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February 28, 2024
by Mrs Rae

P2 Football

P2 are very lucky to have football coaches from Active Schools taking some lessons with them up until the spring break. Can pupils please come to school in a PE kit on Friday’s as these classes will run from 1st March until 22nd March. Thank you.

February 28, 2024
by Mrs Rae

Nurture afternoon and Chocolate ✨🍫

We have had a very exciting week so far in Room 6 in both our Health and Wellbeing learning as well as our topic lessons.

On Monday, we focussed on another nurture principle as part as our nurture afternoon and sharing. This principle looked at the message of ‘All behaviour is communication’. To begin the lesson, we watched a clip from the film ‘Inside Out’ which showed the main character Riley and how she experienced many different emotions due to triggers. We enjoyed discussing the emotions she felt and what might have caused her to feel that way. We found it interesting that throughout the clip there was no talking at all and we were able to work out what caused Riley to feel a particular way just through her actions. This showed us that the way you react to things is a form of communication. After that, we had a great chat about the emotion words we already knew before getting set to task. We used this knowledge to design our own feelings emojis and some of us took on an extra challenge to try and think of an emotion word for each letter of our name. We came up with some really good ones!

We have been working hard on our chocolate topic over the past week. Last Wednesday we enjoyed getting the paints out when learning about Fairtrade. We looked at different hot countries where chocolate is made, such as Côte d’Ivoire and Ghana and learned about how Fairtrade helps to support farmers in these countries to get a good wage for the work they do. We familiarised ourselves with the Fairtrade logo and made these using finger painting.

In class, we have been really engaged with reading ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ as our book for pleasure during Snack and Story time. We have loved listening to this and yesterday, after reading a chapter about the chocolate factory, we decided to design our own chocolate factory. Firstly we drew this and listed materials that we might want our factory to be made our of.

Next, we got out the blocks, Lego and playdoh and tried to build a factory. We even built a cacao tree using Lego! It was so much fun.

Here are some comments on this week’s learning:

DM – I have enjoyed the maths.
QJO – I have been enjoying free flow busy time. 
OM – I 1000% love doing free flow play.
IR – I 2 billion trillion percent loved free flow.
MM – I liked doing the music. 
SJ – I 100% loved finger painting the Fairtrade logo. 
RF – I loved doing the painting for topic.
HH – I really really liked the music.
BlMc – I liked doing the subtraction check up.
SG – I love doing the chocolate topic. 
Here’s to another fantastic weeks!
Room 6 and Mrs Rae 😊


February 27, 2024
by L Henderson

Room 26

We have been exceptionally busy in room 26, here are some of the things we have been up to:

We have been learning how to multiply 2 digit numbers by a 1 digit number – Krista

We have been learning how to do written multiplication calculations – Poppy

We are continuing practising our times tables – Evie

Mathletics on chromebooks – Rian

We learnt how to multiply a 2 digit number by another 2 digit number – Mason


We celebrated the lunar new year and the Chinese New Year – Ember and Kobe

We made paper dragons to celebrate the year of the dragon – Krista


We started our Scottish Myths and Legends topic – Cooper

We have learnt about the Wulver, Kelpies and the Loch Ness Monster – Amelia

We researched the legend of Robert the Bruce and the spider and Unicorns on chrome books. We also looked at the bellrock lighthouse – Gloria

We designed our own Nessie Traps – Chloe


We learnt about David Attenborough – Sophia

We were lucky to have 2 engineers come in and talk about their jobs to us – Mason

We have been learning how to say what the weather is in French – Dylan

We have been reading our reading books and using the different reading skills – Caitlin

February 26, 2024
by Mrs Kelly

Room 3’s Blog

Welcome to Room 3’s Blog,


K, ‘We have been learning about Under the Sea.’

C, ‘We have been learning about turtles, seahorses and whales.’

O, ‘We have been learning about mermaids.’

R, ‘We have been learning about jellyfishes.’

A, ‘Seahorses have scales.’

E, ‘We have been writing a sentence.’

N, ‘I know turtles are slow.’

L, ‘We have been learning about x and q.’

L, ‘For x we know the word x-ray.’

K, ‘I know that killer whales have a massive tale and they are really dangerous.’

E, ‘Killer whales are really fast.’


Thank you for reading our blog.

February 26, 2024
by L Kerr

Recently in room 8…

As always the boys and girls in room 8 have been working super hard and should be extremely proud of themselves.  In Literacy we are learning new sounds and words every week.  Please continue to support your child with reading and spelling these words as and when you can.  We have made amazing progression with our writing and can independently write in sentences using the correct punctuation.  We also have an understanding of how and when to use commas, speech marks, question and exclamation marks.

This term we have focused on vocabulary and can explain what nouns, verbs and adjectives are.-  For instruction writing this was very useful and the children were able to use ‘bossy verbs and time connectives’.

We are currently focusing on multiplication and linking it to repeated addition.  We know that 3 x 2 is the same as 2+2+2.  We are also learning about ‘time’, focusing on o’clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to.

Room 8 are thoroughly enjoying our new topic, ‘Chocolate’.  We have learned how chocolate is made, looked at different brands of chocolate, designed our very own chocolate bar and wrapper and are super excited to make our own chocolate later this week.  We also had fun melting chocolate and making delicious chocolate covered fruit skewers. We followed up this activity by writing our own set of instructions explaining what to do step by step.

In P.E we are working on our fitness and improving our stamina.  It is fun but very tiring.  The children are enjoying the challenge and like to try and find their pulse every week.

February 26, 2024
by Mr Allen

Room 9 Waverley Topic

Room 9 have really enjoyed our topic this term. At the end of January the class decided to learn about the Waverley after learning about Robert Burns and the Scots Language.

Last week we started making our Waverley models so hopefully they will be finished by the P3 Showcase on Thursday. We painted the base of the ship on Thursday and will finish them off over the next couple of days and then add the funnels.

Mr Allen put us into groups of 4 so that we can research more information about the Waverley and also find out about all the different ports that the boat will stop at. Each group will make a poster about each port and we will do a presentation about them on Thursday.

February 26, 2024
by Mr McCourt

Our last week in Room 16

Happy Monday!

We are looking forward to another week of amazing learning in Room 16 this week.

A recap of our last week:

We have reflected on our time topic and have identified all the different ways we have been learning about time during the past few weeks and can confidently show the skills we wanted to learn at the beginning of the topic.

In literacy, we have put our writing skills to the test in combination with our health and wellbeing skills by writing scripts that focus on behaviour and communication. We have acted these out in class and received feedback from our friends, I think we have some future movie stars!

We have extended our Japan topic for a couple final lessons as we enjoyed it so much by using clay to design, model, paint, and create ‘Kintsugi’ plates as well as building earthquake proof spaghetti pagodas!

We cant wait to see what is in store this week for our school trip to Kelvingrove and we are all excited to use our knowledge about Glasgow art to explore the exhibits.

February 25, 2024
by Miss Kennedy

Learning Showcase

Learning Showcase

Room 14 welcomed around 50 adults to our classroom for our Learning Showcase about Scotland and Japan. We began the showcase by welcoming our families and decided to share some of the things we performed at our Scottish Assembly. We volunteered to lead the assembly for Primary 3s and 4s. We began by singing The Jeely Piece Song and then recited the poem, ‘The Ballad of Janitor Mackay’. It was great having some of our parent/carers join in with the song and comment positively about the memories it brought back for them. The poem got a few laughs from all and the pupils did a wonderful job reciting it in sync.

We then had time to split into our 6 topic groups and show all of the learning we recorded in our Floor Books about Japan. We had a checklist to work through which included looking at class and corridor displays and a few special challenges. Miss Gray kindly provided us with an experiment involving spaghetti and marshmallows and we also created posters. This was a great afternoon and we’d like to thank everyone for coming along. We especially enjoyed building volcanoes and carrying out science experiments inside them. We are already looking forward to inviting you into our classroom again.

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