Newton Farm Primary School and Nursery Class

December 1, 2023
by L Robinson

Our week in Room 7

In Room 7, we have been learning to spell words using the phoneme ‘au’. Our words included: sauce, pause, August, haul and vault. We used these to practise our handwriting, focussing on letter formation, including ascenders and descenders. We used what we have previously learned to write an information text on ‘Dogs’. We wrote facts in sentences and included a title and sub-titles in our writing.
In numeracy, we have been counting to 100 in ones, twos, fives and tens. We have been revising our number facts to 11, 12 and 13.
We have discussed different types of communication, these included: Makaton, sign language, writing, talking, body language and facial expressions.
In P.E. we were learning to pass and catch a rugby ball. With Miss Finch, we did some gymnastics and in French, we made Christmas bookmarks. Children from Room 27, came to read with us for Book Week.
The whole school has been celebrating ‘Book Week’. We brought in teddies, blankets and pillows/cushions to help us get comfy during DEAR Time.
We have also enjoyed practising our Christmas songs.

December 1, 2023
by Mr McCourt

Our Week in Room 16 27.11.23

Our favourite moments of the week:

“I’ve had fun doing PE because it was really fun!”

“I liked doing subtraction sums”

“I liked when the Elf was on the board and it said Merry Christmas Room 16 and he messed up our trays!”

“I love PE because we get to play rugby games”

“I like subtraction sums because they were fun”

“I liked writing Christmas stories in my taught writing jotter”

“I really liked PE because we got to play matches!”

“I liked writing narrative stories because they are fun to create!”

“I liked doing PE because we got to play in different rugby teams”

December 1, 2023
by L Kerr

Book week in room 8!

This week in room 8 we have had a blast celebrating book week!

We had a shared read with Miss Kennedy’s class which we all loved.  We discussed our favourite books and shared what we liked about the book.

We are currently reading ‘Fantastic Mr Fox’ as a class and are enjoying the anticipation of finding out whether the farmers catch the fox.

” Our favourite time was BEAR time when we got to read with our blankets and teddies.” Esme and Maisie

Primary 2/3 would also like to thank you for coming to visit this week and share some stories with us. It is always nice to have visitors.

In maths we are learning how to measure and the vocabulary associated with measure.

Today we used cubes to measure the height of our water bottles and recorded the information in the form of a bar graph.

Ask me about the story I’m writing in class.  It is about a fantastic fox. (primary 2/3 boys and girls)

Keep watch for Mrs Kerr’s post of photos later.

Happy Friday and have a lovely weekend.  Thank you for your continued support.

Esme P3 and Maisie P2.


November 29, 2023
by Miss White

Dream Team Room 17

We have done a lot this week come and see.

We have been learning about volcanoes because our topic is natural disasters. Did you know? The ring of fire is the area with the most volcanoes in the world and a lot of them are underwater. We were learning our facts by improving our listening and research skills.

Come back next week to find out more.


November 28, 2023
by Mrs Rae

Art fun! 🎅✉️

Over the past week, Room 6 have enjoyed creating their Christmas crafts for the school fayre. Using salt dough, we chose a festive outline before painting these perfectly. Some of us added googly eyes to our reindeer, Santa’s and even some Christmas trees! We loved making and painting these tree decorations and would like to do another salt dough craft in the future. Here is the end result.

Room 6 are excited to announce that we have set up our post office outside the classroom. It is our aim to use this area to write letters and post these through our post box to be delivered. We also hope that we can get some other classes involved in P1/2 by having them post Christmas cards for us to sort and deliver to the classes. We can’t wait! Yesterday we even discussed when the best time to collect, sort and deliver the letters will be and we added this information on the front of our post box. Have a look!

Have a super week!

Mrs Rae and Room 6 😊

November 28, 2023
by L Robinson

P1 Nativity Update

Further to earlier correspondence please note the following update;
Following a request from a parent, it has been decided to issue tickets for each nativity show. Each child will receive 2 tickets for each performance (morning and afternoon), to ensure 4 family members are guaranteed a seat at the nativity. These tickets will be issued on Friday. Please check the children’s bags for these.
Thank you

November 28, 2023
by L Robinson

P1 Nativities

Just to confirm there is no need to book a specific time or tickets.
Rms 1, 2 and 10(P1s only)  on 11/12 at 9.20 am and 1.30 pm
Rms 3, 4  and 25 (P1s only) on12/12/ at 9.20 am and 1.30pm
Due to the two performances per show, there will be plenty of room and seats will be on a first come first served basis.

November 27, 2023
by Miss Kennedy

Learning Updates


We had a go at relaxing and improving our flexibility during yoga.

I liked bending my body into different positions. I thought it made me feel calm. (Ellie)


We created 6 money stations in the classroom to help us learn to use money.

I liked moving to the different stations. My favourite station was number 2 because I got to pretend to buy different objects using £1. I couldn’t go over the £1. (Millie)


We read a book about a shy girl who had a few friends. One of the friends was unkind to her by not inviting her to her sleepover. This made Daisy feel very sad. We had a go at acting out the story in small groups.

I liked having the opportunity to act. It was more fun than I thought it would be (Leo).

Social Studies

We have also been learning about life in the 1960s.

I enjoyed the lesson we did about Rosa Parks. It taught me about how I should treat other people. I found it interesting. (Layla)

I was shocked when I learned that black people had to sit at the back of the bus and had to give up their seats if a white person got on. (Max)

November 27, 2023
by Mr McCourt

Our Week in Room 16 20.11.23

Apologies for this delayed update, we had such an exciting Be Bright day we forgot to press upload on our blog. What an exciting week we have had this week in Room 16!

We have expanded our knowledge and understanding of the nurture principles for our school by creating visual communication cards that we will present at next weeks assembly.

We have also challenged ourselves in areas of French and Numeracy by trying addition and subtraction sums in French! We have found this so exciting and we are surprisingly finding a lot of success through using a different language to think about our number strategies.

We have been continuing with our rugby efforts in PE and have moved onto defending our teams from attackers through playing our ‘break the wall’ game, we have had so much fun!

We have continued to bring in the festive spirit by finishing off our Christmas baubles for the fayre and have selected our songs for the Christmas show, we are already making great progress in learning the words and actions.

Our highlight this week has to be our 1960s inspired science lesson, in which we experimented how rocks (meteorites)  and sugar cubes (the moons surface) interact when they collide, we discovered the fine substance of moon dust through our active learning!

To end our week we had a fabulous turn out for Be Bright day to bring awareness to road safety week, our efforts were brilliant, well done!

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