Newton Farm Primary School and Nursery Class

December 8, 2023
by Mrs Norton

Busy Elves in Room 4

Christmas has arrived in Room 4!  Thank you very much for all the donations of wrapping paper. The boys and girls in room 4 have been busy cutting, sticking (and building their fine motor skills) at our wrapping station in class this week. Our wrapping station will be open all week and any donations of unwanted wrapping paper or gift cards would be most welcome.

It has been lovely seeing the boys and girls wrapping creations in class to take home or put under our class tree.

We have also been exploring shape, pattern and symmetry when making our own baubles to decorate the tree.  Can you spot which decorations are symmetrical and not symmetrical?

We are getting really excited about our big nativity performance on Tuesday.  We can’t wait to share our performance with you!

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Norton

December 8, 2023
by Miss White

It’s Getting Festive in Room 17!!!

With it being December in room 17, we have been stuff fun – and festive! 

In math, we have done some work on bridging (carrying), and missing number questions. We have worked on some textbooks, and some questions on the board. It challenged us all for sure. 

Next, the class has been doing some phonemes. The phoneme ‘ch’ ‘tch’ and ‘t’ has been working us all hard, making fun lists and even speed writing!  

On the Primary 5 topic of natural disasters, we have done a fun experiment with volcanoes, before moving onto the sub-topic of floods. The whole class got to create a Paper Mache volcano, complete with paint. We got to set them off in the playground.  

It’s almost the Christmas show, and Room 17 have been practicing ridiculously hard for our acting and singing. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy the effort we put into it! 

And, lastly, we have big news. On Friday, the 1st of December our elf arrived! Jingles the elf was sitting on a tree with a letter telling us to be kind, to put a bobble on the tree, named the Kindness Tree!  


Written by Evie McCall. 

December 8, 2023
by Mr McCourt

Our Week in Room 16 04.12.23

We have enjoyed so many things in Room 16 this week, we have started new reading books for all reading books and are enjoying challenging ourselves by creating character visualisers for the main characters in our books.

For maths, we have also challenged ourselves this week as we have moved on to multiplication and have tackled the 2, 4, and 8 times tables by looking for patterns and doubling our answers.

We have continued with our Christmas show practise and cant wait to show you what we have come up with (our favourite part of this week has to be our impromptu All I want for Christmas is You performance during Article Fun 31 this afternoon).


December 8, 2023
by Mrs Ventre

Room 1

Good afternoon,
This week Room 1 have been working really hard to develop their addition skills. We have been focusing on using different strategies to help us to add.

When we add zero – “It stays the same” JH
When we add one – “Its just the next number” CMCL
When we add two – “The next number and the next number again” SS

We have been using a number line, fingers and our big brains to help us complete different calculations. The boys and girls enjoyed carrying out lots of fun adding games to help develop their knowledge.

Have a great weekend

Thank you

Mrs Ventre


December 8, 2023
by Mr Allen

STEM Ambassadors & Room 9

Today we had a visit from our P7 STEM ambassadors who came to teach us about the Water Cycle. It was really nice to have Boo and Amy in our class. We were very impressed with the activities that they did with us.

The first game was ‘Weather Charades’ and Mr Allen was very surprised that some us had never  played this game before. He said we might get to play it with our families on Christmas Day. It was really hard to mime out different weather to our group but it was good fun.

The main activity was to learn about the Water Cycle. We had to do an experiment in a jar with the rest of our group. We got a jar with hot water and food colouring, we then added hairspray to make clouds. When we added ice, it caused condensation inside the jar. At the end we added food colouring to make it look like rain. During the experiment we noticed that there wasn’t a lot of condensation so next week we are going to try the experiment again to see if it works better with boiling water.


December 8, 2023
by Miss Mulreany

Room 5 :)

In Room 5,

R – We have been doing some BINGO. It’s something when you call out numbers and if you have it you cross it out.

H – We have learned a new sound – ‘ew’. 

G – We have been learning four new common words – soon, book, what, many.

L – We have been going to the gym hall to practise singing for the concert.

L – We have been practising our songs for the Christmas concert.

R – We have been learning how you can measure in different ways, handspan, foot spans, metre stick.

C – We went to assembly and Ian was there teaching us about waiting during the Christmas time.

F – We have been learning the number stories of 12, 13, 14 and 15.

Our Christmas concert will be on Wednesday 13th December at 09:30. We look forward to seeing you then! 🙂

December 8, 2023
by Mrs Kelly

Room 3’s Blog

Welcome to our blog!


This week we have been learning,

A, ‘I have learned that letters can make sentences.’

C, ‘A sentence needs a capital letter.’

R, ‘You use a reading finger to read a book.’

E, ‘You can use the picture when reading a book.’

H, ‘I’ve learned 2+2=4.’

N, ‘I have learned to read a book.’


Thank you for reading our blog!

December 8, 2023
by Miss Higgins

Room 27

This week in Room 27…

Buddy the Elf came to visit with a Kindness Christmas tree.  If we do something kind we can add a bauble to the tree.  LJ

As part of our topic we complete a science experiment about a volcano.  OE. 

During PE with Miss Finch we were running.  SM

For art we drew Christmas trees and designed stars.  RS.  

We made Christmas tree art using paints and pastels.  AK

For ICT we learned to use a Hyperdoc.  It had lots of different Christmas activities for us to complete.  JS

In literacy, we created a  poem called A Recipe For Winter.  EC

In maths we have been practising four digit additions sums.  JR

We are continuing with basketball in PE.  MC

Some people achieved their silver certificate for their times tables.  AC


We have also been practising for our Christmas Concert.  It will take place on Friday 15th December at 1:30pm.  We are looking forward to seeing you then.

Children can wear a Christmas jumper and Christmas accessories on Friday for the concert,

Have a fantastic weekend.

Miss Higgins and Room 27.



December 8, 2023
by Mrs Stewart

Book Buddies

Sorry for the late pictures, but we had some technical issues getting the photos off the camera!

Here are some pictures from last week’s reading event. when parents and relatives came along to Room 19 to enjoy some reading time. It was great to see so any people and the children really enjoyed the day.

Thank you to those brave souls who were happy for me to post their pictures on the blog.



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