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January 24, 2022
by Miss Reid

Room 16

Last week in Room 16 were working hard during Numeracy and Literacy.

We have started our new class topic ‘The Rainforest’ where we have been learning what the equator is and where this is situated, as well as the Tropic of Cancer/Capricorn. We discussed the 7 continents and if anyone knew what these were, and why these might be important to know in relation to the rainforest. We used all of this information as well as chrome books to research where the rainforests are in the world in relation to the equator.  We coloured in the certain parts of the world where the rainforests were on a map and wrote down the specific continents.

As part of science we were completing a Solar System fact hunt where we had to gather the correct information to support a range of questions and use our problem solving skills to work out certain answers about the different planets.

For Art we have started a group art project of Robert Burns Pop Art inspired by the artist ‘Chuck Close’. The children have been using a range of colours, tones and patterns to make their part of the portrait stand out.

This week our star writers for the Narrative pieces we completed were: Aimee, Indie, Innes and Umar so well done on your fantastic stories.

Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Reid/Mr McKay


January 24, 2022
by Ms McIver

Room 23 – 21.1.22

Last week we:

– started our block of volleyball in P.E. 🏐

– created images of our suspects for our Crime and Punishment topic (thank you to my lovely colleagues for being good sports 🤣)

– learnt a few notes on the glockenspiel and chime bars to play along to ‘Happy’ 🎶

– celebrated three more star writers for their excellent instructional writing ✍️


January 22, 2022
by L Henderson

Room 13

We moved onto division this week and have been exploring the links between multiplication and division. We have realised that having a solid understanding of our multiplication tables helps us with this.

We also learnt all about the first ever haggis sent into space! We explored what is needed for a safe landing back on earth and put this into action by designing (and trying out!) our very own egg launchers. Some eggs may have cracked but overall they remained in one piece!


January 21, 2022
by Miss Love

Room 4

Hello everyone 👋

We started our new topic this week ‘Katie Morag’ and explored what life would be like living on an island. The boys and girls were exploring the positive and negative aspects of island living during their writing. Within our writing we have started a new block of persuasive writing.

In our numeracy this week we looked at number stories and adding together three digits. We also started exploring time and were learning to sequence months of the year and days of the week.

In science, we started our topic about the human body and learned all about the function of our skeleton.

Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Love and Room 4

January 21, 2022
by Miss Campbell

Emotion Works in Room 12


This week, in Health and Wellbeing we read the story ‘Ruby’s Worry’ and were able to see that sometimes a worry can get so big, we begin to feel a little stuck!

We reviewed the ‘Orange Cog’ and explored vocabulary used to describe how you may feel if you have a worry like Ruby! We also looked at how the Cogs interlink and how the Orange ‘Emotion Words’ Cog links to how we may start to feel physically, which is represented by the ‘Red Cog’. Next week, we will continue to make links to the Cogs and explore strategies we can use to support us when faced with unsettling emotions!

Looking at the different vocabulary used to describe feelings meant we could use it to further improve our Recount writing which is the genre we are currently focussing on as a class!



January 21, 2022
by Miss Laird

Room 11

Hi everyone,

We have had a very busy week in room 11 with lots of new learning!

In literacy we introduced the ‘ch’ sound as in chord and have been working on our common words. We continued to learn about the features of a recount and created a plan to write our own recount next week about our best holiday including who, what, where, why and when. We also worked on our handwriting and introduced the first join.

In Health and Wellbeing we learnt about being kind. We discussed what kindness means to us and created a list of ways that we could show kindness. The children then wrote an act of kindness that they have carried out onto a strip of paper and we connected all the strips into a paper chain. The children will add to this as they carry out other acts of kindness.

For PE this week we continued with our tennis focus. We spoke about racket safety and then used the racket to move the tennis ball around the MUGA in various ways. First, we balanced the tennis ball on the racket, then we practiced bouncing the ball on the racket and finally we bounced the ball on the ground with the racket.

We have started our new topic called The Continents. We used an atlas to help us locate and label each of the continents on a blank map. We have enjoyed listening to and learning the Seven Continents song. Ask us to sing it for you! This has helped us learn interesting facts about each continent.

Have a great weekend!

Miss Laird

🌱 Nurture in P5/6 🥰

January 21, 2022 by Miss Napier | 0 comments

During the month of January, each class has had the nurture theme of ‘The importance of nurture for the development of wellbeing’ to look at. We’ve been having lots of discussions about nurture and what it means to be nurturing. This week, the class completed Compliments Profiles. This is where each pupil drew an image of themselves on a piece of paper and then passed this round the whole class for their peers to add compliments to. We talked about what a compliment is, the need for compliments to be sincere and then discussed some vocabulary that could be used, before completing the task. Take a look at some of our compliments profiles and the looks on our faces when we finally received our own profiles back to read 🥰

Continuing with the theme of nurturing, each group in the class has been given a succulent to nurture and look after. The groups will be naming them next week and taking care of them from now until summer 🌱

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January 21, 2022
by Mrs Ventre

Room 1

Good afternoon everyone!

Room 1 have had a fun filled week with lots of great learning. 

In Literacy, we learned the sounds b and u. We talked about why learning our sounds are so important, to read to write to spell. The boys and girls worked hard at how to form these letters correctly. Remembering that ‘b’ touched the sky but ‘u’ is a small letter and does not. Our new spelling words were, be but and you and we have enjoyed practising how to read and spell these words. Ask your child how to spell these words. 

We have had a big focus on reading this week and the boys and girls have had the chance to carry out independent reading, choral reads and partner reads with their books. They were able to answer questions related to their book as well as making lots of connections. 

In Numeracy, we have been looking at a range of strategies to help us to add. We focused on how to use a number line and enjoyed getting the chance to jump up our big number line on the floor to help us understand how to use a number line.  We have also been working hard with our counting and the boys and girls enjoyed listening to a new song to help them count in 5s. 

For Health and Wellbeing we were continuing to look at our rights as children. We looked at having the right to belong and discussed how we all belong to our class and the different things we can do to help our friends feel part of our Room 1 team. 

As part of our Scotland focus this month we created our very own tartan. Have a look at some of our super work below. 

For PE we are continuing to focus on hockey and we were learning how to dribble the ball. We also had the chance to work on our team building skills with Miss Kennedy and played lots of fun games. Please see how much fun we had below. 

Thank you for all your continued support. Have a lovely weekend! 

Mrs Ventre


January 21, 2022
by Mrs Reilly

Celebrating Robert Burns in Room 21 🎨

With Burns Night just around the corner, we have been celebrating the man himself this week. We looked at the works of two different artists and used their work as inspiration to create two very different Robert Burns themed pieces. The first piece was an independent piece inspired by Andy Warhol. We used a repetitive image and bright colours to create our own Pop Art.

Our second piece was inspired by the artist Chuck Close and was a collaborative piece. We each completed at least one section and then worked as a team to piece our work together to reveal an image of Robert Burns. We worked in two groups in competition with each other and very cruelly asked Mrs Webber to choose a winner. She found it very tricky because, as you can see, both groups did a fantastic job! ⭐

Well done for another wonderful week of learning Primary 6! 😁

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