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Room 21 Happenings

May 10, 2024 by Miss Napier | 0 comments

We’ve been very busy in Room 21 so here’s a snapshot of what we’ve been up to over the last two weeks!

We began our Natural Disasters topic by helping to plan out what we wanted to say, make, write and do for our learning. So far, we’ve learned about the earth’s layers, tectonic plates and how these can cause earthquakes and tsunamis. While we were learning about earthquakes, we had the challenge to create a structure made of cocktail sticks and marshmallows. This structure had withstand ‘violent’ shaking on a tray of jelly! This was a lot trickier than we thought but we soon realised that wider bases and creating foundations to sink into the jelly helped!

We’ve started ‘Morning Clubs’ from 9-9.30am too. This is where we get to choose which ‘zone’ to sit at each morning and take part in the activities based at that station. We were given free reign to plan out, organise and move desks and chairs into the following zones that we chose: Playdoh zone, Construction Zone, Arts & Crafts Zone, Games Zone and the ‘Anything Goes’ Zone. This table has had crocheting, knitting and Chromebooks at it so far! At these clubs we are always developing our meta-skills.

In maths, we’ve been looking at 2D and 3D shapes. Most recently, we’ve been learning how to use compasses to draw circles and how to calculate the circumference of circles.

For music, we’ve been singing along to Pharrell William’s song ‘Happy’ and learning to play parts on the glockenspiel to accompany it.


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Our Week in Room 21

April 19, 2024 by Miss Napier | 0 comments

The P7s got their leavers hoodies this week, we love them! (All P7s)

We started our new IDL topic ‘Natural Disasters.’ We were allowed to get involved in the planning of this topic by writing down our ideas and the different things we’d like to learn about. (Gillen, Sophie & Daisy)

We’ve started a new module in music all based on the song, ‘Happy’ by Pharrell Williams. We got to use the glockenspiels to play along with the music. (Chloe)

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Room 21 – P6 Trip to the Burrell Collection

March 22, 2024 by Miss Napier | 0 comments

On Wednesday, the P6s of Room 21 went on a trip to the Burrell Collection. We’ve been studying European artists so it was great to get the chance to see Sir William Burrell’s collection as that includes many European artefacts. We took part in an ‘Art in Nature’ workshop, creating our own little sketchbooks and drawing in them as we learned about different artists and their styles of work. We got to see some of Auguste Rodin’s sculptures, including ‘The Thinker’ that we based our clay models on in class. We also got the chance to spend some time in the play park before the bus came to pick us up! All in, we had a great day!

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Our Week in Room 21

March 15, 2024 by Miss Napier | 0 comments

This week has been the busiest week yet!

We’ve been completing different ‘British Science Week’ activities like studying velocity and taking part in experiments with balloons. Miss Napier also set us the challenges to make the longest length of unbroken paper we could using only a paper plate and a sheet of A3 paper. We had to communicate as teams before cutting the plates and paper, otherwise we’d lose the challenge! The longest piece of paper was 11 metres long!

In PE, we chose to play rounders. P6s vs P7s in the class. The P6s won both games!

We created our own clay sculptures after studying ‘The Thinker’ by Auguste Rodin. We took pictures of some poses, recreated them with the clay and then named them things like ‘The Daydreamer’ and ‘The Haaland.’

On Wednesday, some of the P7s went on an outing to Bothwell to meet Rt Rev Sally Foster-Fulton, the Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland. There was around 200 other pupils from Lanarkshire schools there who listened to her speak and answer questions about her job.

We’ve been taking a look at discursive writing lately and this week we discussed Banksy and whether or not we think he is an artist or a vandal. As a class, we decided he was a little bit of both!

The P7s also took part in the Easter Code project on Thursday. The chaplaincy team came to take it and it was an interesting afternoon!

By Pippa, Connor and Chloe

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Our Week in Room 21

March 8, 2024 by Miss Napier | 0 comments

We’ve had an incredibly busy week in Room 21! Here are just a FEW of the things we’ve been getting up to this week:

Our P6s presented their solo talks on some European capital cities, our P7s began some mini poster projects on topics of their own choosing and also finished up their 13 week block of swimming lessons, we celebrated World Book Day by taking part in a book quiz and buddy reading with room 11 (which we loved!), we shared our topic learning at Friday’s assembly and we were also able to celebrate the success of our classmate as he came 1st place in the P6 boys Cross Country local heats. He’ll be taking part in the South Lanarkshire finals in a couple of weeks. Take a look through some of the photos of our highlights this week:

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Our Week in Room 21

March 1, 2024 by Miss Napier | 0 comments

This week in room 21 we’ve been writing persuasive letters to the International Paralympic Committee. Gymnastics isn’t included as an event right now and we hope our letters will support the British Gymnastics campaign to have it included in time for the 2028 Games.

During maths, we’ve been finishing up our data handling learning. We researched the average monthly rainfall in Glasgow (after learning about the water cycle) and compared it with the rainfall in a different European city. Then we created bar charts to show the data using Google Docs. THEN we worked out the range, median, mode and mean for Glasgow’s rainfall.

By Kayla and Brooke

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Our Week in Room 21

February 23, 2024 by Miss Napier | 0 comments

For ‘Beyond Number’ maths this week, we were using something called Sphero Indi which is a mini robot car that comes with different coloured mats. Our teacher didn’t tell us what to do with Indi and we had to work together to try and figure out what she could do and how to get her to move.

We figured out that Indi turns in different directions depending on which colour mat she goes over. We created lots of little trails for her and some groups even teamed up to make bigger trails. There was lots of teamwork and problem solving going on.

By Brooke and Kayla.

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