Newton Farm Primary School and Nursery Class

June 20, 2024
by Miss Lockhart

Room 1 and Room 2 Olympics Day

Hello everyone,

We have had a fantastic day celebrating the Olympics. We have worked really hard in class and have enjoyed learning about the games and participating in lots of new sports.

Have a look at a snapshot of our sporting events and celebrations below.

June 18, 2024
by Mrs Rae

Directions 🧭/Access All Arts Week 🎭🎶

This week, Room 6 have been learning about directional language. After previously looking at left, right, forwards and backwards, we have now moved on to positions on a compass. We spoke about what compasses are used for and how they can help us find our way if we are lost or reading a map. We learned about the words ‘North’, ‘East’, ‘South’ and ‘West’ and practised some mnemonics to help us remember these, such as:

Never Eat Shredded Wheat

Naughty Elephants Squirt Water

We enjoyed using our understanding to make our own compass which we could take home with us. Have a look at some of our fantastic designs.

This week we are also participating in ‘Access All Arts’ week, where we can celebrate all things art. We are having a super focus on art, drama, music and dance, and are very lucky to be having visitors from Room 18 in on Thursday to teach us all about drama using our Toys topic.

We are also very excited because Room 6 are taking on the role of teachers for different classes in the infant corridors. We have been practising our music skills both yesterday and today so we can teach these classes all about body percussion. We have even moved the tables and chairs so that our classroom is all ready for our music workshops. We can’t wait!

Pupil Voice

Here are some comments from this week’s learning:

EM – I liked when we were showing our toy posters and brought home the folders to show our families our work.
EL – I liked when we did our compasses and I am excited for people to come into our class.
SJ – I liked making the compasses.
JR – I liked when we made the thank you cards. 
QO – I liked when we were learning about the compasses, I liked doing the toy posters and I am so excited for the other classes to come in.
RF – I liked doing the compasses and I liked doing the posters of the toys.
BrM – I liked doing the toy posters and I hope I get to show my toy poster. 
ND – I really liked showing the parents all of the work that we have done because we have put in lots of effort and I think the parents really liked it. 
Have a great Arts week everyone!

Room 6 and Mrs Rae 😊

June 14, 2024
by L Kerr

Room 8

Room 8 want to say a huge thank you to everyone who made it along to see our art work last night. We have included some pictures below for everyone to see.

We have spent the last few weeks learning of different art techniques and developing our skills in art and design. We focussed on the following techniques:

surrealism , pointillism and graffiti art.
We thoroughly enjoyed it and the children created some amazing work.

We are continuing to work hard revising and consolidating previous taught learning.
please encourage your child to continuing to read for pleasure at home.

Today we learned the National Anthem and enjoyed a little sing song to hype us for the football tonight.
Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs K x

June 14, 2024
by Mr McCourt

Room 16

We want to thank all of the parents and family members who attended our open afternoon, it was so fun to show off all of our amazing work we have produced over the last year!

We have had an exciting week in numeracy, learning all about capacity and volume by tapping into our magic side and making potions with unicorn tears, snake venom, dragons blood, and more!

For literacy we have been working on our final piece of narrative writing for Primary 4, drawing on all of our learned skills to make a perfect writing piece.

We have been enjoying PE this week by playing rounders alongside Room 15, we have shown great teamwork and coordination.

We have continued with our Ancient Greece IDL project by looking at the Olympic games. We have created Olympic wreaths to showcase our understanding of their history and meaning.

For ICT, we have enjoyed using different experiments by Google, check it out:!&&p=99f1a7a63ffc25f2JmltdHM9MTcxODMyMzIwMCZpZ3VpZD0zMzNjYjdhNS1hMTNmLTZjMDEtMDZiNi1hMzNiYTA0NjZkMDUmaW5zaWQ9NTIxMQ&ptn=3&ver=2&hsh=3&fclid=333cb7a5-a13f-6c01-06b6-a33ba0466d05&psq=experiments+by+google&u=a1aHR0cHM6Ly9leHBlcmltZW50cy53aXRoZ29vZ2xlLmNvbS8&ntb=1

We have explored different ways to make music through coding, and we have even been able to play some Beethoven!

From Room 16,

Have a lovely weekend.

June 11, 2024
by Mrs Rae

To begin our post today, we are very pleased because last Friday we got the amazing news that Room 6 won the ‘Walk to School Week’ challenge for being the most active class!
Over the past week, Room 6 have been learning about money. Some activities that we have enjoyed doing to help us develop our knowledge have been coin rubbing, adding coins together to make a total, change from 20p, and listing coins to make an amount.
We also have been working hard in our Health and Wellbeing lesson. On Friday, we learned the PANTS rule. We designed our own pants and really enjoyed the Pantosaurus song.
Yesterday, our focus was on discussing ways to be a good friend. We worked together to come up with some good ways to support our friends, before making a friendship tree on the board with all of our super ideas.
Pupil Voice
Here are some comments on this week’s learning:
SM – I liked when we won the Walk to School certificate.
QO – I really enjoyed the toys topic and the money topic and really excited for the school holidays. 
DM – I’m happy that we drew our toys.
HW – I really liked when we heard the Pantosaurus song and made the pants. 
IR – I really liked when we did the coin rubbing and liked the lesson about Pantosaurus. 
AbS – I loved when we made our own toys.
Have a great week everyone!
Room 6 and Mrs Rae 🙂

June 7, 2024
by Ms McIver

Room 23

A fantastic way to end a busy week for our P7s. Thank you to everyone who came along to our sponsored colour run. Parent Pay is still open to collect sponsorship money. After 2 days at Uddingston Grammar our pupils loved finishing an exciting week on such a high 🌈

June 7, 2024
by Miss Lockhart

Awesome Olympics in Room 2!

Hello everyone,

We are really enjoying learning about the Olympic Games.

“I like doing the sports and I like making the fire for the torches.” E

This afternoon we were discussing the opening ceremony. We crafted Olympic torches that we will display before our own mini Olympics.

“We made the torches from toilet rolls, paint, tissue paper and pens.” J

“We had to be creative!” A

“We used tape to stick the tubes together.” A

“We worked with a partner to make the torches.” E

Have a look at some of our fabulous designs below.

June 7, 2024
by Mrs Ventre

Room 1

Good afternoon everyone,

Please see below some examples of what our boys and girls in Room 1 have enjoyed learning about this week:

“I liked learning about adding money” – HT

“Assembly” – CMcI

“I liked learning a new song” – LW

“Learning some of the Olympics” -CS

“Playing money bingo” -KH

We hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Thank you

Mrs Ventre and Room 1





June 4, 2024
by Mrs Rae

Toys 🐻🚗🎠

Last week, Room 6 got their thinking caps on and were set with an exciting task during our topic time. Working in groups, we were given the challenge of designing a new toy.
To begin, we looked at all of the toys we have  brought in from home and did a walk round in the classroom, before discussing what made our toys likeable and appealing to children. We spoke about the materials used to build our different toys, as well as the use of colour and the features have.
Following this, we got into groups and set to work designing a new toy that we could share with our peers. When planning this, we had to think about things such as what the toy would look like, what it could do, the price we would sell it for and the age our target audience would be. We have had fun working together to come up with different ideas and have started creating our posters to share. We will add some photos in next week’s post to show our finished designs!
Pupil Voice
Here are some comments about this week’s learning:
IW – I 100% loved making the toy poster with my group.
QO, BrM – I 100% loved doing the money and I really liked doing the mystery game.
IR – I liked making the toy posters and the mystery game.
SG – I 100% loved when we got to do the mystery game and we did common word dancing game.
JR, SJ –  I 100% loved doing the coin rubbing. 
AbS – I 100% loved when we did common word dancing game. 
EL –  I liked doing the coin rubbing and the mystery game. I loved doing the toy poster too.
CM – I liked learning about the body parts.
Have a lovely week!
Room 6 and Mrs Rae 😊

June 3, 2024
by Ms Tighe

Newton Farm Summer Jam

Hi everyone


Room 17, 18, 26 & 27 wanted to say a huge thank you for supporting our Enterprise topic. The children worked incredibly hard to organise the music festival and I’m sure you will all agree that it was a huge success.

Today, we got together to announce the raffle prizes and winners which are listed below. If you have any photos from the event please email them to us as we would love to see them.

£50 coffee shop voucher – Aaron Currie
Hair treatment – Miss Hendry
Hair dressing voucher – Aaron Currie
Family pass for Flip Out – Miss White
£20 Willow Grove Cafe – Chloe Wilson
Scotkart voucher – Beatrice
Top Golf voucher – Holly Watson
Odeon Cinema voucher – John Ross (Aaron Currie)
Hairdressing voucher – Beatrice
Newton Arms meal voucher – Melody
Body Shop gift set – Darcie Bower
Lush gift set – Honey
NFSJ Cake – Rory Goodman
NFSJ Millie’s cookie – Isa Tallon
Beat The Goalie football – Adam Kee

Thank you again and we look forward to welcoming you back in at the open event.


Room 17, 18, 26 & 27

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