Numeracy Clinic Graduation at University of Strathclyde



This year, a lucky group of children were selected to work with final year Primary Education students from The University of Strathclyde’s School of Education. Each child was partnered with 3/4 students who came to Royston to work with their target child for 30 minutes a day. After 3 months the children and students were very proud of all their hard work and progress made. To celebrate the children’s fantastic achievements, we were invited to the University of Strathclyde’s Barony Hall to graduate! We were delighted to see so many parents and even grandparents come to the hall to watch their child graduate. Below we have included a number of photos taken on the day:

A massive thanks to the School of Education staff and students who organised this special day and for all their hard work with our lucky children!


How to add the Read Write Count app to your device

Glow Guide – How to add the GIC Read Write Count (RWC) app to your device

Note: You will need to be connected to the internet for this.

The Read Write Count app is web-based, so it can’t be downloaded from an app store. However, you can create a shortcut on your smartphone or tablet home screen. Once you’ve downloaded it, the app is available offline, and will only need to connect to the internet for any updates, or to access any external links, such as Youtube, or the RWC/SBT website

Please also bear in mind that – as this app is free – there is a small ad banner (educational and targeted ads only – i.e. it may come up with ads for things you have searched for in the past).


  • Open Safari (will only work in Safari, as this is Apple’s own browser)


  • Or (if you have iOS 11.0 or above) you can simply open your iPhone / iPad camera, hold it over the QR code above, then follow the pop-up link.
    Click the icon with an arrow coming out of a box, either at the
    bottom of the screen (iPhone) or top of the screen (iPad)

  • Select Add to Home Screen
  • Make any changes you need to the name (bear in mind a limited number of characters will show) and select Add. The app will appear on your home screen.

  • However, the app icon may not be where you want it to be. To move it to another page:- Depending where you want to move it, drag it with your finger along to the very left or right of the screen. It should flick into the next screen along, and you can keep doing this until it’s on your preferred page.
  • – Press the large home button at the very bottom of your iPhone/iPad to stop the wobbling and lock the apps in place.
  • – Press and hold the app icon until it wobbles



  • The Read Write Count page will open. Select the three dots from the menu bar at the top of the screen.
  • Choose Add to Home screen

  • Make any changes you need to the name (bear in mind a limited number of characters will show) and select Add. The app will appear on your home screen.




Parent/Carer and Child Pyjama Party!

Pyjama Party – November 2017

Last year as a school we hosted a pyjama night in the Rosemount Flexi-centre on school grounds. It was aimed at P1 and P2 children and parents to encourage a good night-time routine. The format was groups of children and a parent/carer go round stations led by teachers in the school who can give ideas of activities that can be done with little/no resources to promote home learning and parent child bonding as part of a bedtime routine. Following this, a children’s book is read while enjoying a hot chocolate and then the children go home to go straight to bed. To give an element of fun, the children are encouraged to turn up in their pyjamas.

This year it was hosted again in the Rosemount Flexi-centre on the 13th November. It was a very cold night but we were delighted to see over 30 parents and carers join us!

This year the teaching stations were:

  1. Finger puppets: led by Mr Thomson, the children and their carers made some basic finger puppets which could be used imaginatively or to support the telling of a story.
  2. Peer Massage: led by Miss Bonner, she shared her training to demonstrate how she incorporates peer massage into her classroom and how it could be done at home.
  3. Senses: led by Miss Hughes, this game encouraged talking and listening while sharing what they can see, hear etc. with a parent/carer
  4. Playing with numbers: led by Mr Steer, this activity showed how number games can be made with plain paper and pencils/pen and how games like ‘Guess my number’ can encourage number practise in a fun way.

Finally, Mrs McShane read a story to everyone while they enjoyed a hot chocolate. Thanks to Stretch a Nickel Foundation who we work closely with in school and helped coordinate the event, the children all received a new children’s book as well to take home.

Many thanks to all parents/carers and children who attended, the Stretch a Nickel Foundation, and to the Rosemount Centre for their help with organising this brilliant event.



Parent and Carer Maths Survey

To all parents and carers of children attending Royston Primary School,

This year we will be trying to improve how we work with parents to improve attainment in Numeracy and Maths. To help us understand what we could do to help parents and carers, we would greatly appreciate it if you could fill out this quick multiple-choice survey which has only 6 questions. Just click on the link below:

This will be sent out in a paper format on Friday 25th August however we understand that some parents and carers would prefer to quickly complete this survey online.

Many thanks in advance for your help.

Mr Steer

Challenge Leader of Learning in Numeracy