Computer Club 4 Year Surprise

We have been lucky enough to have Amanda Ford work with children across our school for just over 4 years. Amanda is a former parent in the school and  works at West Of Scotland University and Glasgow Caledonian University teaching coding and games design as part of her studies for her PHd. She is an accredited Microsoft Innovation Education Expert and has worked tirelessly in our school to run a computer club as well as sometimes help with whole classes if a teacher has requested help with technology.

As Amanda surpassed 100 hours of coding with children in Royston PS, Head Teacher Jane McShane felt a surprise was well deserved. On Friday 2nd June, at her regular computing after-school club, Amanda was surprised with a party attended by all staff and many of the children who have attended her clubs throughout the 4 years. Amanda was presented with a bouquet of flowers in recognition of our thanks for her hard work over the last four years.




After School Clubs

January 2017


Dear Parents/carers,

As usual we have a variety of clubs commencing and continuing this term and we hope that all our pupils will find something interesting, beneficial and fun to join.


* Hip Hop – Tuesday for P3/2 class (started)

* Basketball – Wednesday for P5-7 (starting back 25th Jan)

* Computing – Wednesday for P3-7 (starting back 1st Feb)

* Football – Thursday for P5-7 (started)

If your child already attends one of the above clubs you DO NOT need to complete the slip below. If a club from last term is not listed above, this means it is finished.


* Tennis – Monday for P2-4 (Miss White and Miss McLelland)

* Art – Wednesday for P5-7 (Mr Doherty)

* Active Play – Thursday for P4 and P6 play champs (PEEK)

* Netball – Friday for P5-7 (United Sport coach)

* Street Dance – Tuesday for P5-7 (United Sport coach)

* Card trading/gaming – Monday for P3-6 (Mr Thomson)

A few new clubs have started this week, if this involves your child then you will know about this. However ALL new clubs will be starting next week, week beginning 23rd January. All clubs run from 3-4pm.

If your child is interested and would like to join, please ask the office for a form to complete.

If you have any questions or queries about clubs, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me. I will fully understand if you require clarification as there are a number of after school activities and it does become confusing!

Kind Regards,

Jane McShane

Creating Landmarks

Over the past few week we have been working on a project about creating Scottish landmarks in Minecraft. However before we get to Minecraft we need to plan our drawings first. We did this by first sketching out the various views of our landmark, before moving on to drawing them on A4 squared paper.


We were about to go create them in Minecraft and the technology beat us us. Our newly imaged Raspberry Pi’s didn’t want to talk to our monitors so we went to plan B which was make the models using real blocks. To do this we had to go round all the classes and borrow the blocks they all use for counting. However it was helpful to see our pictures start to come to life and we are really excited about getting them created in Minecraft soon as the pi’s are now sorted out.

20151104_141453 20151104_144627   20151104_14495920151104_14483620151104_141411


Roystons Amazing Gamers

This week has been a really busy week for some of our children. On Wednesday we had 5 children head off to 2 different games competition. No ordinary games however these are computer game making competitions. On 12th May the P7 class took part in the Mini Game Jam at Smithycroft Secondary and 2 of our children were in the team that got through to the final. So they headed off on the 17th to Glasgow Clyde College along with the rest of their team from Cranhill Primary to take part along with 12 other teams representing 16 other schools in Glasgow.  The children had a great time participating on the day working hard making their game using Scratch and getting the chance to spend some time in the college computing labs as well.


Our finalist teams

Our Thursday computing club has been for months learning more about Kodu and practising making games. One lucky team from our club was picked to go to the final of the Scottish KoduKup competition.  They had been working hard as they had to make a game and come up with merchandise to promote their game. In this case they came up with a t-shirt idea and a couple of the club members helped by modelling a prototype t-shirt for us.


T-shirt creation left and right, Centre our wonderful Kodu Club

Again on the Wednesday the 3 children headed off to West College Scotland to meet the other finalists and even got to see one team Skyping in to the competition as they were unable to travel.  They had a brilliant day out as well getting the chance to spend some time in college.

Although neither team won we are incredibly proud of their achievements in getting to both finals. We definitely have some future game makers in Royston Primary ones to watch for the future!