The results were amazing! We noticed that the colour from the skittles spread through the water, leaving the skittles white and creating a rainbow/swirly pattern. We also commented on the scent that came off the experiment which smelled so sweet and tasty. It was very exciting!

As part of our play learning this week, we had a super time experimenting with the wooden blocks. We set a challenge to build a block tower that would stay standing without collapsing. It was nearly the size of us!

Here are some comments from this week’s learning (Room 6 insisted on including what percentage they enjoyed their learning):

OM, NG – I 250% loved doing the skittles art/science.
QJO – I 390% loved doing the skittles experiment and free flow play.
EL – I am 100% excited about doing multiplication.
IR, BrM – I 400% liked doing the skittles experiment.
RF – I loved doing the skittles experiment and I really wanted to eat them.
AbS – I 100 billion % loved the free flow play. 
SG – I 100% loved talking about our weekend news. 
MMu – I  1 trillion % loved the free flow play.
MM – I 100% liked doing the free flow play.
HG – I started the percentage fun on the blog. 
SM – I liked learning about the times tables yesterday.
What a super week of learning!
Room 6 and Mrs Rae 😊

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