Creating Landmarks

Over the past few week we have been working on a project about creating Scottish landmarks in Minecraft. However before we get to Minecraft we need to plan our drawings first. We did this by first sketching out the various views of our landmark, before moving on to drawing them on A4 squared paper.


We were about to go create them in Minecraft and the technology beat us us. Our newly imaged Raspberry Pi’s didn’t want to talk to our monitors so we went to plan B which was make the models using real blocks. To do this we had to go round all the classes and borrow the blocks they all use for counting. However it was helpful to see our pictures start to come to life and we are really excited about getting them created in Minecraft soon as the pi’s are now sorted out.

20151104_141453 20151104_144627   20151104_14495920151104_14483620151104_141411


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