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March 28, 2024
by Mrs Meechan

March Newsletter

End of term news…  Your child’s report will come home with them today, please return the paper feedback sheet to your child’s class teacher after the holiday.   This year you will also be sent an electronic version of the report through Parent Portal.  We hope to send all information through Parent Portal in the new session so we will ask for some feedback after the Easter break on how easy it was to access and read the report on Parent Portal.

We would like to wish everyone a very restful, enjoyable Easter holiday and we look forward to seeing you all again on Monday 15th April.  Please see our latest newsletter for an update on some of our school events this term and some dates for your diary for the term ahead.  NFPS Newsletter March 24

I hope you all have a wonderful break!

Mrs Meechan

April 22, 2024
by Miss Sutherland

Happy World Earth Day!

As part of our literacy today, we decided to enjoy some outdoor learning to also celebrate World Earth Day! We love our outdoor environment and enjoyed practicing this weeks spelling words in loads of active ways! We worked individually, in pairs and in groups to spell tricky words with lots of different resources!

April 19, 2024
by Miss Mulreany

Data Handling in Room 5

Room 5 enjoyed being back at school this week, catching up with all their friends. It was lovely to see everyone again and hear all about their Easter break.

This week in Maths, we have been completing some data handling work. We have been looking at organising data for various graphs and diagrams. We used tally marks to collate information and then compiled it into bar graphs and Carroll diagrams. We were able to answer questions based on the data collected.

On Thursday 25th April we would like to welcome parents/carers to our ‘Learning Showcase’. This is a child-led experience where the children will be showing some of the learning that has taken place in our class and completing some activities with you. This event will be from 1:40-2:40 and we look forward to seeing you then.

April 19, 2024
by Mrs Norton

Welcome Back to Room 4

It has been lovely welcoming all the boys and girls back to room 4 after the holidays and hearing all about what they got up to.  I swear they have all grown over the holidays, and I enjoyed seeing how far they have come since they started Primary 1 back in August. I can’t wait to see where their learning journey takes them before the summer.

This week for our blog, I wanted to provide a snapshot of the classroom to give you an insight of what happens in the class. The photos below were taken on Thursday morning as I walked around the room.

As you can see, the boys and girls were so involved in their learning they had no idea I was taking their photo. I couldn’t be prouder of everyone in the class and how they were leading their own learning journey!

I hope this afternoon’s sunshine is a sign of more things to come. As the weather warms up, a wee reminder that even though it might be sunny outside, the P1 playground is pretty shaded so can stay chilly all day.

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Norton

April 19, 2024
by Ms Tighe

This week …

** Blog Post by John & Charlie **

In room 18 we were sharing about our news about our holiday by doing literacy,art and drama.


On Tuesday we were learning about physical theatre in drama and we got put into groups of  7,6 and 5 then we tried to act different places like the park,theme park and the circus using our bodies.


In gymnastics we were working on our balance.also we tried doing hard positions and holding them for 10,15 seconds each and it was very challenging .

April 19, 2024
by Miss Higgins

Room 27

Thank you to Aimee, Hollie and Sophie for writing this week’s post.


On Monday the Butcharts chose a new book called Grimwood.

We finished time in numeracy.

We started a new enterprise topic about putting on our own Music Festival..

In maths we started division.

We also wrote our Easter holiday news.

We wrote a story about the middle of the night.

We learned how to draw a one point perspective road drawing.

We got new spelling words.

John’s dad came to show us an app called Make It Happen with games that people made.

We got to do kahoot with a partner.

We are doing rounders for PE.


Have a lovely weekend,


Miss Higgins and Room 27.


April 19, 2024
by Mr Allen

Room 9 Direct Speech

We have all enjoyed being back at school this week. Mr Allen said it was great having everyone back in class.

In literacy this week, we were learning about how to use Direct speech. It was very tricky at first but by the end of the week we all really understood what to do. The first thing that we need to do is separate the talking part and the unspoken part of a sentence, we use a comma to do this. Then we put the inverted commas around the spoken part using marks that we called 66 and 99 because that is what the punctuation marks look like. Instead of writing in our jotters, Mr Allen got us to act out the situation using printed words and punctuation marks. The photographs below shows what we did.


Mr Allen was so impressed with our progress, we got to share our learning with the P3s and P4s during our assembly this week. We also used direct speech in our story writing.

April 19, 2024
by Mrs Ventre

Room 1

Good afternoon everyone,

This week we have been learning all about time. We talked about how time passes from days to months to years. We then looked at how to tell the time.

OC “We used an analogue clock”

KH ” The little hand is the hours”

WMcC ” The big hand is the minutes hand.

CMCI ” When the minute hand is on the 12 and the hours hand is on the 6 it is 6 o’clock”

LW “24 hours in a day”

Please have a look at our learning below.

Have a lovely weekend!

Thank you

Mrs Ventre and Room 1



April 19, 2024
by Mrs Kelly

Room 3’s Blog

Welcome to Room 3’s blog,


This week we have been learning,

A, ‘We have been learning about emotions.’

L, ‘We have been learning about clocks.’

C, ‘An analogue clock is a circle.’

K, ‘We have been counting in 2s.’

K, ‘We have been learning about silent letters in the words – have and are.’


Thank you for reading our blog!

April 19, 2024
by Miss Lockhart

Our First Week Back in Room 2!

Hello everyone,

Welcome back! It is a great feeling being back at school with all of our friends following our Easter holidays.

This week we …

“have been reading new reading books, mine is about a birthday cake for Ben.” E

“built beanstalks trying to make it as tall as we can. Mine won and it was 124cm.” S

“went to P.E. and started practising races for sports day.” E

“we have been practising counting in 2s, 5s and 10s.” Z

“I spoke at assembly talking about what I did in the Easter holidays.” M

“we have been writing lots of sentences.” T

A busy week indeed in Room 2! Have a look below at a snapshot of our learning. Thank you.

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