Primary 4/3 – Mr Steer


Welcome to the class web-page of Primary 4/3. We are a new class having been made from Mr Thomson’s P2s and the P3’s from Mrs Young’s P4/3 last year. Hopefully it gives you a bit of information about our class.

The class teacher is Mr Steer but he isn’t the only adult who works with the class. Miss Carmichael  is often in the class helping out and Miss Fraser comes in weekly for 45 minutes to do philosophy. Seamus, a gardener for the North Glasgow Community Food Initiative, works with the class when gardening every fortnight. The picture above is our class charter and school values. We made our class charter together by thinking about how we could achieve our ASPIRE school values. It is for everyone in our classroom: children AND adults!

Gardening is currently on a Tuesday afternoon every fortnight. We work with Seamus in either the school playground, the Garden of Eden(behind the back playground) or the Backlands community garden on Roystonhill. Sometimes if it is very unpleasant outside we will do some indoor gardening work or work in the kitchens but thankfully this doesn’t happen very often. We try to be outside as much as we can when gardening so we can get a bit dirty. It’s a good idea to bring waterproofs and extra socks on gardening days just in case!

If we aren’t going to gardening that Tuesday we spent those Tuesday afternoons at Royston library. This is a chance to enjoy reading books and take any home that we would like to show people at home or just read more of! Remember to bring your library card on those days so you can take out, or return books back.

As you might know, Mr Steer loves PE after teaching it across the school for a few years. Unfortunately we only get the same amount of PE as every other class though which is around 2 and a half hours per week. The school is proud of how much PE we timetable for each class (30 minutes more than the government guidelines). This term we are going to be developing things like our flexibility, balance and strength through gymnastics. Currently, our PE days are on Wednesday and Thursday although this may change through the year. If it does we will try to keep you up to date about this. On Thursdays we had a Dance teacher called Audrey working with our class. We made a brilliant routine which we showed other classes and parents on the 21st November.

Our topic tin the Autumn term is ‘How to Save the World’. We learned about our world and how we can care for the life on land and below water. We have learned about the Global Goals and the effect of climate change on our planet while trying to improve our writing skills.

In term 2 we had Sarah working with our class. She works for Eco-Drama and we had a great time working with her improving our storytelling skills and learning lots of amazing stories!

This year we are sometimes  joined by Mr Cowan, a teaching student from the University of Strathclyde. He is currently in the class Monday to Wednesday but will be in Monday to Friday for a few weeks after Easter.

Thanks for visiting our web page. We are planning to keep it up to date as we progress this year.